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Merge and collide

This is not some excerpt from facts, this is a story and it is very dark. It started when my mind created a new sled for cripples to go down mountains. Steering, braking system, comfort and a few other matters were completed when my mind turned sharply to the right. The voice that was inside me and it kept on telling me to go to Canada or New Zealand was rearing its ugly (and this time loud) head. New Zealand has nothing to captivate me, I do not mean that in any negative way. But the mind settled on the setting that I could finalise my life stating that I survived the Nuclear holocaust through bluff (Kiwi’s will get this). The mind wanders and the mind fills in the blanks. I like Canada, because I like Canada and the one woman that captivates my heart could be happy there (if she likes winter sports). But it is too soon for that and whilst we dream the impossible dreams, we also hinder ourselves by focussing too hard on one side and ignoring the other. We all do that, we all have that flaw and I am no exception to that rule. 

So the stage is painted, but what caused the selection of colours? For that we need to take a look at the BBC. The article that they gave us 3 hours ago (at telling us ‘Russia promises Belarus Iskander-M nuclear-capable missiles’ as such we need to consider John Wagner (writer), Carlos Ezquerra (artist), and Pat Mills (editor) created Judge Dredd, there they set in motion a person (megalomaniac) like Judge Cal who created Judge Fish, a silent partner (literally) in all his decisions. 

That is how I see the stage of Vladimir Putin (Italians name him Don Putana of Russia for some unknown reason) and the new real life version of Judge Fish ‘Aleksandr Lukashenko’. You see, this is how Vladimir Putin gets his win, he will let Belarussia ‘accidently’ fire one off and then he will deescalate whatever he can and how quickly has can, but the target hit (somewhere in Western Europe) will be done for. Hundred of thousands of dead, deceased and suffering beyond all measure. Putin will get his win, the bitches at Strasbourg will suddenly seem important with diplomacy hindering the anger of people a lot more and that will be almost the end of it.

You see the world will go nuts, quite literally so and any oligarch out of Russia will be hunted down, their riches annexed, no matter what excuse they have. I reckon that zero tax places (like the UAE) will feel safer letting them go and claiming whatever wealth they took with them, including boats, houses and portable wealth. It might seem like some win, but it will be the most bitter of all wins and it will last us generations and nearly all people on the planet will see the Russian population as the curse of mankind. As I see it 2022 is the year it all went sour for way too many people. The Vatican will hide behind “Anno 2022 Deum rogamus quaerere victimas per stultitiam creatas.” After which they will close the doors to ‘protect’ the christian treasures of mind, soul and body. The Oligarchs will only have Russia to flee to and there will be nothing for them there, because money talks and they will have nothing left. The disciples of Putin will be hunted and haunted and anyone in league with the current administration will face the dangers the Russian people have faced for decades and now it comes for them too. 

That is what my mind drew and it might be fiction, it might be a story but in all this places like Canada and New Zealand beckon, and beside the joy of winter sports I cannot find another reason, well, I can but that would be too dark for this place and you might figure it out yourself. In all this when this goes bad Belorussia will cease to exist, it will be split over Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine. Aleksandr Lukashenko will flee to Russia and the Russians will throw him in a luxury Lubyanka room 3 by 4 meters with carpets and books and state that the criminal has been done with.  In the end the one guilty player will get away free, and the pussies at Strasbourg will make him an ‘untouchable’ diplomatic example and Vladimir Putin will have won his Nuclear encounter with the west and with America. That is the future of this story. 

Are you happy now? Enjoy Sunday!

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Where the wind blows

It seems simple enough, yet the stage of the blowing wind was for most of the day in my mind and I did not know why. It was when I sat down when the image occurred. I wrote about the arcane houses. They are:

  • the Floating house (water)
  • House of Chimes (wind)
  • Monks of the Sulphur Cave (fire)
  • House of Bones (earth)

Yet in all this, how do they recharge? They can recharge slowly (like a point per minute), yet if we add elemental points like resting in water, swimming or in a shower the water element will got +10 a minute, when we add 1-2 elements (discussed later we can add factor 2 or 3. Wind is found in any strong, but also a wind-weave, fire by the fire and earth resting on the ground (directly), so you sleep less comfortable. You see, it is nice that Bethesda had their potions, but I wanted change. And this is how I get it. So when we see the direct approach, we could see a wet scarf or hoodie give us factor 2 for wind mana, we could swim, we could walk in the rain and we could wash for factor 3, so 33 per minute recharge. And we might need up to 1200 of mana recharged, so this is not immediate or direct, but consider that from a water source, you can recharge whilst you fight. Wind is direct and more powerful in windy place, but that is not the case in a cave, or at times in a ruin. But if we have a webbed weave we get more out of what is around, then there is a wind chime which is noisy but gets us factor 3 and when we get to 45 per minute, we can gain strength fast. Fire, torches are direct sources for the monks of the sulphur cave, but to illuminate that, we could get a necklace or ring made from sulphur and when touch it to fire we can really light up the tally. Earth is the hardest until you make a cloak of the death, a cloak made with ground bones. It protects, conceals and gives you factor 3 like that. It was the parts I had not considered and the arcane has its own rules and it could develop into something more, remember you will only be a member of one house, but then there is the generation gap, so the next generation might inherit some of the previous one. All set to a now larger station. 

