By royal choice

I do not get it, I get that some people are not in the forethought of the press. I also get that sometimes things get exaggerated by others and the press steps in to take a bite of that (by their account) delicious profit pie. Yet the animosity against the members of the British house of royalty eludes me. From my point of view, I have seen (movies, documentaries and papers) that Jewish people were treated with more respect and more consideration by members of German death squads than the British royal family has been from 1975 onwards by members of the press and paparazzi. Even now, I see tweets by the dozen (to my line alone) on the negativity against Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan. I just do not get it!

It does not matter whether anyone can come up with any justification, I personally believe that their private affairs are their private affairs. And let me be clear, I do not see any valid justification. Even now, we see options like ‘from various sources’, ‘according to sources close to the matter at hand’ and so on. 

Let’s face it, the press have no valid setting at present or ever, lets not forget that basically and in my personal opinion, the mother of prince Harry was murdered by paparazzi and the press is eager to get any print they can lay their fingers on, so they them self set this deadly foundation.

For his royal highness to get out of all this makes perfect sense to me, that is until someone muzzles the press and makes any mishap with paparazzi a direct stage with that person doing double digits in a prison. You see this has nothing to do with ‘the people have a right to know’, there are various royal websites that keep the people informed and aware of events taking place. The glossy press makes its money from advertisers and circulation and any member of the royal family contributes massively to the margins of the glossy press, too much I think and as such I personally believe that their model has changed, changed for the better of the owners, not the famous people they stalk and optionally harass to get the goods, the misquoted juicy stories that give their circulation needs the boost they feel that they are entitled to.

I avoid those magazines and you all should too,you all (the buyers of those magazines) contributed to the death of Princess Diana and it is time to stop before her son or her grandson becomes the next victim. Piers Morgan referred to them as ‘treacherous royal upstarts’, whilst people like him are part of the problem, not part of the solution. This is a newly wed family, now with child and they get badgered 24:7, it is my personal opinion to wonder why are we even debating their choice? 

I believe that a year or two of rest would do them, their marriage and their family bond some good. Give them time to figure it all out, is that so hard? 

Oh, and I still believe that the press needs to be set to rules that are a lot more debilitating when it comes to their push against the royal family. If they can avoid ‘news’ casting on events that Iran instigated for over three years they can refrain on this too. They have no right to do this, and I give no two hoots about their statements on what their priorities are. I also believe that it is time to punish the harassment strife of glossy magazines, so those magazines should be on high GST (or VAT, BTW), if gossip is their beef, let the reader pay for it, for the most ‘the advertisers’ are bringing in the money for their magazines, so I believe a balance should be found and that is me in a good mood. For all I care those magazines should be scrapped all together. 

And it does not end, the messages,often with #HarryAndMeghan are still pouring in on Twitter, it is all people think about, yet on twitter we also see a lot of positive, a lot of people addressing the British Media. One stated: “British Media: We pay your bills! We have a right to bully you into Oblivion!”, it was a person who added a #MegXit tag, but the word is out there, people are seeing the overwhelming harassment stage that this is taking and several are voicing their disgust with it all. 

I believe that it is time to bring the hammer down on the heads of the glossy media, there is only so much abuse we accept and this level of bullying is beyond acceptable. If there is a Royal Choice, I hope that his royal highness selects his heart and gets out of that mess, I believe that it will force an actual view shift on glossy magazines. Oh, they’ll shrug it off and move to the next Kardassian or Swift story, and after a few editions they’ll move over to the next member of the family living (or lived) in Buckingham Palace, that too is the way the press thinks.



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