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Stirring the soup

Things are afoot in the Kay es Ah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), but to see this we need to reflect on a few items. The first one is (at and gives us ‘Former Twitter employee convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia’, the simple setting is that this happens, If Jack Dorsey had played a few items over to the NSA, no one would hear if it, but when a non-American agency gets the key to the Twitter Data Kingdom, it becomes news. So when we see “Ahmad Abouammo, a US citizen and former media partnership manager for Twitter’s Middle East region, was charged in 2019 with acting as an agent of Saudi Arabia without registering with the US government.” And then someone slips, the text becomes “used their positions to access confidential Twitter data about users.” It is ‘their positions’ which is plural, so how many were caught? We get it with “This included their email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses, the latter of which he used to identify a user’s location. A third man named in the complaint, Saudi citizen Ahmed Al-Mutairi, was alleged to have worked with the Saudi royal family as an intermediary.” So was the second man? We see that in the end when we get “The FBI still lists Ali Alzabarah and Ahmed Al-Mutairi as wanted.” Well, this is 3 years ago, so the other two are optionally celebrating their success in Riyadh. Espionage happens, it can happen where ever we see this much user data. The fact that this had gone on, and we do not see HOW LONG this had been going on should also be reflected on all this, it should see us accept the larger Elon Musk discount for data copied into other places. Transgressed data loses values and as stated “This included their email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses, the latter of which he used to identify a user’s location.” And nowhere do we see for how long this was going on before the alleged culprit was arrested. I state alleged, because we do not know (or we are not told) what spy one did and what spy two did. The court-case might shed light on this, but he was acquitted of several points, so there.

Then it is time to add vegetables to the soup in the form of a story (at there we see ‘China, Saudi Arabia Announce Massive Strategic Partnership Energy Agreement’, it was what I said months ago, they might drill more but that does not mean it goes to the place we hope/expect/wish it will go and now we see this, a larger gain for China and the agreement between Aramco and Sinopec, which showed a fear I expected to come for almost two years, with “The two companies will join hands in renewing the vitality and scoring new progress of the Belt and Road Initiative and Saudi Vision 2030” we see a larger gain for Chinese construction and a loss for western ones. This was the setting I feared, because it means that there is no relief for western construction. The little tidbits thrown at them like scraps are the only ones they are likely to have. In a place that I about to invest well over $1,000,000,000,000 for new buildings in Neom, as well as the line, there is now a decent chance that the small hidden engineering texts will be Arabic/Chinese and not Arabic/English. A station that was always likely to happen, but now it seems it is becoming the passing of a fact. 

The third ingredient in any soup is the stock and water. That is given to us through an article (at by Reuters. There we see ‘Saudi Arabia invests $1.3 bln in four Egyptian firms’. It is not the amount, when you invest 0.1% in companies after you set in motion  building bill, we see the appearance of dwarfism. It seems like a speck, but you would be wrong. This event will give larger rise to the final ingredient and here we see “The companies are Abu Qir Fertizilers and Chemical Industries (ABUK.CA), Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MFPC.CA), Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling (ALCN.CA), and payments firm E-Finance for Financial and Digital Investments (EFIH.CA).” And we see nothing weird here, not when you consider the larger building needs, this makes absolute sense and “Saudi Arabia has already provided billions in support since Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power in 2014. The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait this year all promised to increase their investments in Egypt” does not change that. But the water and stock are mere building blocks for the vegetables to connect to, it is the beef, the beef completes the picture. This is seen (at and you might think that it does not make sense. How does ‘Mobily signs MoU with Telecom Egypt to build submarine cable from Saudi Arabia to Egypt’ imply beef? Well this started for me at least a little over three years ago, 3 years ago, before the Covid started hitting us that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had, with Neom an uncanny option to become the large (optionally largest) 5G powerhouse of the Middle East, stretching into Egypt and becoming the 5G powerhouse in the Mediterranean with larger options towards stretching into Europe. Now, I do not fear it, telecom powerhouses are often awesome, but this states that the larger players (like Vodafail) are seemingly asleep at the wheel and the KSA has nothing opposing Huawei, it is the foundation of Saudi 5G, so now the 100,000,000 Egyptians will fuel the 35,000,000 5G users all over the KSA and as Neom becomes a 5G hub for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia becomes the one powerhouse no one saw coming, and those who did were awfully quiet about it. 

A stage that I saw coming 3 years ago is now gaining momentum and optionally they will get a lot more over the next 2-3 years. And Europe with their promises will go nowhere, as someone ones said, a promise and an empty sack are worth the empty sack and with the beef giving fragrance and texture to the soup. 