An RPG path now developing in places we have not seen before because Bethesda adhered to you can do it all and my game needs to be generations larger, as such other limitations come into play. But it will be something that is new, not seen before and showing Bethesda the short end of the Microsoft stick is just a little too appealing. So here we go and for my next trick (soon to be released) there will be a setting of setting of discrimination, because the cogs have not experienced religion and that too needs to be addressed and they need to interact, or anti-interact with arcane houses, so wish me luck (I will need it) to set the next bit to paper. 

Have a great Saturday 

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What the NSA overlooked

OK, it is not only them, or at least I think they overlooked it. You see, about 25 years ago I stumbled upon something. A person of (alleged) Russian origin had an encryption method that allowed out in the open messaging that remained hidden. He used a BBS system for this. I merely by accident stumbled upon it as I was looking for a file to use in an article and I think it was an image of the Kremlin (or one of those buildings on that square). I found it because I was playing with PhotoPaint to show people a few tricks in that program. So as I was looking I noticed something odd, at first I thought I had done something wrong, but after a few attempts I noticed something off. It was easy to see because my origin was in Merchant Navy, many others would have ignored it, and in addition, the man used a setting too strong, or compared to today, he used too strong a grade.

Look at the first example. It is easy to see as I used a complementary colour. 

So we can easily see what is going on. Yet there is another method

In this example we are using 2 layers and we can use 2 colours. The layers are CMYK, here we have one restraint, for some reason it does not work as good when we use Cyan (no idea why), black we cannot touch, but Yellow and Magenta we can. Now we need to make it clear in another way what the offset is. I tend to use the 2 points, but it can be anything from 1-6. So if the code for magenta is #FF00FF, I have that one and #FF00FD, the brain and eyes cannot differentiate, the computer can and here we have a nice way to remain hidden. For Yellow we have #FFFF00 and #FFFF02, and if we complete the image no one is the wiser, and if we know the offset (I tend to use the same offset for both colours) we can decrypt it decently easy too. Combined the image is so perfect that no one will see it. I also learned that straight lines when overlapping tended to make the code pop up too easily, or better stated the straight lines were broken due to the CMYK offset and this came to a solution in the simplest of ways. The naked lady has no straight lines and if there was a straight line, the people would be focussing on something entirely different (what a surprise). 

So why am I telling you this? Well as my health diminishes too few players would be able to vie for my IP and it is safely on 4Chen the release date is at present September 30th, If I do not make it a dozen mails to certain people and certain forums will be released. Yet as I see it the pool of people who would have a clue is slightly too small, as such I am placing the first clue here, hoping to enlarge the pool.

It will still be a puzzle to find the images and there is one other place where straight lines are seldom found. In addition, when the codes are correctly decrypted a set of three images and around 30 sets will give you billions in IP, or at least it is my claim that it will be worth billions. It is all up to you, I am too tired and that is the steeple chase. And the fun part is that the images have been there for months, per set all uploaded at different days using a fake ID, an asian ID no less (thanks to a friend I used to know at Uni). My only wish is that it will not be found by some Microsoft Dodo, but that is the risk I am willing to take. 

Frank Herbert once stated (in 1965) “He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing”, there is truth in that and I made the setting that if I leave it to public domain the larger corporations will stay away and the individuals get a fair shake for a change. A stage often overlooked but that is the nice thing about creation, it could foster new innovators, I can only hope that this will be the case here too.

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Is it IP? Is it not?

This is a story in parts, so lets begin with the introduction. In the old days (90’s) a company named SPSS (now part of IBM) came with a product called Answertree. It set the premise that Direct Marketing companies could either mail more or mail more clever. Th program allowed for the second part. So normally to get 15% more, you would have to mail 25% more, yet what happens when you get that result mailing 10% less? The system allowed for looking at the population you had, the population that responded and the two allowed you to see a tree, a tree with branches and connections. Soon you would see where to prune the tree, the parts that were not worth the squeeze wee pruned away and as you continue to prune this tree, you got a decent set of elements that were profitable. You learned that some elements are essential and others were not, you had a set of parameters to work with and in the old days you had 3.2% response, you got a new set where you only set out a mailing that was 80% of the first size and now you had a 6.8% response, it as clever mailing.

