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Never forgotten

There is a stage I hd not forgotten about. I had no writers block, but a logic block. Stories fantasy or not have their own rules of logic. It might not make sense to the reader (at first) but it does to the writer and in my case, the logic did not add up. So instead of making ‘fictive’ logic, I took time to think through the events. And recently I did so. So whilst I kind of need to make a small recap to Residuam Vitam, the recap is mostly limited to the other articles, so that you can pick up the pieces. 

August 13th 2021 Death as a resource (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2021/08/13/death-as-a-resource/)
August 14th 2021 When death and chicken taste alike (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2021/08/14/when-death-and-chicken-taste-alike/)
August 16th 2021 When death is taxable (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2021/08/16/when-death-is-taxable/)
March 3rd 2022 From pot to bowl (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/03/03/from-pot-to-bowl/)
March 14th 2022 A view in the east (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/03/14/a-view-in-the-east/)
April 9th 2022 Struggle (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/04/09/struggle/)

There are a few more, but I am rewriting it all, optionally to insert it as a pdf. 

So, where was I? I had set the stage with Baron Samedi, the meeting with Hades and at that point we added Meng Po, they all have larger stages to contribute, and that is going smoothly. But the wind caught on, and as such, so did Ereshkigal and Mot. Their powers are similar, but not the same and as such they started to tread on the loom of life, the loom that these two wield like masters. The loom of life has sustained them throughout the ages as they became part of that machine, but now that the rules are adapting it changes what they are given in the end and their share has been so large for such a long time. They now create shadows the size of giants on their former selves and that changes the equation by a much larger degree. So as the gods create a new alliance, they also unknowingly create the anti-pod of their alliance and the people, the mortals are between the two parties. 

The detective (from the very beginning) becomes the axial of the middle, the becomes unknowing to her and to others the axial of a seesaw. Hades, Meng Po, Baron Samedi and Anubis are the main players of one side of the seesaw, the other end has Ereshkigal, Ta’xet, Tia and Mot occupy the other end of the seesaw. But these players are slowly introduced. As the new brew influences the people Tia becomes aware who informs Ta’xet. Ta’xet had a connection to Mot from the old days and now they start to learn on what is going on. Ereshkigal is the last to connect to this new eave, but only because Ereshkigal has had a deepened distrust of anything Anubis touches. It is at this point that Hel is awakened. She is awakened by Ta’xet who feels kinship to Hel, no like, but kinship is enough to take the stage in different ways. Ta’xet thinks (decently correctly) that any negative impact of dishonourable souls will anger Hel and it does, but she has no real friends as such she also investigates and she will get under the skin of the detective through all the people she lost in her career and as such she can stack against the other side. 

Now that I have a grasp of how the interactions are going, I can start looking at the dialogues of these characters. I need to push a few more items to the surface and I need to see what to do about Meng Po, her duty and her tsk never failed. As such I need to push a different border to clear her vested interest to the top of the pile. She is driven too, but how to ‘exploit’ it? That is still a stage I need to examine. The ‘mortal’ side is decently clear, the side of Hades (and the twist in all this) is also clear. I have some ideas on how to counter Baron Samedi. Here we can rely on Maman Brijit. She is also the Loa of justice and vengeance and the drink is a stage of injustice to those who will die and there is the rub, as Samedi will become a lot more powerful, the imbalance between Maman and the Baron becomes stronger. To some degree he becomes his own worst enemy and that was one element Hades was counting on. He played the game for so long, the sound of every string on the loom of life are distinct in sound and he knows all the sounds. So there we have the three parts and now I need to set a line to all the characters and reread everything to see if I left any obvious holes. 


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We all struggle, I am no different, but my struggle is not with the having of stuff, not with the acquisition. It is with creation. I create I keep on creating, yet I see not the reason why I do things. It is not to show me how more advanced I am, how much more perfect or better I am. I create games, stories, movies, TV series and software. Yet, I cannot see why I am doing it. A lot is here in this blog, I have no need for some of it but in the back of my mind, it seems to be about more, and I have no idea what the links are. I am in the dark about WHY I am creating stuff. Is it about old tech? The printable display is there, but I have no idea why I came up with it. The Giggle water (two days ago) is mere fun, to see any liquid infused with nitrous oxide that releases the gas from the liquid on consuming it is fun, but I do not see why my mind is going that way. I see the stage why I went for the 5G, I am a technologist after-all, the new stage of marketing makes sense. Preparing myself for a wave that is inbound and that makes sense. Yet all around it are iterations of innovations and they are linked somehow, but I cannot yet see why they are there. And my mind is screaming to know the why, at times it is deafening.

