The second treasure

Has it happened to you? You are sitting there, in a chair (or sofa) and you suddenly get hit with realisation, this is what happened to me in the last 4-6 hours. You see, when I created some of my 5G IP, it was not in a stage of need, it was a response to the stage of Neom City, a KSA undertaking that is founded on a new city bathing in new tech and high tech. I foresaw hat consumers needed and off course I looked at. Global stage, a 5G stage where we see 440,000,000 small businesses on a global scale handing over what the buyer needs. I altered part of this to set for a much higher cyber security need (sorry to seem mysterious, but the IP has not been sold yet). This all started before Covid, so even if Covid was never a consideration, my solution would still work and would work with increased positivity. It was however today that I stopped to think about certain repercussions. 

Walk the walk
We all talk the talk (anyway most of us do), we even walk the talk, but who walks the walk? Let me explain, when you walk (the actual exercise using legs), you often do it without thinking about it, you go from one place to another, you walk to get the groceries, to get the lunch, to get wherever you need to be. And overall you forget the foundation of matter, where you walk and how you walk, it is an automated process. For me too, but when you stop and think that process through, you might see a few choices that you do not normally think about. That is a process I found myself in with my IP, I found a second treasure chest, one I never bargained for, one I never considered, but it is there and now that I realise what my IP brings, it is a much larger stage.

In market research there is something called awareness. For brands awareness is close to everything and they know it, they are always in a place to increase awareness and I have always been aware of that, yet as I do not work for them, I didn’t really care, they have staff for that and that staff has several ways to increase their brand awareness, and they are armed with a compelling list of reasons why they should do so, where they should do that and when they should do that. It is the way the world works. Yet I am now in a field where it is not merely about awareness, I have entered a stage where we see a sort of aggregation of awareness and curiosity. What is when, when is that and optionally why it is. This got me to ‘The curiosity and exploration inventory-II: Development, factor structure, and psychometrics’ (at Journal of Research in Personality 43 (2009) 987–998). Here we stake notice of “refine the measurement of trait curiosity with an improved version of the Curiosity and Exploration Inventory (CEI; [Kashdan, T. B., Rose, P., & Fincham, F. D. (2004)”. I was somewhat aware even as the paper is 11 years old, but then I remembered something that the paper held “Many new scales have been published, but few have been subjected to close psychometric scrutiny. The present research centred on the development of a brief, reliable, and valid measure of curiosity, improving upon an earlier version of the CEI. The data offers early evidence for the scale’s latent structure and evidence for convergent and discriminant validity”, it is the ‘a brief, reliable, and valid measure of curiosity’ that stuck, you see it is that what kills the cat and I remain (sincerely) a cat person, so I took notice. It dawned on me that my IP cannot distinguish between awareness and curiosity, but are they not scales of grey? They are both fruit, so if someone used my IP to get the data on a new Maserati, the person cannot afford one (neither can I), but is it curiosity or creating awareness on the new model? That is out in the open, so there is a second treasure chest and optionally the chest in that chest containing a diamond in the rough? (sorry Disney), I leave that up to you to consider but the stage is a lot larger, is it not? If the path we walk on gives us pause to consider where we walk, we optionally consider the soul of our shoe and how it can pass that terrain more easily. It might not make sense, but consider if you are in London, the streets will not make you pause, but Hyde Park will and that is where we find ourselves, on the edge of a park, where we see an optional  new cluster of consumers, the curious ones and we get a stab at the stage that they occupy.

And those who respond with “curiosity bears a resemblance to several other psychological constructs, all of which are concerned with the way people regulate and direct their attention in the presence of novel or valued environmental stimuli. Although these terms have been used somewhat interchangeably, this unfortunate tendency has obscured the fact that the essential qualities of curiosity con- note a high degree of receptivity and willingness to engage with novel stimuli”, in this day and age ‘novel stimuli’ is the bread and butter of hype creation and that pushes the borders of curiosity, yet they are in the stage of trying to maximise that part (plus 10%), in my case the stage of that is there and now we need to see if the data can give us the curious, the aware and make them the buyers or at least clearly separate the two groups towards the active consumer if you will and that stage is not merely set on a whim, the better the data is, the better the results will be and that I what these brands are also pursuing, I merely noticed that I had more data to offer these brand polyglots and offer a new kind of shovel to parse through the data in that regard.

That is the stage I found myself in, I just found a new chest and I am hoping for the good of it and an optionally small chest holding a diamond, now I merely need to attach it to the IP I already have and I am increasing the application of my IP by a decent amount. 

Sometimes life throws you a bone, sometimes a chest, whether it holds renumeration or manure is not yet clear, but I hope for the best.

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