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This is a weird day, well for me it is. For over a week I have been having the weirdest nightmares and until last night I had no idea why. We all have stress, we all feel down, yet this was not it, or at least not as far as I know. I tried to target my dreams, but that did not help, not one bit. So, I decided to give in and in that process I got an idea. It is set to a number of stages and it is not something that can easily be made into a game, but a movie? Perhaps.

The introduction is not into the story, it is into a few thoughts that are linked. In the first stage we have a pyramid, each tooth has a letter, there are the letters A, D and E. It is the foundation of war that goes back to Julius Caesar. A soldier has three options and each option can move into the other option. There is Attack, which can move into defence, or evade. Defence, which can evolve towards attack or change to Evade and there is Evade which can evolve into Attack or move to defend. This has been a given for 2,000 years, longer even. Yet there is another side to battle. Its premise can be Subterfuge, Tension and Suppression. The final triangle is the line of assassination, we can call what there is and how, but the proper assassination has three stages. The first is segregation, there is a boatload of options and the method can be direct or indirect. The second stage is separation, when segregated the person can more easily be separated, separated means no support anymore and that leads to assassination. Yes, we have all seen the clever movies, the larger stage of split second actions, but real life does not offer that, there is always a problem and the closer the calls the larger the problems become. There has not now, not ever been an exception to that.

In the political field the first to are eagerly used, in one stage can can dance from one to the other, yet as the media became an option, most efforts were set to both stages, So there was an attack, a defence and an evade, each using an element of Subterfuge, Tension and Suppression. The benefit was that the target would need to rely on others, the second benefit was that if a person is a one man show the media would show that person like a raving loon, mission accomplished.

The OC
The OC is not a play on California, it is Organised Crime and that is where my nightmare took me. It links to the first direct questions ‘When is a sting not a sting?’, the answer is simple, when it is a stage towards something else (extermination). So what happens when we set an open target, someone who is able to take a massive amount of damage. As the OC head realises that they are looking at the wrong player and that the player is not a player at all, we see the stage follow, you cannot defend against an enemy that does not exist. If means that actions were in a stage of subterfuge and suppression at the same time. So as the players are trying to figure it out, the OC head is baited to send out teams, as they are not aware who they are looking for they become vulnerable. And that is when the game changes. These teams were segregated and separated, and the third stage you know.

So as 1-3 teams are dispensed, the focus goes back to the OC head, who feels safe in his or her house. And now the stage of tension is added. What we do not immediately see, the bodies were disassembled (with a blade), legs and arms in three pieces, the chest with a hole initially created with a large spike to suck out the blood, and the head. The pieces are placed in one of the rooms (the living room is best) especially a room with a marble floor. The pieces are placed all over the floor and then 4-12 times 4.5 litres is poured on the floor making a one inch bath of blood. The moment you see that in the house and as the blood sinks into the marble, it will not go out, the OC head will feel a massive amount of tension and the house will no longer offer safety and security. The stage of initial segregation is complete. 

And as we look into the mind of the nightmare, I got to see a stage I was not happy about. A stage of people pushing and what happens when that one person is pushed over the edge. An entirely new approach to the devil made me do it, the insane person who was able to hide their insanity and now we see that this person is in the passenger seat, someone else is driving. The OC group woke up the wrong person and this was only the beginning. 

We forget about that part, the part where everyone fit the same pattern, but with population pressures, unforeseen issues (COVID), job issues, age discrimination, and several other segregating factors, it is not that it will happen some day, I am decently amazed that it hasn’t happened already. And that is the stage I faced and wondered how it is moving, that is a stage that is never ever in a stable or in one location. And the players who bank on sheep forget that these demons look just like any other sheep and that is the risk they take, but what happens when the risk taker has no comprehension on what is released? What happens when the stage includes political friends and industrialists? 

It is merely the start of something new, optionally a movie or a mini series, but hopefully after writing this down I get some decent sleep. Being creative is tiring to say the least. 


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