Is it some delusional part to show Ubisoft I am better than any of them? It seems stupid, Guerrilla Software and Avalanche Software are doing that just fine and I am nowhere near that good. I am for the most a storyteller. Is it part of any story I was creating? Keno Diastima is doing fine for now. The large lines of three seasons are done, the smaller stories of season one are coming along and the large jumps that make for Season 2, and Season 3 are basically done. The end of season 3 remains and open end to the story. I feel it is a better end than milking the idea. The shock stage is what needs to be. That is how I feel it needs to be. Then there is the mini series Residuam Vitam, It is still developing. Some of the storylines are set, are shaped, the involvement of others are coming and so far I left Anubis out of the equation, I need his involvement to be near stellar, but there are gaps in what I know of Anubis from History and from theology. There is a stage from Hades that is now shaping, yet there is  form of duality that I want to explore, but it needs to be defined and I am wondering how to go about it. The part of Meng Po is almost done, but I feel that it needs her personal drive there. There needs to be something that pushes her. I want it to reflect on Lady Meng Jiang, there is the part we see with “Lady Meng Jiang heard nothing after his departure, so she set out to bring him winter clothes. Unfortunately, by the time she reached the Great Wall, her husband had already died. Hearing the bad news, she wept so bitterly that a part of the Great Wall collapsed, revealing his bones.” It is a nice fitting part, a nice piece of a puzzle making an image, but I feel that the image I see is a little different. You see she kept on pouring soup like it was a solution, it was the path to someplace. A set of the mind, a set of pieces of a puzzle, but not the ones any story give me (the parts out in the open), it is possible that Chinese writings give me more, but I do not know Chinese. There is a place that those who give service embrace, but I always felt that Meng Po was doing it to keep ahead of something, to go towards someone and I believe that her path was not set to one person, it was more but I cannot answer it by ‘weaving’ my own tale. Like the story of a game shapes the way we think, the way we perceive and the way we react. Like the technology that opens what we can see and what we could get. These parts seem to be connected somehow. This is not the problem. I feel that I am missing a larger piece of a puzzle, but it is not an image. It is like the puzzle is not an image but a film reel, or there is a 3rd dimension component I cannot see at present. Is it an innovation that is yet to come? Perhaps that is what the mind struggles with? Like a stonemason who has his block of marble. He knows that three more pieces need to be removed, but he cannot see the three pieces. That is how it feels, but there is still another part, it is not as simple as three pieces, and that is where I struggle. It is like there is something just out of view, I see shimmers of what I am supposed to see, but that is as good as it gets. And there I struggle still.

We all do at times, it is what we want to achieve, it is why we want to achieve and for the creators it is not bout the money, it is about the creation, it is ego. I fought ego my entire life, I never accepted it within myself, but I have ego, we all do, the delusional ones think that they are above it, but they are not. In this I personally believe that Vladimir Putin is the latest folly of ego, it slapped him down and he remains in ‘hiding’. In his mind a two bit place like the Ukraine cannot stop the Russian bear and the fact that they did is scaring him, his own ego defeated him and it is more about defeat than anything else. If my ego is to be about success and not failure I need to push myself past ego, my struggle for me is real, I get that and that struggle is more than a fight, overcoming it will open doors to ideas. And that is where I find myself. What idea did my brain work out that I as a person cannot see yet? That is the struggle for me and you face your own struggles, we all do. It is how we go about our struggles, that sets the definition of success or defeat. I do not mind losing, but to be defeated by my own brain is weird. It is not sabotaging me, it is teaching me to look in other directions. I just have no idea in what direction I am supposed to look, lets face it, do you?

