Are drivers mentally impaired?

Something got to me last night. It was just after dinner and alas, I was silly enough to look at Channel 7 (just after a meal never a good idea). It was loaded with issues I do not care about, or at times those who get lighted from whatever side is improper. The issue of the traffic cameras pissed me off, just a little too much (at ).
We get to see a list of a few cameras’ and how they cash in for millions. Even then, in my opinion, president of the NRMA, Mr Kyle Loades on whether these cameras were solving crashes, accidents and deaths does not seem to be all there. What is wrong with these people? Were they all lobotomised?

You see, in the old days, we got traffic school (in primary school), where we got to learn the rules of the road. For example, when a light is red, we do not cross it. Speeding was not a topic for pedestrians, or those on bicycles. Yet, we knew that there was a sign that clearly stated what the maximum speed was and there were generic rules in regards to speed when you are within the city limits.

Does anyone remember these rules?

So, when we see that 4,000 ran a red light, than we should consider making these people mandatory lose their license for 6 months, next to the steep fine as well! I have only once (I REPEAT ONCE!) seen the exception to that rule, where a man was racing a pedestrian to a hospital as the man he found on the road was having heart problems in the middle of nowhere, for the most, the rest are all idiots and in my book and criminals too!
My reason for outrage is that in 2014, in NSW alone, we have 174 fatalities in NSW alone. Six of them were only 19 years old, including one pedestrian. That is for 6 months, so perhaps Seven Tonight is not thinking too clearly on what actually matters! Perhaps Chris Maher should be reading out the names of these 174 traffic fatalities in an upcoming segment.

You see, those people ‘who think they know so much better’ will cry plead medication imbalance and other ‘excuses’ when they get into the dock of court because someone got hit in the process! I think that the case of R v DPP Tim Ellis should anger us all beyond belief. The fact that Negligent driving causing death, and the linked quote “Mr Ellis faces a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $1300 fine” is more than just a small issue in regards to road safety, the part that throws me here is that when we consider s318 of the Victorian Crimes Act, we see: ‘318 Culpable driving causing death‘, which gives us “Any person who by the culpable driving of a motor vehicle causes the death of another person shall be guilty of an indictable offence and shall be liable to level 3 imprisonment (20 years maximum) or a level 3 fine or both“, how does 1 year and $1300 fit any level of justice?

This is not about the former DPP Tim Ellis. This is about a generic feel of ‘utter casual’ in regards to traffic violation within Australia in general. The News trivialises it, the law who seems to be slightly coloured and is regarded to only see it as a financial based remedy. When we consider that NSW alone will face well over 300 deaths in 2014 all due to traffic events, it is clear that some parts will have to change if we want to lower the death rate from traffic accidents. The even more distressing part in these transgressions is that these ‘violators’ tend to get other people killed, whilst they themselves end up not to having a scratch. I have seen my share of ‘consequences’, in one instance, a girl got rammed through the wall by a car into a bar, the smash into the wall and the pedestrian was THAT hard. She died within a minute on the spot.

So, when I hear about ‘that camera’, ‘there was no traffic’, or ‘I was really in a hurry’ my blood starts boiling ever so slightly and I just want their license to be revoked as well as their car impounded. Now, I will admit that there are dubious sides to all matters, so that should apply to this one as well, yet traffic is no conundrum. If a light is red, we stop! If there is a speed limit, we stay below it. If you do not do this, then you just have to pay up!
I personally remain in favour of adding a mandatory suspension of no less than 6 months. All things being equal, this all could imply that Lara Bingle will just have to get used to public transportation!
With the second transgression we make the license go away for a year and the third one they lose it for let’s say 2 years. Would that not be a great idea to get safety back to the roads? It might even become a hospitable place for bikers and bicycle riders (one can only hope), mainly because I have seen my share of utter acts of stupidity against bikers in traffic.



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