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Overlooking the obvious

Yes, that is the setting, it is in part a question and in part a statement. You see, I returned to the place of the crime (my writing) and in ‘Presentation and awareness creation’ (June 6th, https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/06/06/presentation-and-awareness-creation/) and ‘The mind, it continues regardless’ (same day, https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/06/06/the-mind-it-continues-regardless/). First of all, lets be clear this solution would fit dozens of malls. I merely used this one as there were plenty of walk through video’s, in addition it is spacious and it is in a large city (Toronto, population 2,934,544) as such it is not the largest city but in size rather respectable and as I was testing my idea for the 5G implementation I created, I also saw anther few options, when combined would merely enhance what some malls could experience. My mind also looked to implement safety features and images in augmented reality, which would actually enhance safety in these places. The 5G is a bonus, but one that could proper my (expected $8.4B) solution into an 11 figure one and who would I be to pass up on that option? 10% of that is serious cash, an amount my wallet is not showing at present. Google not Amazon has the lead here, but it also made me realise that they could do a lot more in places like this, I merely wonder why they did not go there. I made searches all over google, but I cannot find them, as such I wonder why not?

So the premise becomes:

Why are they overlooking the obvious?
This is a hard question, it is not always visible in the eyes of any beholder that is not an insider of a place like Google. Yet consider that Zara has 6829 stores (globally) and it is a $30B operation, which means that one solution would fit dozens, if not hundreds of stores. Sephora operates 1,900 stores globally (29 nations). As such it is also a many implementation setting. Gap has 3,000 stores Victoria Secrets has well over 1,000 stores and the list goes on. And now the one little element. How many malls have all these stores? Are you starting to catch on that a place like Google has been overlooking the obvious? The premise, the question and the statement all in one place and I am at a loss why they missed it, others missed it too (Amazon being one) a setting that allows and screams innovation and they both missed it and I am merely adding to the IP and testing the application of 5G IP I had before and Eaton Mall (Toronto) was a place to test it first, but it is in no mean the only place. Other places in Canada, the US, UK, France (Paris) and more places that could be benefitting the setting I designed and when you think I am bluffing, or as some stated ‘You are full of it’ consider the mall you know best, the mall you usually visit and I can test this globally, som players are not on the innovative page and in this day and age that is funny as hell. We see statements like ‘MoneyGram speeds digital transformation initiative with assist from Rafay Systems & Amazon EKS’, we see ‘Amazon payment services delves into fintech innovation and the future of payments at Seamless Middle East 2022’, ‘Dematic to ‘accelerate supply chain innovation’ with Google Cloud’ and ‘Sabre and Google developing framework to transform future of travel: Sriram Gopalswamy’ all mentioning innovation, mention of fintech but none of them truly about enhancing your pleasure as a shopping consumer, or the importance of retail innovation reaching you. All forgotten paths that should have been on the forefront of their minds. They forgot the number one part here. The consumer, the user, they forgot about you. 

Do not believe me, check for yourself and you will see that I am right, check for yourself! As such I see a new niche opening. I am not sure that it is good to have too many niches (Microsoft tends to buy them and screw them up for all concerned) but that might be my overly negative view on the matter. What does matter is that I created a little over a year ago pieces of IP that a tech player like Google still does not have, still does not cater to and in the process leaves the people out in the cold (or in the cold in a mall hallway near you).

A setting now clearly shown. The statement and the question and Google seemingly cannot answer it (neither can Amazon). Why are these players overlooking the obvious? The US has 116,000 malls, and neither looked at the obvious? I let you ponder that part and when you add the Canadian and European numbers that number becomes frighteningly large.

Have a great day.

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Presentation and awareness creation

