Creative Dangers

Now that I have a functioning laptop again, my creativity takes another surge and I am getting back to the non developed ideas I am having. Whether it is an optional new TV series, whether it is a new video game or another story to be made into a novel. There is a danger that any creator faces. It is the danger of getting too many ideas before the first one has been developed completely. 

Even now as I am rewatching Independence Day (the first one on blu ray), the idea that some shows never developed, the idea that I know where other life is most likely to be and it is not based on geography, it is not based on where we know things to be, it is founded on physics based principles that every person in the universe faces. We went from the wheel, to the combustion engine, to nuclear fusion and from there to fusion, yet the elements holding us back (the fusion inhibitor) does not stop everyone. Depending on where we are, some others might have a benefit and can corner the universe on an essential need on elemental substances that keeps the others back who rely on it too. This is not a new concept, Nicola Machiavelli wrote “Nevertheless Milan was taken from France both the first and the second time. The general reasons for the first have been discussed; it remains to name those for the second, and to see what resources he had, and what any one in his situation would have had for maintaining himself more securely in his acquisition than did the King of France.” It is about the maintaining of position as secure as possible, for the most, any civilisation faces that setting. Unless the state is in a situation where it mimics the insect world, the setting of cast, we see the stage of asserting position, as a person, as a race, or as a united front and we see this here in turmoil as we see racial and statutorily states exempt themselves from the common foundation, it merely reinforces them, it usually does, so what happens when one group has a firm handle on goods and the other does not? Consider the state of things if the US (or Russia) had access to plutonium and the other does not, what would happen? Yet in opposition, what would the owner do to make sure the other does not get access to the materials needed? 

Now lets suppose that there are three elements that make the greater good towards fusion, Klaventium which is found on Jupiter, yet only below 3200 meters, it is a uranic element, Consider that our submarines run like a moped, they rely on shot burning fuels like Uranium, in the larger space of travel and fusion drives you need the equivalent of diesel and as such you need Klaventium, burning slower and a lot more intense than Uranium ever could, yet that is the sure way of getting a runaway engine and to temper it you need Celestrium. So in that stage there is also a crystal, I forgot the name (found in the Saturn rings) and it aligns energy, so when we get two out of the three we are on route, yet we cannot go anywhere without the third and that is the problem, in a stage where someone else has what we need, we are the losing party in the Machiavelli equation. It is what other places have learned the hard way and now it is our turn. The idea that everyone will deal with everyone is just a little too absurd, power is the only permanent element and when they have it, they do not want us to have it. If you doubt that? Be not afraid, get examples from the Native American Indians of the USA, the aboriginals of Australia, the Aztecs and Mayans in Latin America, consider asking the Apache’s in New Mexico, the list goes on and on and for the most several dozens will not answer, they are extinct, caused by, you guessed it the powers that were in the Vatican. 

When we find out we no longer matter, that is when we start fidgeting with the formula of power and that is what we see now and what wee have seen before, it is a stage where the loser wants to become Oliver Twist (Please Sir, can I have some more?), and we see a larger issue. A stage others have faced and they can now sit back and laugh, they faced it and we show a lot less dignity when our number is up. We can get as creative as we can, we can see the other show restraint and what the loser calls a set decorum of dignity, but that is merely in the eyes of the losing beholder, we are up for a resetting of powers and the people in charge do not like it, they are in the middle of a blame game and as they do that, remember how we got there. We did it ourselves, we dug our own graves with our grubby greed driven hands.

In that stage, do you even want to consider what is out there (or in the Sombrero galaxy)? If they can be the best of our past, they can also be our futuristic worst self, I reckon all in this galaxy face similar hurdles and there is no given that we are any different then the mere average of all the others, if so, we have plenty of things to worry about, well not us, the grandchildren off our grandchildren will and then? That is up to others to decide, we can only set the stage we can to the best of our abilities a setting that goes back to Marcus Aurelius (Roman Empire), Napoleon Bonaparte and Frederick Douglass, we can state that every person who came to the insight was basically too late, history shows that, so how can we set the stage to a larger frame where we have a chance? It is there that we see that not all is lost, John Wooden stated “Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but what you should have accomplished with your ability”, it is one way to look at it and it was Basketball that showed the way (even I, as a Hockey player will grudgingly give the field to a Basketball coach), so as we realise that there is more in all of us, how come that it is Wall Street that dictates the rules?

We are in a stage where we have no identity, no voice and no direction, but worry not, someone will come along and turn us either into conquerors or slaves, the universe tends to see one or the other, not the average middle. Balance can only be as direct as possible when the opposing forces are at polarised ends of one another, there are plenty of examples in that direction.

So how dangerous can creativity get? Ask that of the man who has nothing left to lose, according to James Baldwin that is where the purest form of creativity is. I wonder fig that is true, it seemingly is on a level playing field, but when elemental events are missing, the game changes in many ways, that is merely my view on the subject.


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