I will offer you the position of the fifth element in an image, it is the soul of tastebuds and it matters, because the place and ownership of the fifth element are not a given, not even how they will become part of the equation, but they are there, not in the tall grass, but out in the open. Someone has a double role to play and I honestly do not know who, where or what they represents, but when you make soup, you can add your own ideal mix, or rely on people to grab the fifth element, and that is what I did. I added little of the spices, so the consumer of soup will add it themselves opening the field for player number five.


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Watch this shit

Part 2
The watch, even though well over a century old was sublime in all its glory. The plate was clear white, the dial had 24 hours there were minutes and it seemed by all accounts a beautiful clear pocket watch. It was when he looked deeper that the differences started to show. It was the cogs, not all of them, but 5 cogs were different, when he looked they were bright gold, whilst the gold plated cogs looked dimmer than the 5 ones. The 5 cog seemed the same, but when he looked deeper there were writing not on the cogs, but in the cogs, words he did not recognise, they were Greek in origin, but it was not ancient Greek, not even Olympian. And the words became other words whilst he looked at them, the words formed sentences, became paragraphs and his mind shuddered, he had to blink. There was definitely something with the cogs, but it did not make sense, for now at least. He looked at his watch, and set the clock to time, it was seven forty in the evening, he set the watch and tried to wind the clock. The wheel did not move. He was not used to this watch, and it was when he accidentally pressed the button when the world went nuts. The building spun, the room spun and he was suddenly in mid air, it was not merely that, there were explosions everywhere, he heard screams, shouting and the sound of explosions drowned it all out. He was in the air and fell to the ground, between two buildings, something like a narrow alley. He was able to break the fall and land on his feet, more importantly there was no one around to see him, the next thing he saw was the building at the end of the alley explode violently and a wave of flames came his way. It did not hurt him, it would scourge others, but the flames were transitional not remaining. The building was a goner and flames were escaping the building setting the next building on fire.  He walked to the end of the alley into a wider street. People were running and screaming dragging children away from the flames. He looked up and heard the planes fly by bombing everything in sight. Bombers were flattening a path with bombs, houses and streets burning. He ran for cover, street after street. 

Then he saw a newspaper which stated ‘Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad vrijdag 10 Mei 1940’ he recognised some words like proclamatie, Duitsch and a few others. He set the watch to 40 minutes past 7, it was 1940 here. The streets were destroyed, there was one church still standing. It was a miracle on how many people seemed to be running for cover, so many still alive, no idea how many died that day. 

He looked at the street, it was empty he looked at the watch and pressed the button again, it all faded again and he was back where he started, in his room, standing by the chair and he suddenly realised how dangerous this watch really was. He called his private vault forth and the wall became a portal and he placed the watch in secured storage. He looked around and suddenly became aware that his clothes were dirty, smelly and he was smelly too. He took a shower, put on his robe and called the front desk. It was less than 3 minutes later when someone knocked at his door. He took the clothes and handed them to the woman at the door. She informed him that the clothes would be back clean in two hours. He nodded, signed the bill and closed the door. 

He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Part 3

To be continued

Yes, there is more to come and this was merely episode one of the tale. How much more? I hope to inform you within 24 hours. Not bad for a mere 2 hours of dozing off.


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Parlez vouz pierre tombale?