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A view in the East

There is a new stage coming, I believe that it is a new part towards ‘Residuam vitam’ but I cannot place it in the whole story at present. There are gaps in the setting, but as far asI can tell, it is all happening in China. There is an open cave, a pipeline between north and south of the mountain. The stones are dark grey and profound. The cave pipeline looks like a stretched oval, with a width of 2 meters and about 5 meters high. The funny part is that the wind always comes through here and always from the north, that wind is quite strong and never lets up. I cannot tell whether the cave is below the snow-line, or I am seeing this in summer, it does not feel warm. When you walk into the cave, a cave the locals for unknown reasons avoid we see two large rotors. They are half in the mountain, half sticking out like teeth hungry for the north wind. The vanes are about 120cm wide, so these rotors must be about 2.5 meters in size and they stretch for a height of about 3 meters. They must have been here a while, they rotate, as the wind pushes them both. Between the two rotors is a gap, but not natural, it is man-made. It goes into a container, the container looks quite good, but the electronics are old, like they were installed in the 50’s and it is then that I hear the hissing sounds. I look around but I see nothing. It is at the other end of the container when I see a door and I open it slightly, the hissing is quite loud now and my flashlight illuminates hundreds of snakes. I have no idea how poisonous they are, so I do not go in, but the large surprise is in the back, quite visible. It is Wimshurst machine, it is huge, 5 meters across easily. Made of wood, with points in between and as the current inhabitants seem nasty, I will not venture forth. But those discs are no longer moving. I reckon that this is what the rotors were for, to power the Wimshurst. If this works there would be an unstoppable amount of energy for an entire valley. What made it stop? It was then that the hissing stopped and the snake sounds made one noise ‘Ao Shun’ it was the sound I had hoped to hear. Ao Shun is one of the few living aspects that could lead me to Ereshkigal, Queen of the Great Earth and she was the only one who once visited the true throne of Anubis and returned from there. So she was the only one who could tell me where Anubis rested and recuperated and that was preference to meeting him anywhere in the world. Anywhere else he could avoid me and not face me, in his place he had to face me and accept me as more then all the other mortals, a weird and dangerous stage, but the only one that could lead to results. So as I contemplated this I took a step onto those steps towards the Wimshurst machine and figure out why it had stopped working.

Then I woke up (darn), a nice setting towards the mini series which I believed would be all in New Orleans. This little sidestep proves me wrong, but I have no idea where it will take me from there at present. 


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When figments take over

Yes, that is a question, I am not sure if I have an answer because my mind is all over the place. It is like the scent I am picking up is taking charge on whatever comes next. It is a little weird, a little unsettling and even weirdly more, a path into the unknown.

First all, I have no idea where I am. My mind had taken me to some gritty (but clean) food place. It looks nothing like a restaurant, from the inside it seems like I am in a wooden shack that is set on top of concrete slabs. Not a place I have ever been, as far as I can tell. The prices are in Euro’s so I reckon I am somewhere in Europe. The staff looks at me awaiting my order. I order the triple carapace for €20. I get a large pewter plate, the plate is set in three areas almost like the old US eating trays. I get three parts of lobster, one is deed fried, covered with cheese it was a few small potatoes on the side. One is (I think) broiled and comes with steamed carrots and cauliflower, the last part is fried with butter, it has fried capsicum, mushrooms and a thick gravy with small pieces of lobster. It smells terrific and the weird thing is that I never had this before in my life, not even any of the individual parts as it is shown to me. I sit down and every bite is heavenly, I buy a bottle of water and drink it the part with the mushrooms is a little salty but still awesome. I get up and walk out of the shack, I am back in my living room. I have no idea where I was, I have (to the best of my knowledge) never been to this place and even now the scent of fried lobster, capsicum and mushrooms are filling my nose. I cannot explain it. The slightly delusional side of me is thinking back, over two years my mind created a little over $10,000,000,000 of IP, the delusional side is as I haven’t sold any of it, it might amount to a mere $10. The mind takes over at times. I cannot explain it and for now my brain is getting drunk on the smell of prepared lobster, which is weird as my last lobster is about 9 years ago and it was served Japanese style with fresh Wasabi, so I have no idea where the smells are coming from and I do not smell that good, not ever (thank god), I would take up cannibalism in a heartbeat, even my own heartbeat.  

