Careful what you wish for

Yes, that applies today, it also applies to me, we all and always need to be careful what we wish for. There are tales in the Arabian Nights, there are tellings in Norse Mythology and there is a decent abundance in ancient Greek writing. Why does this apply?

Well, this applies to those playing the mis-representation game, and those who played the anti-KSA cards. As we are told ‘Khashoggi killing report will test US-Saudi relations’ (at, I will take that report apart and sift through it. When I see mention of the alleged plight of a princess, all whilst the larger papers were able to ignore the Argentinian Femicide issues that have been playing for a week, and whilst media sources, Australian media sources have been crying like little bitches, it is time to see what I can find. A stage where the media hides behind “There was “no way” Khashoggi’s murder was carried out without either the knowledge or direction of Prince Mohammed” as well as “Riyadh could still avoid the toughest sanctions by taking more responsibility for the crime”. It is all implying that some people want to push for some form of confession because there is NO EVIDENCE. This matters, even as civil law and common law have differences, most of us have the stage of murder and beyond all reasonable doubt, and the UN Essay on the matter (by Agnes Callamard) took close to none away. But the warning also applies to me, I might find more than I bargained for and I get that, but so far the people involved lacked a minimum level of intelligence, as such I feel decently certain I will find enough to voice the reasonable doubt in this. We have seen two years of presented anger whilst there was no evidence and that same media goes on ignoring all kinds of events (like bombing of civilian targets by Houthi and as I personally feel certain about Iranian forces), yet the media tends to remain silent, focusing on the $500,000 reward on Lady Gaga’s missing dog. 

Yes, the media has its work cut out for them and I will not pull punches, not on this one. And as we take notice of “Chris Murphy, Democratic senator from Connecticut, told news channel MSNBC that he wanted “a much broader set of accountability measures” for anyone involved in the murder, identifying financial sanctions and visa withdrawals. He is among a number of members of Congress who have called for the US to take tougher action against the kingdom”, I wonder if he reconsidered the setting where Former President Trump was left with an acquittal on the second impeachment, all whilst there were close to a hundred sources, they got nothing and now they suddenly have a case without evidence? Go cry me a river, please!

So as I feel certain that I can debunk that report, I accept the notion that I might fail, anyone making any claims of success before the report is out is nuts, and I feel certain that I am not nuts (I am a Mars bar).

And I do have an advantage, the quote “The intelligence assessment, based largely on work by the CIA, is not new; NBC News was among the organisations that confirmed it in 2018” by NBC (at gives us “based largely on work by the CIA”, you know the people claiming that there were WMD’s in Iraq. So, how did that end? Remember that US Rockstar with his silver briefcase (Colin Powell)? He went on a wild tour all over the world, but how reliable was that report in the end? Now, there are at least two elements that I can rely on, but I will wait until the report, it is so much more satisfying to be ahead of the curve. Yet, in the end I could be wrong and I will learn that I was wrong and I will bring that too, I am never afraid to be wrong, I am more worried about bing indecisive. So there will be more to come, quite soon I expect.


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