The trip to Paris was uneventful. He drank some coffee ate a croissant and looked out the window as the train ripped through the lands. It was a view he had seen before, he had taken the trip before. Yet the trip seemed to relax him. He noticed the people on the train, one woman gave him a nice smile, he smiled back, tourists and elderly as well as some business types. He relaxed and thought of the letter. He had read up on Aion, there was a lot he never knew. His divinity, his mastery of time. The mirror had given him a few more things. The proof that Euripides got some of the settings of Aion from Sappho; these papers showed that Sappho was told about Aion by one of the muses. The writing was highly poetic yet the papers tell of the muse telling her that time is no friend, it does not care and it merely moves by the graces of Aion. The writing was more descriptive, but the information was clear. In this he has absolutely no idea how Jacques III Thuret fitted into all this. His family had become famous for the clocks made, and they were amazing. He found however no information of any watch that was made by Jacques III Thuret. The trip took a little under 2 and a half hours and when he got off at the Gare du Nord station he knew as much as he was going to learn. As he brooded over the watch and over Jacques III Thuret his other sight looked at the streets and at the objects in the city. He stared at the Eiffel tower but he didn’t see anything. And he started to think on the ‘somewhere obvious’ part. Jacques III Thuret died in 1738, long before that doohickey was build. Then he thought of the places that were important in 1738. There was the Place Vendôme, the Place de la Concorde, the Champs-Élysées, the church of Les Invalides, and the Panthéon. All obvious places. There was the consideration of the late baroque church of Saint-Roch at 196 rue Saint-Honoré (1738–1839), but it wasn’t finished until Jacques III Thuret was dead and buried. He suddenly stopped. Buried! If something was that important, he would take it with him to the grave. That was the obvious place! And after a few searches  he found that he was placed in the Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis Church on rue Saint-Antoine in the Marais quarter of Paris. It was a bit of a walk, but he enjoyed walks so he set course due south on the Bd de Magenta, after he got to the plaza he took the Rue de Turenne, when he got to the end he looked to the right and there was the church, but he also felt like having more than a croissant, as such as he observed the Comptoir des Mers he entered, got a table, ordered a Filet de Sole some local grape juice. He considered asking fr a California wine, but the French were not the humorous at times. He took his time to eat, it was getting closer to 7pm and he had a few hours. As he finished the meal and paid he smiled at the waitress who really smiled at him and walked out. He looked around the church and there was nothing really visible. He took his time to walk around taking in all the details, all the options to enter. There was security, but nothing worth considering. It was a church after all. During the second walk around he saw what he needed to see, he carefully looked around and saw nothing. He turned to the church and saw the opening on the second floor. He had become very accustomed with gravity and he climbed up the side with merely his two hands, it was like he was weightless. He entered the church listening for any presence of people, there weren’t any. He looked again and he saw nothing. He floated down and saw steps leading down. He took them and went through the door, it led to a corridor, then another and another and more steps down. There he saw a room with grave stones. It took a minute until he got to the stone of Jacques III Thuret, he stared and focussed. He saw nothing. So he summoned his bident and got the tips on 2 sides of the corner, he slowly pushed, careful not to make too much damage. He lifted the stone, then grabbed the stone and slowly lifted the stone. He had hi hands on the long sides of the stone and slowly lifted it and walked to the wall where he placed the stone. He then walked to the hole and saw the coffin, something shiny was there, he lifted the coffin and saw the dead and mummified remains of Jacques III Thuret, he saw the shine in his vest pocket. He reached out and grabbed the watch. He saw it was different, but he quickly put it in a leather pouch and paced it in his coat. It took a minute to place the stone back and he took special care for it to be in exactly the same place. He saw the two points of his bident, but they were small enough for people not to notice them, he then got some of the dust of the other stones and rubbed it over the stone edges and into the two small points. Under normal conditions no one would know anyone was ever there.

He walked away and slowly made his way out of the church and out of Paris. He had to think and he decided on a different course. He took the Eurostar to Rotterdam, booked a room in the Hilton and stayed the night. He went to his room, which was a lovely suite, the chair looked comfortable, so he sat down and opened the pouch.

Part 2

To Be Continued.

Yes, I am that mean at times


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What’s a Barbarian?

It is a serious enough question. Is it a person who pretends to be educated and then decides to burn a book? What’s up with that? So you first buy a book, to burn it afterwards? That seems like a massive waste of money and gain. But here we are (at where we see ‘Unrest again in Sweden, politician who wanted to burn the Koran hit by stone’ questions come forth. It seems to me that a person is intentionally creating strife, intentionally is stirring up people towards acts of violence. Why is that allowed? So why is the Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, a man who was found guilty of racism in 2021 allowed to stir up the people. This is not the expression of freedom, of a person expressing himself by burning a book. If that was the case he wold be burning a bible, would he not? This is of course beside the point of burning books in the first place. But he took that path by INTENTIONALLY angering a muslim community. Why?

\And it seems that this is a one trick pony. Viborg (April 2019), Norrebro (2019) under police protection no less), Linkoping (2022) and now Malmo (April 2022). A one trick pony seeking attention, that is what remains of someone once heralded as the number 9 law graduate. After which we get the accusations through Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, the simple set that he engaged in fetish sex with minors ranging in age from 13 to 17. So why exactly is this man not in prison? It seems that even in Scandinavia 13 year old boys have little to no protection under the law, unlike book burners who get to do this with police protection. 

In all this, how is angering a non-violent community any kind of solution? I am a catholic, I have looked in a Quran and found it interesting, propelling good sentiments. I never read it all and I never read some of the anti-Quran books mainly because I never read the Quran. Christians have over 1000 years of transgressions based on greed, on envy, on wrath, on gullibility, on lust and on Pride. It started before the Crusades and the transgressions are still active today. I reckon that we have little hold over Muslims. It seems that they have a much larger hold on them. The Crusades came with people drenching in Greed, in Envy, in Lust and undirected wrath. The Church made very sure that Muslims (Saracens) were seen as the guilty party. Yet no one is willing to look that the 500 lords in their castles were squeezing the population beyond poverty. So in all this, what makes the Quran so evil? Catholic Pedophiles go unpunished. A Cardinal with a $412 fraud case. Well over a thousand times the amount of greed that we saw in the Crusades. Yet I believe that Rasmus Paludan is in denial of those settings, don’t you agree?

