America wakes up

Yes, it is apparently starting. Some in America have woken up. USA Today (at gives us ‘Bond set at combined $1 million for parents of Michigan school shooting suspect after overnight arrest’. Before we begin you need to know something about me. I for the most am pro guns. I love guns (to some degree), but I was never a true gun nut. I was for a long time a precision shooter (long range). So I would want the rifle that gets me there (Accuracy International). I started young and I started with small bore weapons. Anyway, I am not the focal point here. These parents thought it was a good idea to give their 15 year old a gun as a present. How stupid is that? So as we take consideration of “Each was charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter after Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said they bought the firearm for their son, Ethan Crumbley, 15, as a Christmas gift.” And before we go all overboard. Should the kid have gotten a small bore rifle, I might not have been objecting. There are plenty of places with wild where the grandfather takes the little one into the wold and teaches the kid how to shoot all kinds of animals for food, they also learn to respect the power of the rifle. It is a tradition that has gone on for generations. And that is not the case here. The massively stupid mommy and daddy decided to buy their 15 year old a SIG Sauer SP 2022. A weapon used by the French police no less. Why on earth would you want to give a 15 year old a weapon like that? Then we get to the warning signs (like giving a 15 year old a SIG wasn’t enough of a warning). We are given “Crumbley’s parents did not ask where it was when they were called to the school the day of the shooting for a disturbing drawing their son made of a firearm, McDonald said at a news conference Friday.” And in addition to that we get “The gun used in the shooting had been stored in an unlocked drawer in their house”, say what? 

The setting of a stage that should never have happened and to set the parents in prison in a stage where they are equally guilty is the way to go. Even though they are not charged in first degree murder, the stage of this level of stupidity seems to equal the field of premeditation. You can not now, not ever be this stupid. That is my take on the matter and as such, I reckon there is a larger stage to proceed. No matter how it turns out, if the parents want to stay out of prison they will need to cough up serious money, they will need all the lawyers money could buy them. There is more, there is also the case why on earth they bought the gun as a Christmas present. I gave the reasoning for any kid to get their first rifle, see image below.

This is a gun that is for kids. It is a mere .22, it is single shot and it prepares them for the hunt whilst they cannot shoot anything more hazardous then a Turkey (or bunny rabbit, or pheasant) you get the idea. A setting that spans generations. I personally approve and more important, these people get the respect for a firearm handed to them. By the grandparents, the parents and they are instilled with the knowledge that it is a serious tool. Yet in all my life, I cannot fathom anyone giving a SIG to a 15 year old, it boggles my mind. And it is not even a sporting weapon (too inaccurate), for that see below. That is a sporting pistol, a precision pistol and the drawback is that they are too un-wielding for a 15 year old.

And this is not an attack on SIG, it is an accurate weapon, it is a reliable weapon, it is not a precision match weapon, those needs are a lot higher. So in all I see close to half a dozen reasons to never ever get a SIG for a kid. What were these parents thinking. Which brings me to a small and interesting part that the media did not cover. Did they sign up their son with a firing range? How long have they been registered at a firing range? I am willing to bet that both parents and sunshine boy were never signed up. He never had any training wielding ANY kind of firearm. So when you consider that, why on earth would anyone have a firearm? (not debating Detroit safety on this)

A stage that is evolving because if the parents had no gun, why buy the son one? Did anyone consider that part of the equation?


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