Behind door number two

I have been wondering about many things, about the next idea, the next creation, the next wave of innovators and with the Epic games court case, a lot are not realising that it will change online stores. My worry is that fr a lot of people things will change and not for the better. This is not on Goole, it is not on Apple. You see I have never ever seen a change for the better when greed was the operative and even as we saw South Korea make changes, we see a wave of actions and it only gets the stage for the greed driven to get a better position, the rest are lost to the waves of THEIR needs. It is a personal view and it might not be a correct one, but in my personal feelings it is. You see, the benefits that the starters enjoyed will soon fall way, greed did that. Not the choice of Google, not the choice of Apple but decisions thrust upon them by politicians that have almost no clue, they ‘rely’ on advising friends who have their own agenda. And when we see on one hand “maker of the video game Fortnite, charges that Apple has transformed its App Store into an illegal monopoly”, all whilst the other hand gives us “Saints Row reboot will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC” it seems a little hypocrite, does it not? And in all this, the media is ignoring the elements that the starting developers are enjoying, the massive costs that they all avoid, because Apple andGoogle do not charge them for the ACTUAL cost that a business faces, and that danger is now more and more likely to be bestowed on the consumers. The customers that others rely on will have another face. They will have their Google Pixel 4A 128GB 6GB, or Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 64GB. Yet in the new stage where we are in danger of buying an infected app, or perhaps an app with backdoors (from other stores), the people will shy away from stores and they will soon thereafter demand protection from either Apple or Google. A stage where frivolous apps are a thing of the past. So the image that I made looking like an NHL player (which were fun applications) are less and less likely to come. No one will get us some populous app that will allow us to pass some time, we will be at the mercy of Candy Krush or some match 3 game, they will be making money, the rest will casually fall away, all thanks to the greed of some (more mainly one). 

So what next?
Well, I do not know, I am not all knowing. But I feel that whilst there is time, we need to get creative. And as ideas pass by more and more, I wonder what will work. Yes, it is nice to have ideas, it is nice to be creative, yet will it appeal to others, will a decent sized group like it? Yes there is a larger group of match three games, a group of people liking Magic the Gathering and that is nice. Yet there is more, or at least there should be. The creators gave us CCG games like Dune, Harry Potter, Illuminati, and many more. Mobiles and tablets are a medium to blow new life into these forgotten games. Yet that is merely remastering, there are the classics like Dungeon Keeper, Gauntlet and so many more that can make the journey too, but the main event will be the new games, not merely newer versions. A totally new game that none have seen. Not some Fallout Shelter 2, but a game no one has seen before. It could be some Battlestar Galactica game where you are human or Cylon, it could be anything that never made it to the gaming industry before. It could be from a book (Animal Farm, George Orwell), it could be from a movie (the Shining, Kubrick) and there are many more options. I do not have them all, that is where you creators come in. It is like the card you see here. I never thought of making an app that allows you to create a sport card style image of you, as far as I know, none of the teams had something like that (unless it is NBA).

That is the beauty of things, it took a simple guy (or girl) with no money in their pocket to make this app, they merely thought it was cool to have something like this and it got them to the next level and when the setting changes due to the greed of some, their creating days will be limited to their own system and that is a sad day. When that happens we will have our mobile for merely LinkedIn, some will also have Facebook, Twitter and some news apps. Mobiles with 95% of its abilities unused because we can no longer trust anything that is not from the Apple of Google store. That is where I truly believe we are heading, and short sighted political players made it happen. 

Door number 2
Yes that is the door we are looking at, but it is a different door for every one of us, it might be a front door, a maple door, an oak door, it could look like the door to your kitchen. The door is where YOU want to go through and for some it is a door that leads to the tool we need, the education app we want (like learning a language), the door to the kitchen where we find recipes, the door to our den where we see the app for our movies, our books, our music or our stamp collection. It will be hindered by the limitations of the designer (not unlike the Xing app). But over time it will be designed so that it fits our needs better and better. It could be wizard like streaming, it could be more open designed so that we can ease into the app in the way we feel comfortable. The setting changes per person, there is a large stage where most feel OK, but the margins are where the profit of the app designer resides. It does not matter whether it is a game, or a utility.
So how do we get to OUR door number 2?

That is a good question but it depends on where we are and what we desire (and I am not talking about money). Any good app is set to a desire, whether it is a CCG, a puzzle, or even drawing. There are so many options, yet the Apple store had a large collection of copies of the same idea, it is like a group of programmers finished a new lesson in programming, saw a few tricks and it resulted in a dozen apps. This is not an accusation, or  some blame game. It is how programmers evolve, how we become smarter and it leads to an idea where desire pushes innovation resulting into something we always dreamt of making. 

Consider a real original game, Command and Conquer (1995), Westwood had an idea and it set in motion a game unlike anything gaming had seen, there were sequels, there was Dune 2, Dune 2000, Warcraft 1,2,3 and it resulted in shaping Microsoft Age of Empires 1, 2, 3 and 4. Even now we see apps relying on that idea. A good idea goes forward and there are designers out there mulling over their idea, but now with the Epic Case the stage changes and it will dim these designers, or leave them at the mercy of greed driven and I do not see the Apple Stores or Google Stores as such. We must find a way to oppose that danger, as I personally see it it will stop innovation as well as the next best idea, an idea that a new, optionally a young programmer has out there. We need to protect that idea, it starts economies and waves of  new inventions. Gaming is the most likely path, but not the only path. Do not look at me regarding the path, it is up to the creators, it is up to them to create that path. We merely need to set the stage allowing them to create, we owe it to the $1800 mobile, laptop, PC or tablet we bought. Don’t you agree?


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