As I personally see it, on the 17th November 1095 the Catholic Church found a way to appease the nobleman and get rid of the peasants in a drive to rob Jerusalem and various places around it of riches. The movie Kingdom of Heaven only shows part of this, but it shows parts of what was wrong then and it shows how envy to some degree continues to this day.

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Schrem, son of Shrek

I recently (2-3 hours ago) woke up from being asleep at the wheel. Not a car, or a boat, or a plane (which tends to have an autopilot), no my mind overlooked a little thing. I initially saw the article ‘Meta threatens to pull Facebook and Instagram from Europe if it can’t share data with the US’, and I was in a state of ‘Yea, whatever!’ And it was only this afternoon when the cogs started to rumble to signal opportunity. You see, the setting of “The comments are in relation to the Schrems II decision, which is a key ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union which, in July 2020, declared the Privacy Shield, the EU/S personal data transfer mechanism was no longer lawful. The Privacy Shield is US law that provided US authorities with the right to collect personal data about EU data subjects without, the Court says, adequate safeguards. Further, the judgement states EU data subjects lacked effective means to seek redress against the US Government” It took a while for the brain to kick in (and kick me), yet it works for me. It implies that the value of my 5G IP goes through the roof (if Amazon buys it) and the second part of this (10% of IP and sales value) implies that I could optionally become a hell of a lot richer than ever thought before. 

So the car you see above would suddenly not be an illusion. Yet why?
You see, Neom (Saudi Arabia) set a change in motion, before 2030 marketing will take a massive turn to the left, as will retail power. As 5G will take its toll on cybercrime, I created a dampening effect, it will not stop everything, but it will stop a lot. 

Consider a pyramid The pyramid you see is the result. In the old setting the yellow part is red and all that is red is what hackers get access to, one way or another. I am taking a part away, the new solution will revoke hackers access to the yellow part and that is the gain. The gain might be bigger, but that is speculation (as is the current part), but this setting will save people (banks too) billions and Schrems II adds to this part in a few ways. You see, my system was retail based, now it becomes locally based (which I have been saying a few times in the past), but I had not considered Schrems 2, because it was not on my mind. I was all about the customer, I did not consider that the larger data stages would work in my favour (and optionally in this case Amazon too). 

The larger stage will still work and in this case it will be beneficial for whomever has it, but it is not. Stage that was build FOR Schrem 2, or CONSIDERING Schrem 2. It merely works in my favour and that is the difference between this transport and the one you saw earlier. 

And until the IP is sold, that is how I remain travelling (for now), in a car with chauffeur. But at times, life throws you a curveball that homes in on the bat and that is the benefit we all hope for and I am no different in that case. 

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The game for players

There was some feeling in me when I saw the Dutch NOS article. Nothing negative mind you, but the piece was lacking, lacking in several ways. This I not due to the reporter. The reporter had a valid scope, a niche they were looking into. Yet the stage is larger. The article (at gives us ‘The game industry cannot ignore the ‘Netflix model’ either’ it is one direction, but it is a dangerous that could cost the gamer dearly. You see, apart from the internet issues. Issues like Congestion, these issues will do more than rear its ugly head. It will drive internet prices up. In addition to this, on my simple mobile phone I had congestion for most of December 2021. So what happens when that network gets 150,000 people gaming and upgrading 30-120GB? I can tell you right now that in many places they will experience unimaginable levels of congestion. And it will get worse in rural areas of the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, the US and Canada. Consider that in Europe over a third lives in a rural area. Do you think that they will accept congestion?

