Its only your daughter

Well, if that do not beat all, And it will get worse as I am writing from a place of anger. I have never been a saint, but this is jut too unacceptable, but I am trying to keep control because the media is part of the problem. You see, tomorrow when your daughter (16-22) leaves the house, it will be allowed to rape her. Women have no rights, and the UK Courts are apparently in support of that, so give us her tits and muffler and we will see what we can do!

Are you angry yet? Yes? Excellent!

This all started over a day ago, when the tweet reached me. The text ‘I’m so handsome that when I sexually assault women they usually like it’ was like a red rag on a bull, the condescending little prick named Nicholas Arai-Tetsola was smiling in the picture like he got an achievement. Then I went to the Court UK site, and only the members can go through, they give us (that is all I had) “A sex predator told a court he gropes women because he’s so good looking he ‘usually gets a positive response.’ Graphic design student Nicholas Arai-Tetsola, 23, told probation workers he ‘had a lot of sexual energy which if it had no outlet’ and he had to grope women ‘to satisfy something within me’. The St Martins second-year undergraduate wore a blue, red and black patterned fleece to the dock of Westminster Magistrates’ Court where he narrowly avoided jail for attacking…”, so first we get ‘I’m so handsome that when I sexually assault women they usually like it’, and then we get ‘he narrowly avoided jail for attacking’, on one side I want to know who the fucking yahoo was that played judge in that court, on the other side, Court UK is not giving us the whole enchilada. What is even more astounding, is that if you seek ‘Nicholas Arai-Tetsola’ (name of the fucking prick), the news section gives ONE HIT, And that is seemingly someone else, so in this stage of propagated BS by the media is this kept quiet? A 23 year old shit that makes the claim ‘I’m so handsome that when I sexually assault women they usually like it’. So whilst you ponder all that, consider the danger your daughter is facing tomorrow morning when she goes to school, Friday evening when she goes clubbing with her girlfriends, but perhaps your daughter will be the one ‘liking it’. And this is not a situation of time, I waited 24 hours to see if someone else had caught on, to either debunk Court UK, or to support the victims, neither happened, why is that?

And in all this the ‘narrowly avoided jail’ of an optional serial rapist who thinks he is so handsome that no automatically means yes. I will leave you to ponder the danger to your daughters, remember that name Nicholas Arai-Tetsola.


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