Which side of the coin is it?

Yes, that is the question, you see a coin has three sides, heads, tails and rim. We tend to focus on the head and tail of the coin and we forget that third side, don’t we? We can consider the news article ‘Arab states condemn ‘blatant’ Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia’ when we see yet another terrorist attack on the Saudi civilian population, but that is not really the larger story. The larger story is that the western media nearly completely ignored it, only Reuters had an article, the large players all steered clear. The stake holders have that much of an influence on the media, we are now in a stage where THEY decide what the news is. Whether they side with terrorists, or with Iran, as I personally see it they decided that Saudi Arabia is evil, and the news will suffer because if it. Not only are still not accountable for what they publish, they decide that three days old ‘Twitter and Snap add users as restrictions ease’ was more important, complete with three young ladies with masks, one by 3M and all posing for that one phone. It has come to that. And we all suffer whilst the internal media filters are set to the needs of stake holders and advertisers. If it isn’t anti Saudi Arabia, it will not get published. And this is not me, merely search “Saudi Arabia” together with either the BBC, the Guardian, The Washington Post, the NY Times, the LA Times and a few others and make a tally of negative versus positive articles, also look at the amount of times that Houthi attacks on Saudi targets, civilian targets no less were reported. The outcome will shock you. 

This is not about Saudi Arabia, it is about the amount if filtered news the media is giving us, they who claim that the people have a right to know, they claim that they can police themselves, they who claim that they are about the freedom of the press, they are now more and more about selling filtered information as press freedom. There are still a few good ones, they do give out the reports we need to see but the list of filtering elements are increasing more and more. And it cannot be me to tell you what to find, you need to look for yourself and see the results. So whilst we ignore the Arab News giving us “The Arab coalition said that the Iran-backed militia fired a ballistic missile late Saturday toward Jazan that was intercepted and destroyed”, as well as “the Iran-backed group aims to destabilise security and stability in the Arab region, through financial and weaponry support from external parties, by deliberately pursuing aggressive practices that violate the rules of international humanitarian law and ignoring all efforts to end the conflict in Yemen”. So when was the last time any media held Iran up to close examination of their support of terrorists? When was the last time any credible event by Houthi forces were shown in the limelight by western media? Now consider another side, consider other news. PinkNews gives us ‘Thousands tell Boris Johnson to ‘stop stalling on LGBT+ rights’ at Reclaim Pride march’, so how many newspapers covered that? Now consider that the UK stakeholders think ‘LGBT rights’ is a bad idea and their news is left forgotten, there was no space on the internet pages of the newspaper, or their was no one to cover it, see what happens when it happens to you. Filtered information is the largest crime against news this century and it is getting bigger, what happens when you and your life no longer holds up to the 80% of the people they have to protect? What happens when YOU become the outlier? In Australia it is age discrimination, but that is not just it. SBS News gave us last week ‘Eighty per cent of Muslims in Australia say they have experienced discrimination’. 80% is not an outlier, it is mainstream and that too is a reason where my islam game might help, if people understand something they might stop abusing and discriminating, we have to because as I personally see it, the governments do fuck all.

These are all parts of that same coin, but the third side, the third side where the media tells us what news is by filtering what their ‘friends’ are not happy to see into the open air, that too is a side and it is the side no one speaks of. So is it my delusion, does it not exist? Consider the parts I gave you and investigate, look into the matter of all the news withheld from you So how many newspapers covered LGBT+ rights? They all covered Mardi Grass, it must have been the balloons. So how much longer until you take notice? When you become the filtered news factor?


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