Danger Winnie Robinson. Danger, danger.

A weird reference to an even weirder situation. Are we making ourself weak and optionally on route to extinction? That is a serious question, it is not for some script, or some story. Let me explain. There are two settings. The first is the one the wife of Wil Smith has, it was the first time I heard of alopecia areata. I now indirectly know of three more cases. My acquaintance ring did not grow, it decreased a little. The second issue is around mastectomy. I had heard of it and the event is around for a long time, but in the last 5 years I have become indirectly aware of 5 women who have faced it. Both issues are decently rare, so to see these numbers makes me wonder if we (both man and woman) have weakened ourselves to a degree that is beyond normal. Food and other stuff are eaten, but are we checking what we eat? I saw a case about a decade go where a dietician (I wrote about it a long time ago) made the claim that we eat beef, but is the beef we eat today the same beef we ate 50-75 years ago? Hormonal and all kind of treatments to keep milk up might have an impact on the DNA of beef. That was what I would call a wild claim, but is it wrong? Have we indirectly poisoned our bodies? I am not a young man and I wake up with more and more hairs in my bed, so I am growing bald. It doesn’t worry me, it comes with age and at least I will not be wielding the hair of Stephen Mangan any day soon (looks to pubic anyway), and it seems soon I will be wielding a lot less than ever. This is a natural event, it does not bother me. But those who see the numbers of alopecia areata and mastectomy rising should be worried. Man have their own issues and I wonder how many see the bowel cancer results? About 300 a week in Australia alone get the postal card with ‘Bullseye, you’ve got it”. Now I might be trivialising this (defence mechanism), but I wonder why it is growing and it seems to be growing fast. When we see “third most common type of newly diagnosed cancer” and I have a bit of a problem with the word ‘newly’. We need to take heed of so many things Realtors (story coming soon), captains of industry (story coming soon too) and now food? We pay institutions a truckload of cash and they seemingly come up short. You see, before the Oscars 2022 I had never heard of alopecia areata and now I am aware of three (4 if I include Jada Pinkett Smith) cases? 

So this story is not for fun, for entertainment or for anything else than to make sure you check your corner. I am no one, I know people, some are important, others are not. But 4 and 5 is a larger setting especially when these numbers up to 10 years ago was zero on both counts. So am I calling wolf whilst there is none, or are we all ignoring a larger stage? I honestly do not know, but I felt it was important to write this down. As statistics go we see that alopecia areata has approximately 1 in 1000 people, with a lifetime risk of approximately 2 percent. Now on those numbers my awareness of 4 seems rather large. Well, basically 3 as Jada Pinkett Smith is a global celebrity, but that means I should know well over 3000 and I do not, so the math (OK, my view is debatable) does not hold up. The fact that this is all since Oscar 2022 makes it even worse. And in the case of alopecia areata there is a lot we do not know. That is not on anyone, but the stage that our food or environment is optionally a cause worries me and it should worry you as well. And lets be clear this is not about gender. We have all kinds of issues and they re hitting both genders, the question is whether this is properly being looked at. And the beef reference is also apt. It is now a decade since the horse meat scandal and if that one got by for such a long time, what else have we been eating and that is before we get to the consideration that the beef our grandparents ate was not the same beef we eat. That is pure speculation, so do not think this is true, but is testing this premise wrong or a stretch? The dietician had decently convincing data. Data I could not check but someone perhaps should have. So be careful to give support and faith in this. It is in some parts speculation, the numbers I gave were not. The question becomes, have you experience the same thing? Do you have numbers you did not have 5-10 years ago? I am asking, not telling. 

Try to have a nice day today.



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