Hunger is the new sustenance

It is a stage where we see that the Yemeni population will casually accepts hunger as the way to get from meal to meal. If that upsets you, fine. So when the Australian Human Rights Commission gives the people ‘New research finds ageism is the most accepted form of prejudice in Australia’, I wonder what they are going on about. Especially when they give us 

Young adults (18-39) are most likely to experience ageism as being condescended to or ignored, particularly at work. Middle-aged people (40-61) are most likely to experience ageism as being turned down for a job. Older people (62+) are more likely to experience ageism as being ‘helped’ without being asked.

So how about ageism where people over 55 with university degrees and decades of experience are no longer considered for jobs, not on pretty much any level, I see nothing on this, but these Human Rights groups are seemingly talking about ageism. So who is this Dr Kay Patterson AO? How much data from Centrelink and job saturation by age did this person look at? Google settled a case of Age discrimination in August and we see nothing on ageism and the lack of getting jobs, do we? I merely wonder who this Dr Patterson is catering to? 

I see that there are two settings. In the first we see “The report found ageism remains the most accepted form of prejudice in Australia, with 63% having experienced ageism in the last five years.” From another point of view we are not given “Multiple sources have for the most not acted AGAINST corporations and organisations that continue a stage of ageism, a stage that is optionally covered up with the assistance of the HR department” In this consider how much Agism there is (the report mentions 90%), yet how many HR organisations have made a written summary to their board of directors? It is nice that a player like Google is given a legal notice, yet how many at large firms have been given fines? So when we consider the quote ‘there are 2,402,254 actively trading businesses in the Australian economy’, if that is true than there should be up to 2,162,000 businesses active with ageism and I am pretty sure that the media has not given us anything to that degree (or to any degree for that matter). 

We can cry foul, we can get angry but there is a larger stage that is surrounding it and it will not go away, So it is time for the next iteration of what I promised. Especially as there is no nuclear deal coming, as people are waiting in the lines to wonder what will happen next. I will set online (encrypted in 4Chan) as well as here, a method, a conceptual method on melting down the Iranian reactor, no bombs required, but that will come soon. In the meantime, here is another snow globe. This is not for fun, the snow globe gave me the idea that no matter what protections you add, there is a way to get to the reactor and why add explosives when the reactor itself is a massively large boom boom box? It is nice, because young people might never have thought of this solution. Will it work? I do not know, but it is time to make clear that the threats by Iran against the state of Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are no longer tolerated and Iran has made enough enemies. So someone will tinker with my idea and use it, or adjust and use it. Either way is fine with me. Like the other IP, when the counters hit a certain number, I will publish the papers here. 

It is not theatrical, but I do believe that an advantage is only an advantage if others are nipping at the heels of that very same IP. So whilst you consider that hunger is the new sustenance, consider the active acts of all of us against Houthi and Iranian forces for their actions in Yemen. On the other hand, if my idea works too well, Yemen will be all that Iran has left, balance in the universal equation. Such is life. It is nice to see such a reverence of “Older people (62+) are more likely to experience ageism as being ‘helped’ without being asked”, especially when thousands go hungry in Yemen, I get it there are plenty of issues, but this issue seems to be extremely active to avoid age discrimination on getting jobs, which would have been my first thought, but I reckon that 90% of 2,402,254 businesses (in Australia) is just too big a risk to consider. So let’s give them a new risk setting, and that is where my reactor idea is just in time to be introduced as a new solution quite soon. The other IP took 4-6 days, so I wonder how long it will take now. 

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