The article also gives us “Something that I find immensely interesting as a consumer, but which I am concerned about as a producer.” She mainly fears that it could lead to a devaluation of games. “If you can spend a few euros a month, millions of hours of content then why pay 35 euros for those 2 hours of film on such a classic disc?”” This is a fair point, the article is all about Microsoft, but Microsoft does not care about gamers, it cares about its own bottom line. After the Xbox has become a failure, it is now concentrating on Xbox Cloud gaming. It needs a win anyway it can and for some it is a solution, there is no denying that, but for a lot it is stepping back to an era before the Xbox 360. Yes, the math works for them, but the technical issues do not. Microsoft is throwing its support towards an outdated consumerism, have ALL THESE GAMES for only $10 a month. The point is that it sounds good, it really does, but overall the quality of games is stagnating, I will make a massive exception for the Flight Simulator 2020. Beyond that the games they have, the good games were bought, and they spend $80,000,000,000 for the good games. Blizzard, Bethesda and Mojang. Three houses at that amount. Yes, Microsoft is buying what it can and diversifying by not making games available (or delayed and limited) on other platforms. Sony hit back buy buying Bungie. It becomes a weird gaming field. But when we see the article giving us ““In the longer term it will be even more difficult to make games independently,” says Joost van Dongen, co-founder of Ronimo (Awesomenauts). “Companies like Microsoft are becoming gatekeepers to the game industry. They determine which games they like and invest in and which they don’t.” He also fears that consumers will soon no longer be used to paying separately for a game.” It is in part true. Some will see the benefit (the next 2 years) to buy physical copies. That is until there is a proper deployed and supported 5G stage. After that all bets are off. In the stage of gatekeeper there is support against that stage, but it is the show Microsoft will be running. Sony has a different setting (for now) but the appeal of Netflix approach is there, there is no denying it. Only when we see that the creators give us a massive quality of gaming, that is when the story changes and the Netflix minded approach falls over. Yet that is also a problem. Consider going to the supermarket. A isle full of pasta. So who buys brand A, Brand B, Brand C or its Home-brand? Look at your groceries, make the list for yourself. Who buys Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and who buys the Supermarket label? I get it, it is often about budget, but when YOUR budget decides the quality of games, that is when you have truly lost. Consider Ubisoft, personally I see that they created 2 decent AC games. 2 out of 7. AC Black Flag (not really an AC game, but a nice Pirate game), AC Origins which was pretty spectacular. Every year another AC game was worse than a flop, it was burning an IP in public. And when streaming offers ‘early access’ games released at 80% whilst the games is getting ‘fixed’ is the way things will go. The stage of streaming also means that short cuts can be introduced, no gold master trajectory. 

In the article we see that stage (not mentioned as such) as “Lucia de Visser of Total Mayhem Games fears that it will become more difficult for her game studio to choose what kind of games are made. “For us, this is a very large asset, more important than big bags of money from publishers. It becomes increasingly difficult to determine that yourself, of course, if a one-sided market arises in which the revenue model, the distribution channel and the target group are already determined.”” But here we see something a lot more disturbing. “more difficult for her game studio to choose what kind of games are made”, it is business model over quality of gaming and the art of the game, business decides the art. It is the most dangerous of concepts as it will decide what people will have to accept, just like the home brand and there my case is made the clearest of all. In that model there would never be a Horizon forbidden west. No Ghost of Tsushima, optionally no Spiderman Miles Morales. The art on these (as well as Ratchet and Clank) are beyond anything Microsoft has created for years and the games that has this were bought. Even I (over the last few months) handed over IP for a game for Amazon Luna and Sony free of charge, I set up the concept in days, with at least 4 unique never seen before approaches to games. And these two players do not need to pay $80,000,000,000 They got it for free showing you all that art can win over business sense. The sense of business that Microsoft shows seems appealing until you realise that this is all your world will be. There is a bit of Karel Appel, H.R. Giger and/or Maud Lewis in all of us, we merely need to find it and tap into that and through that we get the option to end the short sightedness of players like Microsoft. As I see it you can always  get a gamer to play, but you can never play the gamer. It is a sure thing to end your investments, gaming comes from a core of art, never from a heart of business.

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daemonis more

Yes, from one we go to the other and it is time to look towards the setting of protection. Armour if you want. You see the games all have their take on it, and so do I. We have cloth, leather and…..

Yes, you are roaring to name dozens of armour, all from other games, Blizzard and Bethesda did their work, yet I believe we need to go back to the basics. You can have 60-200 forms of armour, but what does it serve? The basics are what some call undergarments, the armour and the cloak. Yet be not deceived, the undergarments can be fur, cloth, thin leather or chainmail. Each their protection, each their weakness. Try walking through the winter scape of Scandinavia or Canada and try doing that wearing chainmail UNDER your vest, you soon will learn that col travels and Chainmail holds onto the freezing cold like nothing you have ever experienced. Yet chainmail has properties that we need. So we could go chainmail coated fur. You see, each benefit will have a drawback and it becomes a much larger puzzle when you imbue the armour with magical properties. I do not believe that there are only upsides. Like magnets, what pulls on one side, pushes on another. Any natural product is like a small balance, upside and downside go hand in hand, but overall the larger benefit is found. The cloak might have stealth magic, yet the iron armour imbued with strength or poison magic will negatively impact stealth. It is not completely set in stone yet, but I believe that a lot more can be done on balance instead of merely adding percentages here or there. 

