The random factor

Yes, at times there is a random factor in play, we all have it, you me, everyone. In my case it started with a weird dream, not sure where it came from and the freebee top 5 was not involved (a story for another day). In this dream I was travelling, I was hurried and we were all in a rush to get someplace. It was like an exodus. Pets released because we could no longer feed them, we were all going to farms to rural places, the food sources had dried up and a farm was a setting of wealth, food was all, water even more. Gangs would align at farms, being the protector for food and a place to sleep. It seems over the top but the feeling was a little too real, almost scary real. You see, the BBC gave us in Feb 2021 ‘Extinction: Freshwater fish in ‘catastrophic’ decline’, some sources (Smithsonian and World Wildlife Foundation) give us that at present over 30% of all freshwater fist face extinction, that is not a margin that is a colossal chunk. National geographic tells us ‘Seafood May Be Gone by 2048, Study Says’, I will not face that day, I will most likely be dead but your children, your younglings, they will face the fact that the waters have no fish left. Yet there is a connection, even as it was not mentioned, or even clear to me. When I was working on some of the factors in Keno Diastima, I got the idea to make Jellyfish part of the nutrition, it is done in south east Asia and it made sense (not giving away the plot), but these rascals as seemingly as eager to reproduce as rabbits are. It suited the purpose, I just didn’t expect a side effect and that was on me, but the stage of food is becoming quickly a larger stage for everyone and do you think that the idea is weird? If you think that £55 per person for tea at Harrods is weird, wait until your lunch gets to be close to that in 2035, and that is a mere 14 years away, I might optionally still be around. We think so short term and we tend to forget the long term impacts (small spoiler to the series), but in all that, we have forgotten to look at what truly matters, it is not some lame bully shouting that elections are rigged, it is the fact that we are destroying our own earth. An expression from the past has always been ‘Do not shit where you eat’, it makes a lot of sense, so why have we been doing just that for well over two decades? 

In my mind, we earned the right to become extinct, the animals, the fish and the plants did not. So in a less diplomatic setting I give you: “Here’s hoping that Covid kills over 70% of us”, perhaps that will be the moment the survivors realise that allowing some to rely on Status Quo is just too dangerous.

Were my thoughts a random factor, was covid, or is there a larger play in place? Well, times will tell, it always does.


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