Operation Hazen Ames

It is night, Michael Weatherly is being casual, he is making small talk with another person. He explains that there is no need for the one exit to be watched. He closes the reinforced door that had the room with the information he needed. He then trips the alarm, turns around to the mirrored wall and pulls away the table, there is one screw. He unscrews it and pulls out the screw connected to an umbrella plug, the wall comes down. He clicks the other side open and points to the partner to get through. They go through and as he closes the initial mirror wall, the magnets in the table and wall push the table back in place. The umbrella plug is glued to the screw, it now operates as a screwdriver, Michael attaches something to the screw, he then click pushes the second wall back into place, the magnets hold it firm. They moved through an unmonitored small corridor and enter a supply room at the end is a rack with goods, he clicks on a button and the rack moves up a few millimetres, the wheels are now down, he moves the rack and signs the partner to quickly goes through. The moves through and there is a small food elevator there. He closes the wall and pulls two wires to set the rack back where it was, he had 10 seconds left, he can hear people running towards the place they had just left. They enter the food elevator and quietly opens the back panel, he goes through, the partner follows, he closes the elevator door and the back panel, then presses a button. The food elevator moves quietly down. 

For me it is easy to explain why the person is Michael Weatherly. I have been re-watching 12 seasons of NCIS during the lockdown the last two weeks. The issue is that this is part of a spy story, but not one you would expect. You see, this situation happened, it was a CIA operation, one of many and the story is not the common parts of the TV series, this series is not NCIS or Bull (I never saw Bull). The setting is that the TV series and episodes are a tell tale to the foreign governments to show them how they were transgressed upon and the TV episodes have fake names (as any series does) with a reference to an anagram to the operation. Someone decided to turncoat the CIA and uses the methods to make money on the side, from the studios as well as the extra checks from the governments he is supplying the evidence to, a nice little operation.

Yet the setting on TV series, as we see the use of ‘clever’ terrorists, there is a second fear, not that the opposition is more clever than the terrorists. It is that greed driven elements see their option clear AFTER the operation, not merely endangering what comes next, but giving away the past endangering more as well. It was the setting for an episode of any crime and spy driven series, yet I have no idea why the idea sparked into my mind. Whether it is about double agents, self turned greed driven agents or another kind, we are (through the Art of War) confronted with 5 types of spies. 

Local spies
Inward spies
Converted spies
Doomed spies
Surviving spies

The Art of war teaches us that if all five types are used it is impossible to discover the secret system, but as said the old days did not consider the greed driven logistics that we see today. You can read the Art of War to see and learn about the 5 types, yet the setting is altered in todays espionage. We have minders, archivists and now as one turns the colour of his shield, there is a larger danger that it turns Local spies into Doomed spies, a game changer many are not able to deal with. In any operation the local spy is the anchor, a barge without an anchor can move from the shadows into the floodlights of the other player. Am I right? Am I imagining (or fantasising) this? It is but a dream, yet in this we also find the larger stage of what matters. Even though von Clausewitz gives us that mot intelligence is false, there is a consideration that he considered himself a gentleman and as such espionage was beneath him and it was never considered a valid form of warfare. Sun Tsu is much more relevant, he saw espionage as a valid tool and his approach to any tool n hist setting to war is how to use tools the most efficiently. The concern he had for spies is like all other tools, if it protects the homeland, that is how we use it and in that era the general and his administrator were dedicated to the land they protect. In todays situation the logistics of war is on a sliding scope of what comes next and as such the undervalued and the discarded are drawn to whatever pays for a little better lifestyle than they are set to have, and they will use what is at their disposal, as such it is the archivist and the administrator that become the weakest link in a spy system. A situation that no movie or TV series has looked at. With all the thousands of episodes and hundreds of movies, I casually found a vulnerable unexplored link, yay me!


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