Even as I was writing the articles of the past few days, my mind was working on something else. I am not quite sure what it is working on, but it started as I saw the video of Eaton Mall and I mentioned that I had an idea for the jewellers to make use of Augmented reality as well. The application was actually quite simple and could be done on any AR enabled device. The idea was completed even before I wrote that article, but the brain kept on going in the background. You see, the idea was not merely to create a new market, it was to create an enhanced market drive that is not depending on revenue, but on knowledge. Consider the idea that I spouted yesterday. I feel certain that I am not the first to have that idea, I reckon that any greed driven American industrialist was on that page months ago. It was when the bookshop met the jeweller that the coin went to the second anvil (any neurologist can explain that one to you). The idea that started with the jeweller took a turn. You see, what happens when we create AR codes of a Faberge egg. Not one, but a dozen over pages. And we have a booklet So here are two images. 

In the first image we see merely see the covers and a small plastic screen. 

We open the book close to 90 degrees and then we can connect the plastic screen that was connected to the back, and also connect it to the front. And it might not be a book, merely an accessory that we can purchase once. The inside will have the printed page and when we look through out mobile or AR glasses onto the screen we now see an image of (for example) a faberge egg. And as we go through the pages, we can look at detailed shots of that egg in many ways and as we rotate the screen (and book) we see the 360 degree representation of that egg. And this could be any object, any piece of jewellery, specific jewellery we cannot normally see. As we see the image below, we see that side and that side alone, yet with AR we can do more and we could see more (and in 3d). We could have different codes for every part of the egg, showing us just how sensational these eggs are.

So as my brain was working out some of those details it was looking at all the other options that were out there and the idea to set AR to a much larger audience, outside the mall and inside the classrooms. It just took me until now for my brain to alert me that I had created a new idea. I will not call this my IP, this should be set to classrooms, all over the world. 



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