Yet the situation remains, what was the vision, a mere scene for one of the scripts? Nothing happened, there was no hint, no clue no nothing, merely me eating and enjoying lobsters in three ways. So why write it down? Well for me writing down is keeping me busy, it brings clarity and in the back of my mind at times other things happen, it is not the first wave, it is the second wave that gives additional insights and I have had it on a few parts, for now I merely wonder if I can fit additional parts of the stage of ‘Residuam Vitam’, it also might b the third time I altered that title. I have parts in place, but I need a deeper need towards the parts that Meng Po plays in the story, her side it too one-sided, to facilitating and that does not work for me. You see some stories are ‘decently’ articulate in giving us “Lady Meng took the initiative to create a bowl of soup that would allow spirits to forget the suffering of their material life.” I believe that is merely half a story, you see facilitation only gets you so far, no matter how selfless a person is, when you are on a bridge handing out soup for 1000 generations, 10,000 moons there is a nourishing factor, I just haven’t figured out what it is, and the soup is important, smell is important. What if she hopes to meet the lost love in his next reincarnation? It matters as the soup is important for the story, it also matters as Hades and Anubis have alternate needs and a larger hunger, so what gives? 

It is hard for the figments to take control, but it helps setting a stage to the story and I for one still haven’t figured out all the cogs. The main lines are there and the players are known, but it needs to fit, not like a glove but like the cogs of a Swiss timepiece. The players have been around for millennia, so their stage of timing perfection matters. We go into any story, any interaction of divinity with small tokens, but the divine are timeless, so they think in centuries, not years and to make that story work requires a different brush. This is not a Winslow Homer aquarel, it is the Nightwatch by Rembrandt van Rijn, two different styles, two different approaches. In the first the player was The Shooting Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch. A little element too often overlooked, there was a 9 year gap between to commissioning and the delivery. There are all kinds of reasons and we can guess, let the critics set the tone, but time is the element that plays here. A photo in that identical stage would be taken in 1/125 seconds, the painting took months if not years. To set that time in different parallels we need to see that that any of the divine players can see any scene, any second like a Hasselblad H6D-400C, even whilst we are mere Kodak instamatics, scent is part of that Kodak but the camera does not record scent. So the stage needs to be altered and it is now I see the alternate scene, the part the lobsters never told me (they were getting eaten). So what if the soup does more than the players realised? What if the scent of the soup also captures the scents once forgotten? The spirit bathes in forgetfulness on the road to reincarnation, but what if Meng Po captures every scent experienced? What if she needs one specific memory and consider that in ancient China a little over 10% was blind, the beggars in the streets, ignored by all as they went on their business, but the blind still register scents, what if Meng Po was seeking a specific scent? It might work. All due to a lobster dish I never ate (poor poor me).

So at times let the figments take over, you never know where they are headed and in my case, I was clueless until the story was completed.

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After a fact to begin a fact

Yes, nice and cryptic. Not intentionally, but that is how I roll. But before I get into that, I promised to give something tomorrow, but as it is about 0:01, tomorrow is now. So here goes. As I was (trying to) being clever, I considered that any off looking equipment will get caught soon. It shouldn’t but that is no guarantee. So I needed the valve to disappear. Now, one thing I learned that security staff tends to be lazy. Perhaps technically unobserving is a better term, they are not stupid, so something that looks off will get noticed quickly, unless it looks the same. So I can be as clever as I can, but the valve might get noticed. So as I was considering options I remembered the colour picker app. An Android app that uses the camera to scan a colour and translate it to an RGB tint. So there was a solution, but there is no way we can have all these colours in stock, so I created an adjusted primer spray paint. Primer is white, so I added the design of a dial at the bottom (see below).

Now we can pick the colour, adjust the 10 scale Red-Yellow-Blue-Black dials and insert the pigment, a few good shakes (5-15 seconds) and the colour is ready. Now we apply the paint and the device and its band will look as painted as the pipes are and now, the chance of overlooking is massively larger. So that part was solved and I created a new piece of IP in the process. So spray-paint makers might find this approach an interesting twist. Instead of 187.4 colours, you have one article and let the user fix what they need. No hassle, no ‘not in stock’ issues. All in a days work.

