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Betrayal by greed

That was what I was considering today (and part of yesterday). You see I watch a stream sometimes, but not all the time. I am old school (really old in one way). You see I like (actually love) my physical formats. Games and movies. I started my collection a long time ago with CD’s and VHS cassettes (ask your grandfather if you do not know what those are). Over time some VHS were updated to DVD and some to Blue-ray. That I where I am now, but over time the game changed and that was not what I was ready for. Studios to some extent betraying their fans, I saw some of it earlier on and I considered it a dick move. How could any studio betray their fans? Now there are two settings, the first is outright betrayal for whatever reason. Consider that in most places Stargate Universe was never available on Blue-Ray. Consider the Expanse an amazing series, but as the series is now in season 6, yet the fans can only get the first 3 seasons. Why is that? Then is a second setting. The TV series Lucifer. Now they have a rather nasty experience. They needed a new way to continue and they found one and it ended with season 6, only now can they get seasons 4, 5 and 6, however only on DVD. Only the first three seasons are on
Blue-Ray. There is some understand here because Netflix acquired the series. But why short change your fans? I understand that Netflix does get a time exclusive, they acquired that right and I do not begrudge them anything. Yet after this time, who not release them now? It has been long enough. For that Disney has another setting, I am not sure how to react there. They have their series, they have also acquired Marvel (to some degree) and even as the movies can be bought, the series on Disney plus (Mandolorian, Wandavision et al) cannot. I never saw any of them , so I feel uncertain how to respond. Those fans might have their own feelings on this. But when you make the inventory on what is there and more important what is missing, we get a very different picture, one where corporate stages are set on greed. Now this is not new or some kind of revelation, but in movies it is somewhat unusual, especially towards their fans. So what happened to American Horror Story 1984? I get that season 10 is not out yer, but the last episode was in October 2021, so that is well over a year ago. For me? Well, I do believe that within the next two years, when 5G is not yet out everywhere there will be congestion and it will hit much harder than you think, the streamers will be hit as well and as businesses are now set to exploiting the benefits of 5G, these limitations will grow larger and larger, as such congestion will have a much more relentless impact. Should it not be an idea to avoid pressures as much as possible? Now, that does not mean that the studios should bank on losses, but The expanse ended season 6 a year ago, is it not time to release those seasons? What does the maker want to avoid? I reckon that those who do not have Amazon Prime might not get it anyway, so why make revenue the obstacle? I cannot tell how many buy them, but I feel certain I am not the only one, as for some releasing them only on DVD, all whilst previous seasons were on Blue-Ray? Shame on you!


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Step by step, closer it gets

This is a weird story. It is a story, there are no facts, there is no hidden gem. It started last night. In my dream I was introduced to a lovely lady with raven hair, she is mid 30’s I would guess. Khaki shorts, stern boots and a Bordeaux sweater with an image on it. She is the vet, her love of elephants keep her there. She looks after the health of about 2 dozen Indian elephants. All signs point to this being India. I do not know where and I have never seen the lady before. There is also a man, an architect who looks a lot like William Petersen (CSI). He is trying to safe a building. The building is almost 2000 years old and is for now still functional. The building is made of large stones, some well over a ton heavy. The building has paint on the inside, and the building is starting to become too unbalanced to stay standing. The building is an impressive setting of stones, beams and large thick wooden sticks that are the separator between elephants and people. The building has supported both for millennia. The architect is trying to safe the building. He has scanned every inch of the building, every stone. He can see and look at the effect of shoring the walls, and this is done with thick oak pillars. As he investigates the stones he starts seeing patterns, the pattern becomes more and more clear as he resets the stability of two stones. As the stones are resetting to a firmer floor (concrete) some of the stones are suddenly straight lines and the architect is able to move them a little, even the heavier ones are set on stone rails from the larger stones. It takes three weeks for the two stones to be completely reset and now as he cleans the other stones and places them where they should have been, the sides normally against one another reveal texts. It is a story in time as well as a message. As ‘Grissom’ collects the scanned pictures and adds them to every stone in the 3d model on his laptop the story unfolds. More important the message seems to be connected to places and landmarks that are timeless around him. As he completes the story and looking at all the stones the message becomes clear to him, but he does not understand the message at this point. The markers lead to a well just north of the town. They investigate the well, they see nothing, so they go in, under water they find their way around only to resurface in a dark place, but that changes when lights are switched on. It is a temple to Ganesha, the statue of Ganesha is pure gold. His eyes are massive rubies and as he maps the location, they appear to be exactly below the elephant building. He also see what happened. Something gave way and one of the huge pillars sank, causing what was happening above. The statue has a small table with emerald tablets engraved with Vedic Sanskrit. The text is unknown to  me, I cannot say what way on it, but there was a lot of writing on the three tablets. 