And as armour is stronger, it tends to be less stealthy, still stealth will have a side that benefits all, it will have options making it worth having and so begins a new water table of balance. 

As I personally see it, we get a lot more puzzles and joy by having the three elements of armour in the personal screen and work our way from there. Three elements in stead of a combination of 8. Three elements and each having its options instead of X*Y*Z armour settings you have to program ahead of release. There is of course more to be done, but I just handed three separate sides (including the previous two articles) to get you going and become a new and competing Blizzard. Let’s not forget that there are several systems where Microsoft is not welcome, so you have options in the long run and this was handed to you without charge so you can design your version of a slicer and dicer on Sony and Amazon systems at no charge. When was the last time you had an offer like that? You still have to do your dues and your perseverance in making the game, but you have a head start now. I will try to add a few more sides to this all giving you more to work with and let us remember that we want a better set of options for gamers in total. You see Microsoft is about removing choice, they have the largest companies and you get to play those games as long as it is on a Microsoft system. An inferior system that betrayed its gamers (as I personally see it) more than once. Do  you really want to be part of that, or do you want to be the new wave of game designers in a setting where the gamer gets to choose and they choose you? Now they will choose Microsoft because there is no other system that has it, how is that freedom for gamers? 

And freedom is where it is at, so I design the IP for you all so you can oppose a Microsoft dictatorship for gamers. It is merely my way of fighting that technology usurper. At least that is how I personally see it.

So feel free to agree or disagree, yet those who disagree when choices fall away, you better realise that you were part of that limitation of choice.

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In the beginning

It is not a new line, it has been used so many times, but it is a decent start to any story. As I was contemplating yesterday’s story and yesterday’s actions, my mind wandered al over the field. You see creating a hero is easy, you look in the mirror and you have a (delusional) hero. You see, it is the antagonists that shape the story. Would Hercules be anyone if his deed was stopping bullies in a bar? Would the bowie knife existed if it was tasted on vagrants? Nope, we need antagonists!

So I wanted to create something new, yet there are only so many antagonists you can create, gaming has existed for decades, people have used nearly all the antagonists that myth, folklore and history allows for. So we need a new setting of a story. And then it hit me, what if (a setting I personally believe in) the enemy is all around us, we start in a place with one enemy, but from there, then what? That is the only weakness that Diablo has, the story is set to some degree and then we see that our powers are created because we know what comes. So what happens when we take that away?

So consider the pentagram above (a coincidence, honestly), We see the 5 points (A-E) when you start a new game, Demon class A is the first one you meet, you will gain powers from killing that demon, but there is no way telling what class it is, it might be vampire, it might be a ghoul, Incubi, Ifrit, there are too many to name, but that makes the setting fun. As you kill more of that kind your power in point A rises, so at some point you will encounter a new demon. Killing the first one is a challenge, but like Demon A you gain the ability to kill it easier. Now the hard part, the small points are not assigned, If demon A is coded blue, and the second demon is Red, then whoever you meet is assigned purple will be easier to kill, but you will have a max of 50% advantage (can’t make it too easy) and every game the wheel changes, every game will be a new challenge, you can (to some degree) consider the main points, but the minor points cannot be determined until you face them. A setting that (as far as I know) Blizzard never considered and now I have come up with a new challenge. And every game will have up to 8 main types, so against 3 of them you will have to fight for your life. to a smaller degree with minor classes too. And with up to 25 main classes and 30 minor classes, there will be new and unique playthroughs for some tyme to come (spicy enough for you).

This is merely the antagonists. There is more, towns will need to be created and they all have a smith (weapons) an attacked armour maker, and inn (food and drink). And as we see these elements evolve we get a better handle on who and what to kill. A setting that has been done before but not to this degree. So Microsoft spend billions on goods, and I countered the first move (free for Sony and Amazon developers). So consider how angry gamers will become and create your own fortune, let’s show Microsoft not to mess with gamers through their sanctimonious BS. So there is a lot more to do, but consider that we have a larger population dedicated to keep the quality of gaming high.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Hunger is the new sustenance

It is a stage where we see that the Yemeni population will casually accepts hunger as the way to get from meal to meal. If that upsets you, fine. So when the Australian Human Rights Commission gives the people ‘New research finds ageism is the most accepted form of prejudice in Australia’, I wonder what they are going on about. Especially when they give us 

Young adults (18-39) are most likely to experience ageism as being condescended to or ignored, particularly at work. Middle-aged people (40-61) are most likely to experience ageism as being turned down for a job. Older people (62+) are more likely to experience ageism as being ‘helped’ without being asked.