Anyway, what set all this off is that I was day dreaming (at 22:00). And suddenly I had an idea towards the Exhaurire Vitam concept, how it all started. How Anubis and Hades meet each other. All because of a young girl (9) who gets abducted by molesters and her Dachshund (which I affectionately name Kransky) ends up in nowhere land, right in front of the one person that the molesters would never have wanted involved and the carnage is one they will remember for all days. These is a lot more, but let’s not quench your thirst too much at present. 

So as Anubis owes Hades and he repays by offering a gift that is useless to him, but he knows that it will benefit Hades, so he repays in this way and opens a door that will shiver and shake New Orleans in ways you might have read earlier. A setting I never thought of, I never contemplated it. It merely came to me, that and the rest of the settings are weird, close to a dozen pieces of new IP, no idea where it is coming from and when it does not impact my IP (5G, TV, selected IP) I will make it Public domain, perhaps I can actually restart some economies making me more electable then whatever is in political office at present. Yet, feel free to ask Meng Po for an opinion and a cup of soup, it’s free. 


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When one is no longer valid

Yes, it is part 4 and it is not a wordplay of death, even though for some it is. As I went over the stories, as I contemplate the settings that are out there. I suddenly got a thought and looked a few things up. You see the previous article had an image of three and four circles and the fourth circle is the larger stage of sublime writing. Now, I was clear, that is not me, I am still in a developing stage on a few levels, yet circle number four kept on beckoning. So I mulled a few things over and even though it remains a play on mainly three circles, I started to insert another matter towards both the opposition and the divine play. You see, this world is by its own hands now in a stage of post-secularism. Even as we ignore this, the stage was created by the Catholics who gave us hits like ‘The best place to hide a salami is in a minor’, ‘As we kill the children of First Nations who disagree’. It is in that field we now see “growth of religion is the spread of religions and the increase of religious adherents around the world”, it goes far beyond Islam, even though it is seemingly growing the fastest. The spreading of the false god by the Vatican has a larger stage. As it is about ‘forgiveness’ the people who adhered to Ygdrassil, to the Nordic gods and others, we now see a stage we where the story I concocted will have a massive discussion stage. A stage that will call to attention a lot more than just a fantasy story, what my story basically is (Hades and Anubis agree on this). 

There have been well over two dozen academic writings on the topic in the last decade alone, and that is a stage I can adhere to and shape in something that could be added to the story. Consider the stage when we see the real problem, or perhaps it is not a problem, perhaps it is a much wider awakening. A stage where the people are waking up to two millennium, of using an alleged false god that have been catering to the wealthy, to keep people without account and now as the dam breaks, the Vatican will seek the stands of forgiveness and entrench the wrong people, a stage that Islam predicted, and we ignored it, but the truth will come out and even as it is not the stage, there is a larger stage that gives rise that one god cannot be real in the world we live in. But a group of many could be an option and as we realise that a god could also mean any person so far advanced in science than we are, we see a larger stage that might be true. And in such a stage we see that there is an optional issue with monotheism. In this the doubts we all have, the questions we all have, that is fodder for any TV series. So in my stage it is not merely about the sliding scale of between secularism and post secularism. It becomes a scale of a range of gods and how they converge their powers. A stage where we see the larger stage, how is the relationship of deities and their powers, as their powers are optionally linked to us, we need to see what drives them, is it immortality? Is it power that we are not yet aware of? 

Any guess is good, but that can also drive a story, because I am about the story, not about theology and in this theology is an optional weapon, an optional choice for us to make. What if our self is driven by who or what we align to? Is it Zeus/Juno, Poseidon, Neptune, Horus, Osiris? Your clue is as good as mine, I do not claim to know, I do not even speculate that I am right and in all this we still get to wonder how it is in China, India and on Haiti (and many other places). 

A stage added that I had not considered as the story was evolving, we now see a story that is  getting a lot more enticing and optionally complex too. You see, if the population of 150,000,000 in 500BC supported them, how much more powerful will they be when we are now 7,800,000,000? You see, no matter how you set it, secularism only works in a place where there is true accountability, now we see how the media scorned it, how the Vatican made it a joke and as we now move faster into a stage of post secularism, the story gets adapted in a few directions, and that is good for me, I can drive the story in any direction, that is great because in the end, the story is everything.


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