Interesting dream. It could set the tone to a new script. There were a few loose thoughts on baby elephants getting stolen, but it seems to erratic to focus on that. What matters is that I was able to think of new IP in an area I never considered thinking, so perhaps this is the making of a new game, or movie or mini series (I was always partial to mini series). 

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Creating a nightmare

Yes, we do that at times. I use different ways, but the nightmare that formed in my mind is one that I wasn’t ready for and it shaped in one dream. You see, in intelligence there is a saying. If you want to sell a lie, cover it in truth. This is true for them and it is also true for story writers. Getting the audience invested in the story requires a stage where they can relate to and whatever truths they are given, the ones they an verify will work a lot quicker for the story.

So it started with the second thing I heard, but to each its place. The first thing I saw, source not recalled, mainly because I did not give it any value was “The US and UK are supporting Ukraine to stay in the war, but not enough to win” I cannot say who or why and I do not think it is true, but it stayed in the back of my mind. It was the second part that gave it a swing. The statement comes from a Dutchman named Rob de Wijk. He is the founder of The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS). He stated “Hopefully unfounded wishful thinking about Ukraine’s chances will give way to more realism. This is necessary because the West faces a tremendous dilemma: the worse Ukraine gets, the greater the chance that NATO countries will become increasingly involved in the war. The risk of a direct confrontation with NATO is also increasing. The heavy weapons that the NATO countries will then need limit the possibilities of supplying them to Ukraine now. It is now forcing Western leaders to consider how to end this war quickly.” That started the rollercoaster. You see Russia and its Kremlin people have a new stage. With the oligarchs mostly gone and loads of their fortunes now confiscated, the sugar daddies of the Kremlin are falling away. It leaves these people with whatever they have and that is not much, or it is massively below what they are used to. Their defence is still falling short, their military aren’t hacking it and local problems are increasing. 

So there we have greed driven Kremlinski’s and their need for more money, so how long until some of them strike a much larger deal with the Russian Mafia? The Russian mafia gets all kinds of support, in exchange for money and creation of Chaos all over the America’s and Europe. I reckon we can wait for that ghost to hit the brains of too many people. Now that is not enough, you see we need a plan to strike back and there I remembered a book by John Gardner called Golgotha, it was also released as the last trump around 1980. I believe that is where the scriptwriters from the New Avengers (Steed, Gambit and Purdey) with the second episode being House of Cards. That and Golgotha gives a new approach to sleepers. Added are within the team a seminole, the comm members are seminole. They are mostly outside of the team and their Mikasuki members are un-hackable. Not unlike the Navajo’s in WW2. But the larger setting is that these are 6 teams. One in the US, one in Canada, one in the UK and the other three all over Europe. They are facing Russians who are blackmailing all kinds of industry giants and governmental officials. Housing scams, grifting the rich and connected and blackmailing them in the process. 

A setting where we have a counter, a Cheyenne approach to hit and run, something the Russian mafia has never faced and their orders are simple. Kill all Russians and destroy everything they have. A new lever of John Wick, but a little more realistic and within their actions we see Russian death and mayhem. I reckon that the first studio picking up this idea will have a nice sweet advantage. Anyway there is a little more but not much. I got all these elements in mere hours (whilst I was snoring like a sawmill). 

Consider that nightmare whilst you leave your house untended for the day.

