Naughty or not?

That is the setting I am confronted with at 00:30. I got through the Dutch news articles and I stumbled upon a Belgium article, there we see (at ‘’Too sexy’ as psychiatrist, Flemish Kaat Bollen hands her title after reprimand’. This actually woke me up, and I took a little time to read the article. She is a psychiatrist and a sexologist, she was part of an erotic movie and she directed a female friendly porn (apparently called a porna), I was a little up in the air, doesn’t a person have a right to a private life and she is as clearly stated a sexologist, so she basically practices what she preaches, its is not too weird as I see it. I myself am at times wondering whether sexology is a specialisation in psychiatry, or sociology, it might be both, yet the situation was created where a peer complained to the Belgium commission of psychiatrists. 

In this I am not sure where I stand, but the fact that it resulted in her losing her credentials is a bit much, but it might just be me.

So guess what, let’s take this to both sides, how about me putting out to the public (with images) the setting of all these male psychiatrists that have been committing adultery. I reckon I would be able to come up with about a dozen cases at the very least, and they can hand in their titles as well. If we accept moet ze rekening houden met het feit dat haar gedrag de beroepsgroep kan schaden” (she must accept that her behaviour could hurt the professional group). OK, if we accept that, than those who are balancing another woman’s vagina on their penis (as in not the vagina of their wives), should be in that same predicament. It is a clear sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander situation, and it will not be some accusation, we will include graphics so that we can check with the spouses it that is her, or is it adultery? And as the adulterous mind, is an equal danger to that professional group, they can hand in their degrees as well, fair is fair.

So is my approach naughty or not?
Yup, I am always ready to hold my actions to account and as the article clearly gives us “De Vlaamse minister Somers voor Gelijke Behandeling wil kijken wat hij tegen de houding van de commissie kan doen. “Dit is schade toebrengen aan wat vrouwen wel of niet mogen doen of dragen in hun vrije tijd.”” (Belgium minister Somers for equal treatment wants to look if he can oppose the stand of the Commission “This is damaging on what women can and cannot do in their free time”), as such I will help out both by giving a little visibility on what some psychiatrists are able to do in their marital position, as I see it, fair is fair. 

I wonder how fast some psychiatrists will set the complaint on the privacy of their needs, yup two measurements and I am happy that if they ignore one side, I can ignore the other side. I am just that frisky today, it sucks to be them at present (no actual sucking is involved).


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