That is the setting I was considering today. It goes beyond my 5G IP, that is pretty much done for. There are more avenues to consider, but perhaps a a later day. I initially thought of adding to this, but when I was looking at the Eaton Centre Mall, my mind wandered in another direction. You see, these places are making themselves obsolete to some degree. I know that we are in the post Pandemic stage, yet when I see the massive lack of people, the stage of such a mall with its rental needs will find itself short of tenants sooner than expected. The Lindt, Apple, Abercrombie and Victoria Secret will remain, but it is the stage of the rest that sets the tone of the mall and no matter how much space H&M gets, this mall in Toronto needs more people, like 2500 more at least. As I see corridor after corridor, the same solution that applies to Monte Carlo and Riyadh also applies to malls like these. They need more the other two might not need more, but the creation of traction is everything. Nearly any mall manager can tell you that. It is presentation that sets the stage for awareness creation and some malls need it a lot faster. So other venues are needed, funny enough, the technology is there, the options are there, but the coin is not dropping with either Google or the Mall manager. You see a place like that needs augmented reality. When you see the queues, the foodcourt lines and the people waiting in a place THAT big, augmented reality will create awareness with the visitor and presents the people with sides of the Mall and it’s shops that are currently not happening. More important, places like TRO and Omnicom taught me the important of engagement and these malls are not engaging, they are not inviting engagement. Having a Tim Horton app that takes and records your data just doesn’t cut it, in this I reckon that augmented reality will, especially in a wide open space like the Eaton Centre Mall. I watch the dozens of people stride their mindless walk, so see or be seen, and it is no longer about being seen, dozens of people all wearing the same blue mask, like one large family. And all that empty pace remains unused. So how log until someone in one of these shops wakes up considering there is more to simple awareness creation? There is more to the presentation of self? Three places that could benefit and dozens of other places equally not waking up. In all this I wonder why Google hasn’t offered those services already, they had two years to get there act together and I reported on this option as early as July 28, 2016 in ‘What we waste away’. More clearer on February 1st 2022 when I wrote ‘The opportunity for 2022’ (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/02/01/the-opportunity-for-2022/) well over 90 days ago. As such I feel that Google and places like that are asleep at the wheel. One augmented reality for Lindt and it sets the stage that 500 shops would be seen to and lets not start on how Apple hasn’t seen the light of that. With well over 500 retail locations? I stated it before, someone is asleep at the wheel at these places and there is a reason that I have all this IP (close to a dozen). Those who doubted me just look at what augmented reality offers and wonder why it is not everywhere. I rest my case.

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The cool aide look

Most of us react to it, we sometimes invoke reactions, and at times we set the reaction to what WE think is the cool reaction, there is not one exception, not you, not me and not those around us. So to set that premise we need to look at some ‘definitions’ as they are told to us, but also set markers on what we expect to see, they are not the same.

“Broadly, a product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need, including physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organisations, information, and ideas” (Kotler & Keller, 2015)”, yet that is not enough, there is also ““A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association)”, this is all the foundation, but consider the following

Emotional marketing tells invokes a feeling that connects audiences with brands with an optional  personal/human way. As any media channels, devices, objects and platforms emerge, they ensure that people have plenty of access to brand events. What’s more, there are now a host of ways for companies to convey their identity and vision, making emotional marketing much simpler, yet how does any consumer see that?

That is the stage I found myself in, I was in a store and the staff member was standing next to a tote-bag roughly 60 by 40 stating ‘Victoria Secrets’, now I in my giddy nature asked, What did you buy at Victoria Secrets? The lady got quite upset, there was inference, no innuendo, merely what I stated. Now, I am not holding her reaction against her, some might state that I had no business stating what I stated, and if that is so, why on earth did she have a tote-bag like that? To minimise her profile during headwinds? Branding is more than the definitions, we made it as such. The T-shirt stating Nasa, ‘Just do it’, enjoy Cocaine, the examples are there by the thousands and it has no intention, or attempt in stopping or slowing down. 

For me the reaction was a bit strong, but I had never stated anything like that, as such I wondered why people overreact. This was not about emotion, this is about something else and we need to take consideration of the reaction, both the person making it and those hearing it. We seem to fall in the gap of branding and as such the use and abuse of branding is about to turn a corner. 

As I see it, we are becoming a ;little too Japanese in this. There some girls wear shirts with slogans and they do not know what it means. Now, we might have that with Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana, so it works both ways. But consider, how many women do you know wearing a shirt stating ‘I am a Whore’? It seems that people all over the world have become blind to what they are wearing and then overreact to the reaction, is it about manners (never say anything), yet is that not the opposite of what branding is trying to achieve? Branding is more than noticing, it is about conversing and about the creation of awareness, people talking about the brand creates awareness.

The problem
There is a problem, for any version of a view towards awareness, we see (a+1)(b+1), when there is linearity, we see 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 and so on, yet if any view invokes 10 opinions we get 1, 121, 441 and so on, and that is when the views and opinions are in a set stage, now try (a+1)(b+1)(c+1), a setting for views, opinions and reactions. So 1 view gives us 10 opinions and 20 reactions. Now we get 1, 462, 6237 and that is before we get to social media where the numbers really stack up. At what point will this come to blows, because that will happen, if one persons indication matters, so what happens when a person asks that question who has no idea what Victoria secret is? OK, that is really thin ice, but there is every chance that they haven’t heard of that brand in Loshchinka (Siberia).

No matter how we slice this, the reaction brought me out to consider branding, we take it for granted, but who is aware of what they are branding, or even that they are branding and if branding is a way to invoke a reaction, is there any consideration on the reactions we give, all whilst we are branding? 

Just some food for thought

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