This reflects on Netflix and their ‘Netflix To Spend $17B On Content In 2021’, so what will they do in 2022, in 2023? That is the setting and there we get a new stage. What can be reused and what needs a rewrite, two settings that are still a lot cheaper than creating from scratch.

Today I was thinking of an old hero. A Dutch actor named Joop Doderer. Those from my generation and the previous generation will all know him if they spend months in the Netherlands between 1955 and 1975. Joop gave view to the vagrant ‘Swiebertje’ and in those years there was not a Dutch person who did not know that name, a branding that could now not be matched by the Game of Thrones. As such I kept eyes on his work and knowing he was in something always brought a smile to my face. That is until today when I learned that there was one movie I actually never saw. In it were also Derek Jacobi, John Gielgud, and Richard Attenborough so several reasons to know this movie, and I missed it. It was The Human Factor (1979), the story was by Graham Greene all good reasons, and that is one side.

The next part is the view on intelligence. You see in this day and age there is practically no difference between state players and corporate players. Do you think that a fictive player like Zoogle will rely on the FBI to keep their AI safe? 

Business Intelligence is no longer simple data analyses, it has not been that for years. Now we get 

1. planning, 
2. identifying decision makers’s intelligence needs, 
3. collecting and analysing information, 
4. disseminating intelligence products and services, 
5. evaluating intelligence activities, 
6. promoting intelligence services among a client base,
7. additional industry-specific issues. 

Competitive Intelligence Division members concentrate on developing their competitive intelligence skills to assist them in functioning more effectively as intelligence professionals within their respective organisations. Combine these two elements and you could have the making of one hell of a killer thriller. You see we know that places have traitors, and nationally seen it is to black and white. I know as an Australian I am still bound to an oath to the Dutch Royal family, this oath stays in place until the day I die. As such I have no issues (and never had any) regarding the execution of a traitor. And there is a part I left out, you see, the Traitor Manning did something far worse, I saw it and some others saw it, but the bulk missed it, and that is good, because it links to all this.

Yet in the corporate stage this is a lot more grey, there is no white which is merely less dark grey and black which is merely less light grey and at that point the story could go in all kinds of directions. The good part is that the foundation written by Graham Greene is top notch and that quality of material should not be left to waste. 

Part 2
This is not directly related. I was watching  remake of the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’. In it I saw Jack Quaid (the dude from the Boys) and his love interest Erin Moriarty, so I looked up what I could in case the hit was connected to season 3 somehow (it is not). I also learned that his dad was the Astronaut wannabe Dennis Quaid from the movie InnerSpace. You know the movie where he tries to get to the girlfriend of Martin Short (Meg Ryan). OK, I took some creative liberties here, but lets be honest, Jack could have been the son from that pilot from Independence day named Randy Quaid. But he is not and these elements all play because I suddenly remembered another gem by daddy Quaid. It was D.O.A. I never saw the original so this was what I had and consider that story, same premise but the poisoning is clear and in the beginning, and Jack needs to find out who robbed the IP of a place like Zoogle before the toxins overwhelm him (they all think he did it). As such we see a steeple chase of events where we see more grades of grey and in the end as he dies, we see that it was his lady who switches the ring with a duplicate and walks off towards the competition. Under the ember was a reflective side making a minuscule chip invisible and the chip fits into a holder showing billions in IP, and the two movies are connected by a hand with one small element (like a pearl bracelet) which we do not see until the final moment in movie two. Two good movies that become great as each population will entice each other to see the other movie. So each movie is no longer seen a X and Y but as 2*(X+Y), a nice little bonus is it not?

And it seems like the players in stream land are not seeing that, they are not seeing the benefit of remaking a good movie (regardless of revenue) and remastering it to the setting we see today, the corporations are all in their own right governments and we all seem to dance around that. Oh and there is a reason for the prune story, but that is something you will have to work out, life is just not rewarding without a decent challenge.

It bears thinking, does it not?

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What next?