So how about ageism where people over 55 with university degrees and decades of experience are no longer considered for jobs, not on pretty much any level, I see nothing on this, but these Human Rights groups are seemingly talking about ageism. So who is this Dr Kay Patterson AO? How much data from Centrelink and job saturation by age did this person look at? Google settled a case of Age discrimination in August and we see nothing on ageism and the lack of getting jobs, do we? I merely wonder who this Dr Patterson is catering to? 

I see that there are two settings. In the first we see “The report found ageism remains the most accepted form of prejudice in Australia, with 63% having experienced ageism in the last five years.” From another point of view we are not given “Multiple sources have for the most not acted AGAINST corporations and organisations that continue a stage of ageism, a stage that is optionally covered up with the assistance of the HR department” In this consider how much Agism there is (the report mentions 90%), yet how many HR organisations have made a written summary to their board of directors? It is nice that a player like Google is given a legal notice, yet how many at large firms have been given fines? So when we consider the quote ‘there are 2,402,254 actively trading businesses in the Australian economy’, if that is true than there should be up to 2,162,000 businesses active with ageism and I am pretty sure that the media has not given us anything to that degree (or to any degree for that matter). 

We can cry foul, we can get angry but there is a larger stage that is surrounding it and it will not go away, So it is time for the next iteration of what I promised. Especially as there is no nuclear deal coming, as people are waiting in the lines to wonder what will happen next. I will set online (encrypted in 4Chan) as well as here, a method, a conceptual method on melting down the Iranian reactor, no bombs required, but that will come soon. In the meantime, here is another snow globe. This is not for fun, the snow globe gave me the idea that no matter what protections you add, there is a way to get to the reactor and why add explosives when the reactor itself is a massively large boom boom box? It is nice, because young people might never have thought of this solution. Will it work? I do not know, but it is time to make clear that the threats by Iran against the state of Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are no longer tolerated and Iran has made enough enemies. So someone will tinker with my idea and use it, or adjust and use it. Either way is fine with me. Like the other IP, when the counters hit a certain number, I will publish the papers here. 

It is not theatrical, but I do believe that an advantage is only an advantage if others are nipping at the heels of that very same IP. So whilst you consider that hunger is the new sustenance, consider the active acts of all of us against Houthi and Iranian forces for their actions in Yemen. On the other hand, if my idea works too well, Yemen will be all that Iran has left, balance in the universal equation. Such is life. It is nice to see such a reverence of “Older people (62+) are more likely to experience ageism as being ‘helped’ without being asked”, especially when thousands go hungry in Yemen, I get it there are plenty of issues, but this issue seems to be extremely active to avoid age discrimination on getting jobs, which would have been my first thought, but I reckon that 90% of 2,402,254 businesses (in Australia) is just too big a risk to consider. So let’s give them a new risk setting, and that is where my reactor idea is just in time to be introduced as a new solution quite soon. The other IP took 4-6 days, so I wonder how long it will take now. 

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It started in a few ways, one of them was a game called Idle Necromancer. Even with the few glitches (one actual whopper of a bug), the game was fun for two days. Then the issues hit, the same over and over, grinding towards nowhere. You see, in RPG we accept grinding. Grinding can be a simple way to get the equipment you are looking for and we all have our locations. For me it was the Rockmilk Cave in Oblivion. Two groups fighting each other, decent loot and its segmentation made it easy to clean house. In Skyrim it was the Halted Stream Camp, a few opponents, good loot, iron ore and tusks. All a person in dire need of funds and resources needs. We all look for the easy grind and over time we need bigger places to get the experience points. Grinding has its pay-off, and when there is no payoff? It stops pretty quick and in this Idle Necromancer has a lot of changes it needs to do (and fix a massive bug), but the irritating part is that the game looks good, has optionally a challenge and almost no advertisements, so I do hope they fix it because this is one of those games that could have a very long life. I would think that they would add a few sides to the game, scenery (101 levels of identical scenery will not work), you need to level all the creatures, so in stead of clicking on each type 1000 times (my monsters were level 1000 on day 2), having a level selection button (1/10/50) would not be a bad idea. The music was really nice, yet there too alterations might make it more enticing, the music was nice, but the idea (to take a page from Fur Fighters), setting the melody in the song to whatever creature is dominant (it makes sense when you played the game) is not a bad idea, optionally, certain instruments are added as you unlock more creatures. It sounds like a lot, but it is not, the larger problem is that you are grinding to nowhere, that is the actual issue. Wave after wave, redoing it and licking to add levels to your creatures. They could take a page from Diablo and let the stage start that at times loot boxes drop with equipment for the necromancer. Have the scenery in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, optionally altering the music slightly. Moreover, the dead do not care about the weather, but it could be used to set a hindrance to a creature. In winter the FrankenZombie might become slower, in Summer Ghosts and Wraiths lose power faster and so on. All small changes that change the game by a lot. Optionally every 10 waves a boss group, or a village that has a lot more opponents (with the optional treasure). All options someone might notice on day one. Yet the game remains enticing. This was all good and nice, but it is not about a free game, it set the old noggin in motion and as I was contemplating that the thought of ‘Life imitating art’ came to me and from there the ‘Why does art not imitate life?’ thought came. There is an old statistical saying. If there is significance in Factorial results, there cannot be any discriminant results.

