Self destruct initiated

We all have within ourselves the ability to self destruct, to destroy and to inflict harm. In games we can eat people (Man Eater), we can destroy people (Destroy all humans) and we can lay waste to them (Plague Inc), yes they are merely gams, but what happens when it is no longer a game? Many have seen the man in Wisconsin (Jacob Blake), getting shot in the back of the head as he walks towards his car. I try not to judge, because a 60 second video is not a story, some say that it is and that is fine, but I wonder what set this off. I am not discussing the 7 bullets, it is overkill. I wonder why the policeman did not shoot once in the leg, it would have been directly incapacitated Jacob Blake. Why was that not done? The news on several levels are pushing emotion, but normally there is at least one newspaper giving us a minute by minute stage of what happened. This time, I did not see any of that. Yet USA Today gives us ‘Jacob Blake was shot less than 3 minutes after Wisconsin police arrived at the scene, according to dispatch audio’ with that additional quote “The shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday by Wisconsin police happened quickly, with less than three minutes elapsing between the time the first officer arrived and shots being fired, according to dispatch audio”, three minutes was that was needed. I understand that the police really doesn’t want any kind of time line in this, but what set it all off? I need to try to stay neutral, for the simple reason that emotions will not get us anything. This is not about trivialising the events on Jacob Blake, this is not about minimising events, but to find out what happened EXACTLY. USA Today helps out (at, yet they are one of the few that took this trouble. 

So we see that at 5:13:47 p.m. one of the officers asks for a description of Jacob Blake, and at 5:15:37 p.m. the shooting starts, 110 seconds between asking for a description and shooting Jacob Blake. Important is the fact that there was no indications that he was armed, or that there was a direct threat from him. It seems that there were more factors involved, but none of them give any level of rise that shooting him was ESSENTIAL. There might have been a cause to shoot, yet in light of him not being armed it is my personal opinion that at the most one single shot in the leg would have sufficed (if shooting could not have been prevented). 

This is not about whether shooting should or should not have happened, this is about the way it unfolded and the level of violence that the Wisconsin police had opted for. So now we see ‘Two dead as gunfire erupts at Wisconsin protests’ and all this is happening in a third night of unrest in Kenosha. It is not the first, not the only one and there is every chance that all this will escalate. We see all kinds of news and all kinds of actions, but the inaction of the Governor of Wisconsin is staggering. Apart from the fact that he declared an emergency, we are given “Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called for protesters to be peaceful, while also saying the National Guard presence would be doubled from 125 to 250 in Kenosha after crowds destroyed dozens of buildings and set more than 30 fires on Monday night”, politico (at also gives us ““We cannot allow the cycle of systemic racism and injustice to continue,” said Evers, who is facing mounting pressure from Republicans over his handling of the unrest that has followed the shooting. “We also cannot continue going down this path of damage and destruction.”” Yet we are not given anything regarding the actions of Governor Tony Evers regarding Jacob Blake, not even the acknowledgement, or the setting that this is an investigation that will be pursued, there is a lack of acknowledgement (or at least if we are to take the media at their word). Looking at the Wisconsin site (at we see nothing in regards of what is going on, even now, more than a day later, the governor of Wisconsin has done too little too little. Even the website of the City of Kenosha (at lacks a lot of information, the police section had the option to give information, to try and diffuse the situation, yet this is not done, so for almost 24 hours people on several levels were inactive, unable to set a stage of diffusing the situation, and in all this, no one is asking questions. They are merely letting the social media flame a situation from bad to worse.

A situation that leads to self-destruction, no Shark, alien or virus was required, merely the inaction of all kinds of governmental officials. Its another nice mess they got themselves into.


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