That is the question that is within me. I designed the IP for games, for TV series, for movies, new marketing concepts and execution of new marketing methods in 5G, I created ulterior ways to engage with audiences and all this in ways that others ignored because it did not relate to their setting of ““The supreme art of profit is to gain profit without cost” “If you know the final cost and profit, you need not fear the result of 100 investments” If you know the profit but do not know the cost, for every profitable endeavour achieved one will fail.”” I wrote this in ‘Economic arrogance of Achieving’ (at on April 16th 2022. That setting is the foundation of too many places and as such I ended up with well over a dozen pieces of IP, almost 2 dozen when I consider the 8 pieces I created in the last week. These places are ‘lauded’ by business sense, yet the truth of the matter is that new innovation does not adhere to business sense, yes the execution of the IP requires business sense, but the creation does not and tends to be expensive, as such my IP was a bargain, because I merely needed to look where no one else was looking. It was how ‘my’ version of something like Facebook was created 4 years before there was a Facebook, but I was stupid, I listened to bosses who stated that there was no business sense in that. They all driven by some mission statement. The largest folly of all time. 

So now I listen to none of them and here I am (not in a better place) but with dozens of IP that become public domain on September 30th on 4Chan. And the nice part is that the months it was already there, the winging of wannabe entrepreneurs are silenced. They can no longer make claims, the evidence was out there for months, they were merely not clever enough.

So, whats next for me? Well, I have set the larger stage of both ‘Kenos Diastima’, which I have decided ends with an open ending at the end of Season 3. That might change, but I lack the inspiration at present and the story is decently contained, there is the closing of a story, one with an open ending. When it comes to ‘Residuam Vitam’ there are still a few items, but the twist, the end and the scheme is as I see it in place. A story for the greatness of Lord Hades, a story no Greek ever told and that is the foundation of success? I am not sure but not all tragedies are Greek, that has always been the case, as such it is mere tweaking and adjusting. The third IP bundle was the hardest, the reason being that there are risks, risks I cannot dimensionalise and that bothered me for a while, but was it is part of the first bundle, I largely do not care. No one else is going this way and whilst those wanting millions by “The supreme art of profit is to gain profit without cost” are missing out as I am making a small slice of billions by ignoring that stage and it is on them for their shortsightedness. You see my grannie told me ‘You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs’, a rule that makes much more sense than the altered Sun Tzu one. And now as the setting of shortages continue all over the world, and as they are setting the stage of shortages because they never considered hedging ones bets in a tranquil stage of balance. So as I see shortages all over the place, all whilst I see that the larger setting of decent pay is ignored, I wonder how many more are driven by the folly of “The supreme art of profit is to gain profit without cost”. Is that why I have the IP and others do not? I wonder if that is the only cause. You see, there are all kinds of people out there who see what I see, so why are they not out there, they might be. I just do not know, what I do know is that the IP I have is not out there, but soon it will be and at that point I wonder how BigTech and wannabe’s will be screaming ‘foul’. They will demand some form of compensation on the loses they have, but they cannot prove that the registrations were done at some point, this is why it is out there on 4Chan, so that there is a timeline and those who want to demand their slice will come up short. I rather have nothing than allow those wankers to get a slice because they were too stupid to wake up. He who can destroy a thing controls a thing. Herbert stated that in Dune (1965), it is not new, it is a proven concept and it has been out there for over 55 years. Yet I feel I am not done yet. I set some games, but I want to set a new dimension in gaming in the streaming game industry. I have some parts worked out, yet not all parts and this is not about a franchise, it is about a few games (I wrote about them before) to set the stage for people to consider streaming games and for the streamers to take development of their games seriously (especially Google). However there is nothing wrong with Amazon being the number one here. All stations that are on my mind, yet the bran still screams ‘What’s next?’ And the reason alludes me for now. All that IP (as well as two optional weapon systems) is making me wonder how delusional am I? It is an important question, the person not asking himself that question is the person who fails first, it is essential in critical thinking, one must be the devils advocate (he is allegedly represented by Wolfram & Hart, a law firm in Los Angeles). It is important to see failure around every corner. It helps to focus ones self and see if there are weaknesses in ones IP.

The benefit is that you test your IP again and again, the negative there seems to be an unbalanced amount of doubt on yourself in this way. Everything has checks and balances. That is how the world turns and as the greying of a population happens in the work environment, that shortness of vision is only getting stronger.

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The ideas that create

That is a question and partially its own answer. A few different settings overflowed into me and it gave me the idea for a new series. I am not going to write it, but if someone can do something with this idea, go for it. It all started as I was watching the new Jurassic movie. It was fun, not great, but fun. It was not the story, not the acting. It is perhaps the setting of a 6th movie in the series. I reckon Isabella Sermon had the most fun being the opposing teenager. For some reason the answer to a riddle (a juvenile one) hindered my thoughts. The dinosaur ‘Lickalottapuss’. Not sure it is connected, but it was in my mind, so I mention it. As all this was happening. I considered what if in 1197 a knight of the Teutonic order saved the wrong person, not merely q person he could not save, but as such an Afreet became part of him. He leaves the order after his service and whilst he realises that he is not ageing as he should. He travels the middle east, trying to make sense of it all, all whilst a captured afreet is within him trying to make sense of the world he is in now. An afreet and his 850 year journey from the knight that basically saved him and then from first born son to first born son, century after century. And after 1965 he feels that he has gathered so much knowledge that he can make a difference. 

