The cool aide look

Most of us react to it, we sometimes invoke reactions, and at times we set the reaction to what WE think is the cool reaction, there is not one exception, not you, not me and not those around us. So to set that premise we need to look at some ‘definitions’ as they are told to us, but also set markers on what we expect to see, they are not the same.

“Broadly, a product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need, including physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organisations, information, and ideas” (Kotler & Keller, 2015)”, yet that is not enough, there is also ““A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association)”, this is all the foundation, but consider the following

Emotional marketing tells invokes a feeling that connects audiences with brands with an optional  personal/human way. As any media channels, devices, objects and platforms emerge, they ensure that people have plenty of access to brand events. What’s more, there are now a host of ways for companies to convey their identity and vision, making emotional marketing much simpler, yet how does any consumer see that?

That is the stage I found myself in, I was in a store and the staff member was standing next to a tote-bag roughly 60 by 40 stating ‘Victoria Secrets’, now I in my giddy nature asked, What did you buy at Victoria Secrets? The lady got quite upset, there was inference, no innuendo, merely what I stated. Now, I am not holding her reaction against her, some might state that I had no business stating what I stated, and if that is so, why on earth did she have a tote-bag like that? To minimise her profile during headwinds? Branding is more than the definitions, we made it as such. The T-shirt stating Nasa, ‘Just do it’, enjoy Cocaine, the examples are there by the thousands and it has no intention, or attempt in stopping or slowing down. 

For me the reaction was a bit strong, but I had never stated anything like that, as such I wondered why people overreact. This was not about emotion, this is about something else and we need to take consideration of the reaction, both the person making it and those hearing it. We seem to fall in the gap of branding and as such the use and abuse of branding is about to turn a corner. 

As I see it, we are becoming a ;little too Japanese in this. There some girls wear shirts with slogans and they do not know what it means. Now, we might have that with Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana, so it works both ways. But consider, how many women do you know wearing a shirt stating ‘I am a Whore’? It seems that people all over the world have become blind to what they are wearing and then overreact to the reaction, is it about manners (never say anything), yet is that not the opposite of what branding is trying to achieve? Branding is more than noticing, it is about conversing and about the creation of awareness, people talking about the brand creates awareness.

The problem
There is a problem, for any version of a view towards awareness, we see (a+1)(b+1), when there is linearity, we see 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 and so on, yet if any view invokes 10 opinions we get 1, 121, 441 and so on, and that is when the views and opinions are in a set stage, now try (a+1)(b+1)(c+1), a setting for views, opinions and reactions. So 1 view gives us 10 opinions and 20 reactions. Now we get 1, 462, 6237 and that is before we get to social media where the numbers really stack up. At what point will this come to blows, because that will happen, if one persons indication matters, so what happens when a person asks that question who has no idea what Victoria secret is? OK, that is really thin ice, but there is every chance that they haven’t heard of that brand in Loshchinka (Siberia).

No matter how we slice this, the reaction brought me out to consider branding, we take it for granted, but who is aware of what they are branding, or even that they are branding and if branding is a way to invoke a reaction, is there any consideration on the reactions we give, all whilst we are branding? 

Just some food for thought

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