Silent Screamers

It all started as I was dozing off. I got creative and came up with a new idea to rob a Russian Oligarch of £350,000,000 in gemstones. It is the idea for a movie that would someone like Jason Statham be playing proudly. The initial thought was ‘When is a robbery not a robbery?’, the second part is to make the movie appealing, even when you know what is going to happen. The movie ‘Den of Thieves’ (with Gerard Butler) pulled it off nicely. The movie ‘The Game’ with Michael Douglas not that much. I call it the Ellery Queen syndrome. When you know the ending the movie loses appeal. I learned that when I decided to rewatch the series in the early 90’s and again when I tried it about a year ago, the solutions sprang to mind and the fun was massively lessened. Yet as this was happening, I got more news on the Clambake that is being held in Gaza. We see buildings collapse, we see the AP cry like little girls, but the truth is that there is a lull there, things do not add up and there are questions for the media. Some (mostly Israel) made accusations that Hamas was active in the foreign press building. It is a possibility, but I have not seen evidence to that regard (I also did not look). You see, I suddenly realised something that the press is massively avoiding. It is said (by many sources) that in the last few days 2,000 missiles were fired on Israel. Consider the size of the Qasam. It requires a box of 190cm by 40cm by 25cm to house two missiles. This implies 1,000 boxes, likely a lot more if we accept what we see at present. This means that Hamas needs to hide 10 forty foot containers, chocabloc full of missiles. That storage and now the transport to all kinds of places which now clearly implies that the media could not have been unaware, in Gaza that is a shitload of goods, and yes, I admit that this is speculative, but the transport, the smuggling, the activities. It implies that the press was in the know and optionally OK with terrorist actions, I hope you got the gist of it.

The media has played too many games and now that the Israeli’s are really angry, hell comes knocking. You cannot play the innocent facilitator in media nowadays, there is a consequence and the media in Gaza is seeing that happen right now. The problem is that the people are sheltering, and protecting Hamas, all whilst they scream and cry ‘Oh, the poor children’. As I can see it the State of Israel has had enough. Oh, and none of the media is wondering how 2,000 missiles got into Gaza in the first place. That question is absent from nearly all minds, and you wonder why Israel is acting the way it is? In that same setting, where in Gaza can 2,000 missiles be built? Nope? Well, there you have it, a larger stage and I will speculate that Iran is involved, just like last time.

So whilst you scream on all the horrid things happening and how these poor people suffer, also wonder where in Gaza you can hide 10 forty foot containers filled with missiles. That stuff would cover the basements of nearly a dozen buildings, and the media to the largest degree avoided that part of the equation. In this we agree and accept that the Media is claiming to be innocent, but the amounts of evidence is stacking up and there is a massive gap between innocence and silent facilitation. This amount of goods cannot remain unnoticed with the foreign media in Gaza. It happens when they knowingly look the other way, but they will call it something else, and Israel with casualties all over the place is no longer willing to play nice, and as relations with Saudi Arabia cools, Iran got exactly what they wanted in the long run, it merely costed them 2,000 missiles, a steal at twice the price. 

In this the media did how much reporting? None! And as we see the tally move, Israel sees this as a tally of collaboration towards terrorism, can we actually blame them?


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