Yet, what if this afreet is not pure malevolence? What if he merely is trying to make sense of it all and the 850 years allowed him to do just that. What if any person has 23 generations of knowledge, not merely know where the skeletons are, but where some buried the bodies, precisely where they are. And that could make for an interesting view on what was and what could be.

A simple Teutonic order knight that evolves into a much larger setting. One where we can see the larger wheels in place. So what happens when the push of rage is taken from a demon? What happens when knowledge becomes its oyster? We are all about what is good and what is bad, but we forget what we can change and that good and evil are not polarised, merely harsh to change and knowledge is the first beacon of change. 

In that stage we have stages all over the world where this could apply. It is merely an idea, but I offer it freely to the one who can make something from this.Well that is my good deed for this century, next good deed June 14th 2122. Enjoy!

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A royal nuisance

The day started so nice. I was about to give more IP to the world and then Vladimir Putin decided to play to play the Russian megalomaniac on the dramatic chords of Ivan the terrible. So I decided to have a little fun of my own. The Guardian (at where we are given “Vladimir Putin has compared himself to the 18th-century Russian tsar Peter the Great, drawing a parallel between what he portrayed as their twin historic quests to win back Russian lands.” Really? Perhaps he does not remember Peter (or Pjotr as we called him) in a town called Schiedam (Netherlands) he learned shipping there and lets be honest, he learned well. That needs to be said upfront. But he learned from the likes of me and now it is my turn. It started this on February 27th 2022 where I introduced the Kraken Torpedo. In the mean time I have come up with a launching system that can drop it with canister and all from a plane, we merely need to know where it is and that technology already exists. 64 Kraken torpedo’s to counter the 64 submarines the Russian navy has and that is all they have. You see the Kraken is guided but does not explode. It dives to the depth and approaches the submarine, two rings with a glue that is a mix of the adhesiveness of a gecko and a Barnacle. The ring attaches to the submarine and then something happens. The front ring grows making the torpedo stand out. At that point the cables (3-4) having a hook releases and as the submarine moves at some point the hook gets to the propeller and thats when chaos kicks in. In seconds the propeller take in the cables like an Italian devours spaghetti. And when the cable ends the propeller rips up the torpedo and the inner core comes out. Racing to the propeller the sticky end of this torpedo hits the end full on and the sticky part will be all over the rudders locking them in place. The sticky part will get on the shaft making propulsion harder and harder and there is no getting out of that mess without months in dry-dock. There are still a few dings, dangs and Knicks to work out. But a simple method to incapacitate a submarine (64 times), so where is Pjotr now? Dead like all the others and after the Ukraine failures, this simple solution ends the madness of Putin the not so great. I wanted peace and quiet. 

So now the score is 

Lawlordtobe – D.A.R.P.A. 2-0 (aka nil, zip, nada)

So here is the idea, D.A.R.P.A gets Amazon to buy my IP (so they can get the Amazon Military bonus and I can retire) and they get this idea for free (and I’ll throw in my stealth system to sink the Iranian navy in there). Basically it would be a freebee for DARPA, but I did give my idea of sinking Iranians to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You see, inaction and Iran does not sit well with me and you guys have been too inactive when it came to Iran. Oh and there is a crazy thought. That idea might work on the Russians too. Consider a place like Arkhangelsk harbour being inaccessible for up to a year or two, where would their navy refuel? 

As such one crazy person with imagination (me) got a little more done than one organisation (at 675 North Randolph St.) with the 241 employees all over the place. Two navies? I should be getting medals (as well as coffee with a toasted blueberry muffin) Let it never be known that I work for free and charity, we work for the cherished bliss of coffee!

It makes me a royal nuisance, but you know, I have to keep busy one way or another.

Have a fun day!