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Wakey, wakey Amazon

I had an idea, it is not my IP, even though it might be possible to create an innovation patent. You see, the original idea came from Hans Breukhoven who in the Netherlands created the Free Record Store in the early 80’s (perhaps late 70’s). His idea was that you could request a CD, any CD and it would be created on the spot. It never came to anything, because data speeds were not ready for this. He had the insight when 300KB/s CD drives were regarded as high technology. The idea was good, but the timing was wrong. Today I wanted to see/get the movie StarGate, I had not seen it for a long time and even though I have it on DVD somewhere, the Blu-ray would be preferred. At that point my mind started to think. You see in the same way that Spotify is destroying the music industry. Netflix et al are doing pretty much the same to the movies (not intentionally mind you). People are stopping to care about physical formats and that is where it soon will be at. You see when congestion hits (and it will hit hard), people will rely on anything to see a movie and that is where physical formats will come into its own right again. In that same way console games are hitting new spots and even as this is not a short term track. A system that can create games, 4K movies and so on might have a real future in metropolitan areas. There will still be a need for games and movies on disc and having it in stock when it concerns new releases does make sense. But what about a movie from 2018 and before that? What about a game that is 2020 or earlier? This sets the premise of thousands of titles. Yet in this day and age shops cannot have it all, there is no space and moreover, the money becomes scarce in their pockets. So what if a store had such a machine? You can order, you can pay upfront of online and you get a voucher and the time when to pick it up and that is when you pick up YOUR request. Now it might be ordering, but soon (within 2 years) devices can burn a 4K movie in under 5 minutes and that is when the setting changes. No longer a stage of waiting for stock, just go to the store and get what you want and considering that the stage contains thousands of movies there will be a real market soon enough. I reckon that by the time we get to PS6 and whatever Microsoft has, these systems will have the burners and when you order overnight, the next morning a quality 4K movie will be waiting for you. Optionally you can keep it on an SSD so that you can watch within minutes and the disc is created overnight (home systems will not have the high speed burners that commercial places will have). 

A setting that could be here a lot sooner than we think and a man named Hans Breukhoven paved that way 30 years ago. By the way try finding some of your favourite movies, how many are still on the market? How many does Netflix (et al) have?

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As conditions changed

There is a movie, it was a movie that had impact. I was never in a military academy, but I do have military training, so the movie affected me in different ways. It was a good movie (any movie with George C Scott will become one) and it had Timothy Hutton from ordinary people. Tom Cruise is in it, but he was relatively unknown at the time. It might have been one of his first movies, before Legend and Risky Business.

But the movie was good (I thought it was), and it comes to mind that in this day and age (invasion of the Karens), the shift of values as well as the squandering of morality in the US there is actually a need to make a new version of it. Especially as we see Russian values move into every basement there is, the clear stage that some man will hold onto values is not too far out of place. I reckon that a movie like this in 2023/2024 could be a new start for a new generation of actors and actresses. In addition the changes that the military have faced over the last 4 decades might be an additional reason. There is actually no need to shoot this or base this on American settings. NATO an the EU would introduce a whole range of issues. The political field has changed from the rejection of military value to the embrace of its stability. There are plenty of reasons to do this, but a few to not do this either. It is more than a remaster, it has new storylines and new challenges. In all this the additional setting of an academy in shutdown could be seen as one of the main stories, but 4 decades have shown us that there is more. The gender setting has changed over 4 decades, as such this is not merely a male and a male led environment. The one part that I missed originally was the stage of why (really why) the shutdown was ordered. It was a little in the middle and now we could rectify it, or better stated, the filmmaker that takes up the gauntlet will be able to rectify it. A stage that launched Tom Cruise and Sean Penn is not something one should overlook and they did a lot more to stand out, but it was the beginning and TAPS excelled in a few ways, too bad it was never seen that way but there is hope that the new movie might also inspire the original to get more visibility.

Just a thought, do with it what you will. In the mean time, it is back to the drawing board. I just had a new idea for a video game. Perhaps I will be able to tell a lot more about it in tomorrows episode. 

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Yesterday’s news

Yup, that happens. We have a setting that involves the news, but it was yesterday. That was the quirky giggle I gave myself when I was alerted to ‘Ana de Armas fans told they can sue over Yesterday trailer’ (at I had no idea what it was about, but I was definitely curious at that point. So I had a gander at the BBC article. There we see “Two fans of the actress Ana de Armas filed a lawsuit in January after renting the 2019 film Yesterday. The actress was seen in the trailer, but the pair were disappointed to find she had been cut from the final film.” And moreover, the lost pounds (all three of them) results in “Woulfe and Rosza are seeking at least $5 million (£4.1m) from Universal in the case”, I believe it is a bit much, but that was decided. And if you think that this was the end of it. No no no no! There is more. 

It is the sad setting that I wanted to have some entertainment as well and I found it. You see, the events on the WIKI page are correct, yet Google gives us the image below.