Say what now?
In factor we go from an interval to a result group, in Discriminant we go from a group to an interval. Yet the link does not work BOTH ways. If a factor succeeds, a discriminant test will fail and vice versa. Oversimplified it means that  incomes could determine what gender receives it, but a gender cannot be the foundation to the income. It is oversimplified, but I need to in this case.

Yes, I see that you are confused and it will get worse soon enough. You see, I saw the news pass by on Dave Chapelle and Netflix. Now, I do not particularly care about Dave Chapelle. I have not seen his shows and let’s face it there only one true comedian (Jimmy Carr, I had to go there). Comedy is set to the watcher, we like it, we tolerate it or we loath it. It is often in several settings, it is how we are wired. So when I saw headlines like ‘Netflix workers walk out over Dave Chappelle special The Closer’ and I wondered what was going on. So I read some of the stuff (I did not watch the show) and I took notice of Mike Bary who gives us “Yes, there is freedom of speech, but you don’t have to be mean when you make jokes. I think Dave Chappelle, a funny person, needs to understand a little more about the jokes he’s making and how they can affect people” In this there are two sides. For one, comedy comes in all forms and sizes, offensive, the other kind and several flavours in between. When it comes to gays, lesbians and trans people everyone has their own station, some accept it, some love it, some do not care (that would be me) and some hate it. Now in this case there is a chance that Dave Chappelle is catering to the not so positive group and is that a problem? The easy way is to switch the channel if you do not like it. There are comedians that do not come to my screen, some aren’t even funny, some are but I do not get their humour, we all have that. The problem with the left slighted people is that they attack whatever does not play their tune. Why is that? The article (and a few others) already gave us “Mr Sarandos said Chappelle’s language did not cross the line into inciting violence” and why would he? It is similar with abortions, the pro-life group is at the very end of one stick and the other team take on the other extreme. I believe that there is a need for abortion, I think it happens too often and some see it as a cure (which it is not) and the pro-lifers are all about zero abortions. They are allowed to have that view, but they seem to be actively aggressive to whomever does not follow THEIR point of view. The attacks on abortion clinics is clear evidence. These elements now go into a bucket to be stirred because there is a larger stage to come. You see, it now sets the stage that I created with the earlier mentioned settings. You see, we forget that all the Political Correctness BS is a stage that pushes insincerity and outright lies into the open. We need to take a page from gaming. There are stages that are different, we are not all the same (and we never ill be) and sometimes life is too much like a game, we grind our hours and we go nowhere. Now consider the Idle Necromancer issues and the stage of discriminant analyses. We need a new key in gaming. One that might be as simple as the stage where actions of the player, as well as the character played might give a stage that the game alters whether a man or a woman plays the game. We are not the same and we forgot to coin that prospect into revenue. We see terms like ‘Women friendly games’ but are they? Is a makeover game girl friendly? 

What if an RPG becomes intelligent enough to capture the players actions and can then determine the gender (beyond the play style) of the player and alter the game play accordingly? And it is not merely gender, it is also the stage of a junior versus a senior gamer, a defensive versus an offensive player. All elements that can unfold to shape a game, not shape the gamer according to the story of the character. And as it was with Chappelle some will not like it, some will complain and cry like a chihuahua. But there will be a group that will enjoy that game evolution. As I stated, the problem with Ubisoft is that they were about pleasing everyone. If you do that you end up not satisfying anyone. The games we play are the ones we are attracted to, the ones that challenge us and I believe that the best challenges are given by games that are open enough to evolve the game and the story according to the playing party. This is not a new thought, but only now are consoles strong enough to cater to that setting and with Streaming systems evolving that stage will become important, a lot more important than anyone can understand at present. We are being bullied into some flaky form of Political correctness that is neither political or correct, gaming is an outlet, so let’s use that form to challenge the people to a whole new form of gaming. One that alters (read: adjusts) as the player plays. At present it has never been done before so there will be a first. 

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