Energy Tattoo

It is always fun and exciting to see a new wave of IP, it is equally interesting and exciting to see this when it is the IP of someone else. You see, any creative mind will respect and delight in seeing and meeting any true creative mind and that is where I was this morning. It was an article by the BBC on April 9th that got to me. The article ‘Nano ink solar cells allow tech to charge in any light’ (at There we see “While they are unlikely to help charge more power-hungry devices like phones and laptops, the nano inks, developed by Giovanni Fili’s company, Exeger, will help power many other things such as headphones” I think that Giovanni is on the right track to a lot more. Yes, he might be right in one way. But consider a messenger back, or backpack cover with that ink, not powering the device, but a power block. It charges all day long and then at the end of the working day can recharge the phone, perhaps even the laptop to some degree. Consider that part, an ink that has the ability to charge. Now consider that it is in nearly all light conditions and that ink is sort of black, now consider fabrics, how much surface does that power enable? Now these are mere thoughts that come without any regard on how expensive the ink is, but the idea that it can be done, implies that more is possible and Exeger is at the start of that race and they are alone at the start of that race. Powering drones, powering isolated devices the consumer goods and military applications are close to limitless and Exeger is the only player in town. That matters. It matters more than my 5G IP, it matters more than some of my other IP including the public domain solution of $10,000,000,000 I placed less than a week ago. Giovanni Fili has the inside track to a new race most do not even know is starting soon, and it makes me happy, it makes me rejoice, because the true creative mind is rare and when it is towards a common good nearly anyone will require it makes sense to become happy. A Swedish invention that could have a large global impact and global intentions soon enough. To see a creative mind should make anyone happy and suddenly I have no need for coffee (weird), I am just sitting here on the sofa considering what else is possible. Because when you consider that ink becoming a paint, how much energy efficiency will a container carrier get? What is possible when the roof of a modern building is covered with that. The larger energy impact solutions will become royalty of tomorrow, consider that part and consider how big your energy bill was and how much of that can be reduced? You see we know that there are solar cells out there, but now THEY have competition, so how much cheaper will these solutions suddenly become?  

Just a few ideas to keep in mind, in the mean time lets raise our glass to Giovanni Fili and his creative mind, he’s earned it.


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