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Creating cohesion

It is the duty of any creator to set the premise of ‘whole’, it is cohesion. The better the cohesion the longer the life of what is created. So far there is no issue. Yet in this day and age where can one create a system of cohesion? Microsoft is perhaps the best example of failure, yet they too had their moments of cohesion. Microsoft Office is clear evidence of that. The surface (or pro) is not. Apple created cohesion and it did so in an amazing way with the iPad. It has some shelf life yet the setting according to several people is “Without a keyboard the Surface Pro is really just a nice, and expensive, tablet.” A keyboard created to some extent the cohesion for a tablet. From version 2 till version 8, a massive currency wave of destabilisation. Apple has the iPad which lasted some a decade, now it has an ‘air’ label. The Verge (at gives us ‘APPLE IPAD AIR (2022) REVIEW: IT’S THE NICE ONE’ and that is it, Microsoft lost most of its cohesion overnight there and a keyboard will not save it. Cohesion in IP is close to everything. If you do not have a cornerstone from the very beginning you basically have nothing. That is how Microsoft lost the Surface war to Apple, the cloud war to Amazon, the console war to Sony and soon streamers too (Google and Amazon) and their one cornerstone (Office) which was iterated again and again is now a behemoth of applications and none of them can maintain the cohesion they once had. Optionally losing to Adobe, Google and Apple. All three with its own levels of cohesion. Adobe has the presentation and display edge, Google has the Free edge and therefor the easiest way of creating cohesion, that same option has Apple on its own devices. The two elements that Microsoft has (at present) is Excel, it is a true behemoth of cohesion and PowerPoint which is losing cohesion fast. One element they could not control. Meta was an unknown and it will sink its teeth in the cohesion that was once PowerPoint. It enables Adobe in a few ways, but it is the lack of innovation and the idea I am floating towards Google will enable Google to cut into PowerPoint to a much larger degree. PowerPoint will suffer there is no other way for it, it is the price of absent innovation. Real innovation! Not the innovation that Microsoft marketing claims it is. And my idea that evolved in mere hours will enable that course.

So only Excel remains. And yes there is no real way to counter it, Google does not have what it takes, Adobe does not have what it takes and neither does Apple. One element that defines the Microsoft office population. Cohesion was everything and it is most likely the only place where Microsoft has a serious amount of cohesion. And the Microsoft chihuahua can yap all it wants, I am not putting that IP here. Handing it over to Google for free (well almost) is just too rewarding and it will carry towards my other IP. You see, it is a way to create cohesion. To show the other where you (Microsoft) failed and illustrating it in simple ways. That is what marketing forgets, spin only gos so far, after that it is anyones game. Just like the Toronto Eaton Centre showed me clearly how malls will fail until they create true engagement with its audience, a setting that was made abundantly clear by players like Omnicom and TRO. It took me a few hours to create 8 pieces of IP. OK, granted only one is mostly mine, the other 7 are innovative patents now waiting to happen. And as you wonder what one has to do with the other the simple truth pushes forward there is a clear correlation and a clear connection between creating engagement and creating cohesion. Getting the people involved is how you get there, not capturing there data Mr Horton, also known as the new version of Horton hears a what? Yes, the Dr Seuss jokes are coming to town too. There lies the rub, Dr Seuss created cohesion with its readers, it was eccentric but it is there. That is what was needed, not the data.

Cohesion is often seen as unity through sameness (like water), so you can create unity, but that defats the purpose of engagement or you can relate to gel (like the gecko) and stick to anything and that is actually the most interesting kind. In my case it allowed me to create (in my mind) the Kraken torpedo (on February 27th) it does not destroy a submarine, it incapacitates it. It was adhesion not cohesion that created one, but both have similar paths and there we have the second key. Engagement is found in getting differences to work together or at least work in the same direction and form a new or structurally sound unity of differences. Some see it as a form of team building and it is, but it is not really the same. In a team the 11 elements (like football) all work towards the same goal (pun intended). In engagement we get 11 people to work in a similar directions according to their personal needs and desires. The engaging party will hope that they all move in their direction but it s not a given. More importantly, the individual scores are essential for the engager to find out if they are in a place to create cohesion and that is not the same, but the results could be stronger, a lot stronger. That is why engagement with your audience is essential in places like malls, or user requirements in software (games included) the latter part seems easier but it has its own challenges. That one element is what I think Microsoft forgot about and now that they lost cohesion and adhesion is not something they can rely on, that is the point where Adobe, Apple and Google can take over and carve the carcass (Microsoft Office) up. And it will happen until there is merely Excel left. When they find a way to overcome that too Microsoft will be done for. From Windows 95 it took 30 years for the cohesion to stop and we are almost there, what replaces it is anyones guess, perhaps some will grow up and see that there is no one ruler, it will be about personal preference. It might be that Adobe, Apple, and Google will work together and let the people decide what they like best. It might be the best path to create new instances of strong cohesion, but in the end it will be anyones guess. It is my personal view that Microsoft wanted to be everywhere and ended nowhere. I think it was better stated in Suckerpunch (2011) “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” I do not care either way Microsoft tried to bully gamers and one gamer (me) got mad and created options to cut them down to size. And the evidence was all over the place and it was evidence that was not created by me, marketing people a lot more clever than me set these tones. I merely used that springboard to set a new generation of adhesive cohesion through IP and I am not nearly done yet. The Victoria Secrets idea (read the articles of last week) is taking root in a few other places too. All based on evolved existing IP. 