The wrong information is handed to us by Google, so shame on you Papa Smurf (Sergey Brin), shame on you! And the giggle for me is that there is now at least ONE case where Wiki is more accurate than Google. Not a bad setting to start Christmas with. So anyone wanna guess how Google missed 6 billion in revenue that I did not miss? Well, still trying to collect on it though, which is a different task and a titanic one at that. I asked both Perses and Oceanus for advice, but they basically told me to fuck off (the greek equivalent is a lot less eloquent). 

Still, I found a little gem so I will enjoy my lamb stew a little more than I would have otherwise. So when ever you find something like this, enjoy the moment. The big techies can miss things too.

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Rescue James Gunn!

Yes, that is quite the order and lets be clear, there is no indication the man needs saving. Yet there is the case that he and his compadre (Peter Safran) need to create an entire DC universe. And for some reason something triggered. Not sure what triggered it, or how it got triggered. Yet the creative mind in me started to mull things over. In the first it was merely about the Green Lantern (not Ryan Reynolds shining moment), but then my mind wandered a little further. It went to the 70’s when I read some of those comics, a friend had them. And I remember a moment when there was someone else. I had to look it up, because it was decades ago and it was the character John Stewart. I remember one image (Black and White) and the phrase ‘Beware my light!’ 

It is all I had, but it was enough for my imaginative brain, the images of a darker, grittier Green lantern started to evolve. A story about human slavery and smuggling. You see, on a planet like this where people are abundant, one could assume that smuggling the ones no one cares about would be well established. We see this in episode Anne (Buffy season 3 episode 1) and that was not the first instance. But to set in motion a complete human trafficking ‘solution’ that also has a way to resolve it all over the place Green Lantern way is not the easiest task. There remains the ‘realism’ part of course. Yet the stage where Green Lantern needs to shine it light becomes a much larger task, and lets be clear If the two Black Panther movies clearly set out is that there is a market for African American super heroes. In this my initial vote goes to Donnell Whittenburg. He has the physique, he has the agility to do the stunts that a Green Lantern needs to do and he could pull them off without breaking a sweat. There are more people who can equal it, but that is up to the casting teams. I am merely fuelling the idea for a new DC avenue. I cannot say whether Donny is up to the task, or if he has skeletons in his closet (just going by the issues that DC faces with Ezra Miller), but one has to start somewhere. In all we might get to see a cameo with Saint Lively less saintly husband to hand over the torch, we all have to start somewhere and it fits the rules of continuation. 

From there we have the ’formulated’ parts, but I believe that throwing a ‘hero’ of the deep end in a place where he has no hope of resolving anything, to a stage where he could get into his own trouble. I remember a comic where Hal Jordan gets exposed to Venom (what makes Bane strong), what if it opens up the imagination of the new Green Lantern, after he has to do serious battle with himself? I also just learned that there was supposed (or will be) a series based on this Green Lantern. So I am not sure where that is, but as some say. Great minds work alike. In the age of contracting economies, we need to find fuel for all kettles to avoid the rapids, which will sink any ship. As such the idea has merit, but there are a few issues all over the place. No matter how we see it, sometimes we hope that there is a thought that gives someone else the idea that they could use it, entire economies grew on the idea of others. Tesla (screw Edison), Marconi, Martin Cooper, Tim Berners-Lee and the dapper duo of Sergey Brin and Larry Page to name but a few. Oh right, I forgot about the Zuckerberg dude. Still good ideas are where you find them and the focal point on the idea. The world is full of them if you only listen and look in the right direction.

Well, I leave it up to you to create the other 173 DC fiends and villains. Have a great Friday and enjoy the holiday season.

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Creating a sleuth

That is part of the challenge for me today. You see, when I started to build the blocks for Keno Diastima season three, I mentioned (yesterday) that the cold war was part of it, as was the Truman Doctrine. Yet we need to see past the point, see more than the point covers. As such we need to look at the events like a sleuth. There is a call here. When is it approaching Sleuth (with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier) and not Klute (with Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda)? You see, we can make the events fall both or either. So we have a person shot and the immediate witnesses call for one, all whilst the monitoring station would see another angle and when the image is completed we see that there were more parties available, as such the direct stage fails, it only works when these parties are the only ones there. But when we add two players we get a new premise. Why two? Is it because it worked or is it because it is the only way it could have worked? What if the second player is around because that is the only way the patsy would have fallen for it? Consider a child being the second party and it is merely there for the mother to spin the yarn and set up the patsy, because that is the only way the patsy would have fallen for the ruse. These elements matter when the game is not merely misdirection, but to set a stage where the reader will fall for it as well. We need to set a strong ruse, not merely for the parties involved, but one where the reader of the story falls for it as well. That was seemingly the element I have been dreaming of. 

