The accountability act – 2015

This is not about what is wrong, what raises questions on current legislation (actually, we all do that all the time). No, is about the future. I must admit that when I dream, I dream the big satisfying dreams. So, let there be no confusion. When I was young (roughly 30 years, 6 months and 19 days ago), not unlike other men, I dreamt of Heather Locklear, and now, I dream of becoming a Law lord. Both are equally unattainable, yet either is extremely satisfying to the mind.

So why this flashback?

I always believed that any nation, any true ground breaking thoughts they spawn comes from a dreamer. At times this is a real visionary Like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Lord Baden Powell or Justice Gummow. At times this is a person with a good thought that makes a real difference to many.

So what is my thought?

I believe it is time for things to truly change. I believe that the greed of some is utterly destroying the future of all others. Who would have thought in my days of primary school, that an individual would be able to have the amount of power to bleed entire cities into poverty? It was never in my thought, but then, GREED was always a weird thing. It is the one utter counterproductive sin. You see, greed does not drive forward. Competitiveness does. Innovation does. Greed does not. Greed is the foundation of slavery and submission. It drives one person to get everything at the expense of (all) others.

My worry is that too many in and out of government are driven towards this goal. Not to the goal of getting much, or the goal of getting more. But the goal of obtaining beyond reasonable proportion AND at the expense of many others, this is when we should stop and wonder the why! This is not about a business making a profit, or having good business sense. This is about an inflated situation, where a collapsed firm get’s a bailout, and then the ruling body walks off with a golden handshake of golden parachutes so large, that their feet never touch the ground. How could it even be tolerated for a company running under losses to give out these huge ‘extras’ to fat cats?

So this is where the dreamer in me woke up and thought of the following act:

The Accountability act – 2015

Why 2015? Well an act like this does not grow out of a goose feather and ink jar over night. If we think of a law that could make a real change, and would be a real stop to some of the acts of greed, then it will take time and a lot of effort too.

There is also the additional thought that this is not something against rich people. This is not about going after the rich. If someone like Zuckerberg (the guy behind Facebook) comes with a totally new approach, then those billions are his. This is not against those making and building something new. This is also NOT against the bank executive who walks out with a fat check after he made the bank real millions. This is about stopping those walking out with non-existing virtual profits, turned into real money, and leaving others behind to clean the mess.

Perhaps that one person did work really hard; perhaps he did get fantastic results. However, his co workers/bosses had their own choices and they lost the company annual profit. So alas he get’s nothing. I know it is not fair to those individuals, but these companies cannot continue in their current format, and nothing is being done about it. No results are achieved, so I personally feel that a legal side is required to slow down the outrageous growth of greed.

Why now? Well most people in London would have seen the rampant growth of landlords and how for two months they want their places available for games time, driving prices through the roof. We might not be able to stop all of these disproportionate acts. However, if we can stem the tide and make it a lot less rewarding, then there is a real option to protect a large number of victims that fall prey to these bad acts of greed. Because, the 8 weeks of Olympics are nothing compared to the months of damage for those suddenly shafted into nowhere, and at that point, these landlords will wash their hands of any responsibility. This is only an example, but in these last few weeks, one of the clearer examples.

This act might even stop the movement of these badly designed plans, especially in the financial sector. Consider that one executive tries these high risk options, which causes the loss of millions. For one, his co-workers will not react kindly to the loss of THEIR bonuses, and it would force corporations to rethink such high risk schemes, especially when no profit means no bonus and no golden handshake. It might just invite a little bit more of common sense to these greed driven board rooms.

I know I don’t have all the answers, and perhaps these thoughts are not the ones driving us forward. There is however something to be said of the exercise to try and stem the existence of one of the most unstoppable sins we know.

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