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Too cheap?

It is not a statement, it is a question. I started to ask myself this when I had a deeper conversation with one of the people I actually trust. I have mentioned it here before that I have certain IP for sale. The parties are Google, Amazon, Huawei (Tencent) and I added Elon Musk (that man can turn good ideas to gold). The initial stage was that thee was an idea that allowed Google (Stadia) and Amazon (Luna) to sell in excess of 50,000,000 consoles. Yet it was a low estimate. I believe it to be well in excess of 75,000,000 consoles. In the mean time Netflix has entered the field and even as they have nothing to really bring to the table, it seems that these three are not to serious about their streamers, but somehow Tencent seemingly is? And that started the exploration conversation that my idea was too cheap. Was it? You see the second pay cycle gets me 10% of the IP and sales value, so the second payment would be massive and the first one left me without worries, so why ask for more? I am not a teenager with the dream to have lusty gorgeous 20 year old ladies doing a balancing act on mr John Thomas every day, well not anymore that was decades ago. 

I now look towards a relaxed retirement and whatever comes with that. As such I created three IP bundles which (after some serious travel) received the automated release date on September 30th on 4Chan. An encrypted solution that was innovative and something a player like the NSA could not counter on 4Chan, not with that amount of images. As such no computer I touch will ever go near it, I merely have to wait for a clever person to figure it out and once released it all becomes public domain, a stage no one can counter, no one can make claims at present as they played their own silly games. A stage where ONE title puts the streamers on par with the larger consoles, straight in a temporary second place and that is on my numbers. If the numbers increase (which has a decent chance of happening) that console will stay in second place with an option to get pole position.  A stage Sony NEVER faced before, and this is not against Sony, I love my Playstation (yes, I need help). 

So here I was trying to convince my friend the simple setting that enough is enough. Why go greed driven for numbers that are too weird to my universe? And of course that station is rejected because if everyone else is greed driven, I have to be greed driven too. Yet when greed overwhelms you, you forget the sight of things. I created 8 parts of IP, I got there by looking around, not by looking after greed and that was merely the starting stage. I understood but never accepted ‘Greed is good’ (Wall Street, the movie), although that sentiment lives strongly on Wall Street as well. Yet in my setting what have they missed so far? Over the last year I have shown all kinds of IP (some open and public), but these ideas should have been in the hands of BigTech. At least one of them at least a decade, but greed is limiting their view and I am showing others this again and again. Yet, for some reason they are not catching on. So whilst they slap each other on the back billions elude them. There is now a chance that the third IP bundle is gaining mass and therefor value, I still thought that 2.6 billion was a little high, and there are risks that I cannot foresee, but looking deeper some might state that my estimate is too low. Is it? If I end up with 5% of 2 billion I will not complain, but the IP is now estimated at 2.6 billion and will optionally be higher. So is the estimate too cheap, am I delusionally too cheap or is the truth of the matter somewhere else. The issue almost came to blow as I looked at the Twitter issues (yesterday) where some are ignoring what is out in the open, what else are they missing? It becomes a much larger station when players like Forbes give us ‘Local News Losing Billions In Revenue Each Year From Digital Media Giants’ (at where we see “Local TV news continues to be a trustworthy and primary source to millions of viewers. This connection with the community and trust has been important, never more so than during the pandemic when local TV news reported strong ratings growth (although with the economic slowdown ad revenue was sluggish).” It is the added “A recent research analysis from BIA Advisory Services and commissioned by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), entitled Economic Impact of Big Tech Platforms on the Viability of Local Broadcast News, reported that local TV newscasts lose an estimated $1.873 billion each year from Google Search and Facebook News Feeds.” It gave me the the following parts.

  1. What is local news? Honestly, the news tends to be Fox, CNN, BBC and a few others and they are global. More important they ALL trivialised the Twitter numbers.
  2. This gets us to number two. Trustworthy is merely an 11 letter word that has less and less value in media and in filtered information (news that is approved by media shareholders and stakeholders). 
  3. So who places news on Facebook? I placed images from several sources, they are not news items, they are deceptively placed forms of advertisers placed BY the media themselves. 