There are a few methods and I am looking into that, but the entirety works even better if I employ another part and that would work better, as such the idea would become a larger stage and that is where I make the change to [spoiler deleted for future required part]. Yes, this might work too and it gives me a few additional options. The nice part is that I would not need to make alterations, I merely need to shape certain events to make it all fit better. The best murder I one where no one realises a murder has taken place. There is a satisfying need to watch the police walk over their own evidence scene. If murder is about evidence, than the best stage is where the authorities destroyed their own evidence in the process, n’est-ce pas?

It almost reflects on another premise I had years ago, but never used it. What if the assassin gets a law degree, not because he wants to be in law, but to make that person a better assassin? If the law rely on the rules of evidence, than a hitman would be willing to spend 2 semesters in law school to learn what drives these two parties (law and police) to gather evidence. It would not be enough, but it could show what to place where to make the scent go in another direction. In that same manner the BI specialist could be used to set the inquisitive foot of investor in other directions and there the stage of academics come into play. Their reliance on measuring is knowing becomes a new stage. What is measured and what do they know because of it? Now for some the Klute/Sleuth link becomes more clear and it matters. You see planning a political stage, not the one history teaches us (Truman Doctrine) but the stage that it offers in addition, that I where we need to go and planning for this requires more than a leap of faith, we need to make sure that ‘history’ supports that leap. If it does the entire chocolaty part of the lolly will be swallowed almost without question.

That was the part that kept me up and now that I know where to look, or better what to look for gives me a handle on how the story progresses next. So, as I see it season three of Keno Diastima might take a little more work than I figured on.

Have a great weekend, just two weeks until that end of year moment.

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Via pellegrino

Today at 13:45 I decided to go to the cinema. My budget doesn’t really allow for it, but I haven’t seen any cinema movies since Dr. Strange 2. At times we need to treat ourselves (and pay for it afterwards). I loved the first one, so I was really into seeing number 2. The critics are all over the field. A large cluster hates it, a large cluster loves it and I am in team 2. James Cameron was brilliant, not merely for the cinematography, but the story. The way it shapes is also magnificent. The early years of exploitation in whaling. The early years of exploitation by colonists in America. Not unlike the feelings you harbour for the Sioux in Dances with wolves, we all tend to side with the Na’vi on everything. The humans (sky people) are portrayed as exploitative conquistadors, not caring about balance, merely the bottom dollar. A little part of the brain is worth $80,000,000. The rest is garbage and it sets us up for anger and hatred. What was a beautiful looking planet is soon seen as destroyed soil, and that happens from the very beginning. So we do not seem to mind every human who is killed and we see to bleed for every Na’vi that gets wounded. It is a spectacle and it is a rollercoaster ride, but one we cherish every minute of the 192 minutes we see. I saw it in 3D and it was worth it, like the first, yet now in different ways we see that the 3D is not for the main course. It is most often the stage AROUND it and it makes for a magnificent vibe. There is of course more, yet the stage is not what we see, but it is the story and it is a story really well told, the images are icing on the cake and what a piece of icing!

In the end you have to make up your own mind and consider with every 1 star rating why it was given, I and hopefully you will side with the large group of 5 star views, the movie is well worth it. The movie actually started something else as well. You see, when I arrived and there was no one behind me, I ordered tickets for the movie ‘Via Pellegrino’, the poor cashier could not find the movie, but when she learned it meant ‘The way of water’ she caught on. You think it is lame, and perhaps it was. But at times these people deserve a little entertainment too. The thought however was still in the back of my mind throughout the film. You see I have been thinking on season 3 of Kenos Diastima. And this got me there. To see a little tip of the blanket lifted we need to consider the stage of the cold war. No matter how it started in 1947, at some point you will stop at the Truman Doctrine. You can see it how it is presented “support for democracies against authoritarian threats”, yet for me, the storyteller it becomes more and more about the military advisors versus the academic advisors and that is merely one side. For me it matters that I can wield that part in a larger stage and that would be the premise of season 3. It was the images that moved in the direction of the Conquistadors that started the view and that also enhanced the image of the VoC. You see, it was allegedly disbanded in 31 December 1799, but was it really? In our society we talk about the Gnomes of Zurich (banks), The network (technology) and the Discordian society (anti government), but we all forgot about the academics calling the shots. How did that happen? They have a lot of pull all over the place and they are trivialised. Up front now I am stating that I am not against academics, I have no ill will or negativity towards Dr Fauci. But our lives have been taken over in so many way by academics, it beckons the thought why we aren’t looking there? It is in part because the Truman doctrine is about something else, and there I found the idea to propel my views for season 3. I was just amazed that no one else had made that leap of faith. And there remains not one but two hidden banking players with global pull. The first is the Rothschild banking group, the second one is the VoC, the group that was made defunct on December 31st 1799, at that time the richest cartel based institution on the planet. Did you think that those billions evaporated? And yes, it was into billions, a lot more than the Rothschild had. And that doctrine also gets us to the Bilderberg meetings. A meeting of political leaders, experts, captains of industry, finance, and academia. The group we forgot, the academia. So yes, I think I have a fair idea now how to shape season 3 of that story.

