Three sides to a tail

Yup, after a few moments of hilarious news bashing, I got back into the creative groove and an idea struck me, so I decided to make this story (unrelated to anything else at present) into something different, something optionally more towards a dark variety.

There once was a boy, the boy became a man and he was raised to be nice and polite, and he worked, he worked hard and was rewarded accordingly. This man had an idea and he worked in his free time, into the dark and catered the idea until it was ready. Now this man was no saint, he never claimed to be, he was polite but that was about it. He did not care for civilities, he did not care for the small rules, he had a plan and that plan took precedence over everything else.

As such he went through life, he catered to his boss to the degree any person would, but he had his pwn idea and at some point he made it a reality. He had created his new navigation system, a system that was actually better than most and soon thereafter a company showed interest with cash, a lot of it and the man sold his idea, he had his nesting egg and then some, or so he thought. It was less than a year later when a former boss claimed it was his and he showed the contracts that gave him the rights over any IP the man has and it went to court and the sneaky son-of-a-whore (read: boss) won. The man lost his nesting egg and more over the IP which was nothing like the firm his boss ever had (he was an administration firm), so the man was in shambles, and he took his anger, which had turned into rage at this point and he sought out the boss at his house, and he pulled a gun, the boss was suddenly the visible weasel that he always was and begged for his life, but the rage had taken over, the man pulled the trigger and killed first the two children, then the wife and as the boss saw that he had nothing left shuddered, he was not truly afraid for his life, and at that point the police came and shot the man, but not initially fatal and the man killed his boss. 

We suddenly move towards a plain, if it was a Tolkien story it would look like Mordor, and the man saw the boss and then an angel. The angel spoke “You two do not deserve in heaven and no mercy will do, but you have the option to get to heaven by going in that direction” pointing at a mountain the size which would make Mount Doom proud, the top will lead to a staircase to heaven. “Yet it is not a race, you can only get to heaven together or not at all” after which the angel flew away, the man looked around and saw a demon, he walked to the demon. The demon looked at the man, “the mountain is that-a-way”, the man considered for a second his option, then he looked at the demon again and spoke “If I do not go, he cannot go and he does not deserve to be in heaven ever, so, how can I serve you?

The price of greed can be higher than you ever considered. Have a fun Friday!


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