A setting that goes on and on, so what numbers if Forbes bitching about and more important. When we look at some research instigated by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) I feel certain that I will find a whole range of issues. Painting the street in the colour of preference has consequences, yet Forbes is not too hassled on that are they?

As such where we are given “Whereas, ad dollars for local television are projected to be flat in the years ahead, digital media are forecast for year-over-year percent double-digit gains in ad spend.” It was a greed driven setting where local advertise systems ruined the market on greed, and when Google launched a true fair system the people en mass moved there. After decades to be given a real number was overwhelmingly interesting to advertisers, and now they all cry foul, all destroyed by their own greed and the Twitter setting merely echoes that. So why would I join those losers? I might not end with anything, it might just become public domain, but if I won’t get it, the greed driven will not either and when it comes out in months and they all come with “I could have gotten you soooo much” I can reply, so why didn’t you? It is the defeating move to the greed driven, to see them end with nothing, the sweetest victory of all. 

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The presentation will begin in one line

Yes, here we are one line further. In the recent past I gave rise to an innovation in presentation software that could bring a whole lot of trouble to Microsoft. They will be in denial, making all kinds of claims. Yet the foundation of worry (for Microsoft) remains. Even as I wanted to keep it exclusively for Adobe, I am not in contact with them and then it hit me. The solution could work with Google Slides as well. They are not yet as sophisticated as anything Adobe has, but to outstrip Microsoft might be a nice alternative. The idea that a free program could be enhanced so that Microsoft could lose up to 24% of their foundational corner is appealing (to me). If I get to pull it off, the station of Google Slides and optionally Apple Keynote could see a much larger pull and people will move away from Microsoft. We see Unionisation issues. We are given ‘Microsoft Issues Emergency Windows 10, 11 & Server Security Update’, as well as “Since March, however, if you run the RDgateway broker service on Server 2022 (and only that version), the monthly cumulative updates have removed that service. This behaviour is not normal; this is a bug.” Yes, we get it, Microsoft has bugs and it is having too many of those, all whilst other settings are equally problematic and that is where Microsoft finds itself. Losing with software and hardware to Sony and Apple. Losing web and cloud settings to Amazon and what do you think will happen when the foundational use of Microsoft Office loses the Powerpoint population to Google Slides? Yes, we know it, PowerPoint has so much to offer, but it merely added iterative settings over the last 10 years. You see between THEIR claim of what innovation is and what real innovation is comes with a gap and in the case of Microsoft it is the size of the Gran Canyon. So if I offer this one part, this one innovative part to Google and it shows to change the game, what will YOU do? Keep on believing that Microsoft will fix it? It was less than a week ago when we were given “Security researchers have identified a new MS Office vulnerability that could seriously affect Microsoft Word users”, and the Verge reported ‘China-linked hackers are exploiting a new vulnerability in Microsoft Office’ (at, so how much longer will you take chances? I get it, there is very little that can compete with Microsoft Excel, but when I can create something so innovative, something that Microsoft should have fixed a DECADE AGO and I give it to Google (sell it, I meant). I could add it to my IP bundle 1. When I can pull that off, do you think that the 17%-29% that does not rely on Microsoft Excel will stay in that dangerous spot? I admire loyalty, but that does require the software firm to be entitled to that loyalty and they dropped the ball way too often. 

As such the game is on and this all started less than 2 months ago when I saw something in a presentation that made me shiver. In two decades Microsoft had not come up with a solution and I saw it in minutes, I adjusted that simple view, added a few elements and It could easily be added to the Google suite. Changing the game is easy when you know where to look. A setting that could cost up to 29% of a core business. I wonder what happens to the Microsoft stock when I pull this off. Perhaps someone in that company will finally figure out that what they market is not representative of the truth. I just wonder if they even realise how far of course they have gone through the presentation of spin. The fact that I can pose that much of a danger is enabling in so many ways.

I preferred to have handed it to Adobe, nothing bad about Google, but it coincides with a weird dream, one I described in ‘The hardware perimeter’ (at and ‘Pristine and weird’ (at on the 24th and 25th of February 2022. There I saw an Adobe future becoming the larger player of high end office solutions. And even as I was a dream, I saw things and applications that I have never seen before, The application of blockchain to documents and data projects. Adobe had solved certain parts that could set a Lifestage to any document, who made it, who changed it, where it was changed and so on and the legal industry as well as large corporations were going gaga (not the singer) for that solution. As such giving them the presentation edge made sense, but in this Google is just as much a player as Adobe, not as refined, but for the bulk of the users good enough. 

A simple presentation that shows where the big boys are and where they could end up if they do not fix their game. #Justsaying

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