Sometimes we get the idea from the corner we never saw in the first place. So the movie got me a little more, hip hip hurrah! Also today is the day that I produce my 100th story in succession within a limit of 24 hours. I already wrote over 2625 stories, but this is the first time I get 100 within a daily limit of 24 hours. A nice achievement. I might take it easy this weekend.

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The fickle entertainment industry

A few hours ago we were told that Henry Cavill will not return as Superman. The reason is not known to me. It was clear that he was eager and he did a magnificent role in Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and Justice League. We saw him twice in a little exit shot in two movies, Shazam and another one. I honestly was looking forward to Gerald of Rivia to return as the man of steel (another fine franchise with Henry Cavill). We can speculate all we want, but the DC stage is up to James Gunn and Peter Safran and they have quite the plan brewing (from other small clips), their world is a lot bigger than the man of steel, how it all fits together is unknown to me and after the initial news in October that Henry would return, the setback will suck for all the Cavill fans around and he has plenty of those all over the world.

So as the BBC (at gives us “Gunn and Safran took over DC Studios in late October, just after Cavill made a surprise appearance as the Man of Steel during the credits of the Dwayne Johnson film Black Adam”, with the added “Among those on the slate is Superman. In the initial stages, our story will be focusing on an earlier part of Superman’s life, so the character will not be played by Henry Cavill.” It makes sense that this is chosen, but that also does not rule out Cavill in a future Superman movie (but that is pure speculation from my side). I reckon that we will have to wait until the new year as we are given “we’ll be able to share some exciting information about our first projects at the beginning of the new year”, so I reckon that January is a month of DC revelations and with the hit that is Black Adam, it could go in directions we cannot yet tell, but there is every chance that the DC fans will go bug nuts when they get the actual information. No matter how this turns out, we still have 2023 with upcoming Argylle. And three other titles with release dates that are currently TBA. There is The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare, The Rosie Project and some Highlander reboot. So there will be no shortage of Cavill in the cinema. For the rest, no matter where he is, he remains a local boy supporting the Jersey Reds. 

So we get it plans change and the entertainment industry is fickle to say the least, but to change gears to this degree in a span of 6 weeks is a little harsh to anyone facing it, and I think he took it and responded like a champ.

For me? Well I was looking forward to the next Superman movie because I remember the comics (Death of Superman) and the follow on where Clark Kent was revived and ended up a lot more Kryptonian than Kevin Costner left him, so I was kinda looking forward to that comic sequence to become silver screen reality. Still, I will have to wait what the DC bosses have in mind for us. I cannot give you anything real or any facts, I have to wait what comes just like all of you. Still, the stage gave me a few ideas to pursue towards the stories I put on this blog. I have now a clear grasp of Keno Diastima season 3, but a few issues on how to fill in the story, still I could not resist to make NASA part of it. And with the peeking solution called the James Webb space telescope I can look in other directions as well. The mini series is still at a standstill. I did come up with one hell of a twist ending, but there are a few other sides to it all, what we cannot see and what we were told (in school) are different settings and it gave me a few ideas. I’ll tell you soon how it pans out and there is a few more items on the shelf, I have not forgotten them, merely taking my time to consider the story on how it should (or could) evolve and that is the issue down the line. I have three plot lines running into season 3 and 4, and I am still looking at season 2. The stage that becomes the beginning of season 3 needs more ‘umph’, I cannot describe it any other way. The danger of any story written is that it has the danger of becoming too linear and I am trying to avoid that. Such is life. Time to snore and time to prepare for tomorrows challenge. 

Have fun all!

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