A view in the East

There is a new stage coming, I believe that it is a new part towards ‘Residuam vitam’ but I cannot place it in the whole story at present. There are gaps in the setting, but as far asI can tell, it is all happening in China. There is an open cave, a pipeline between north and south of the mountain. The stones are dark grey and profound. The cave pipeline looks like a stretched oval, with a width of 2 meters and about 5 meters high. The funny part is that the wind always comes through here and always from the north, that wind is quite strong and never lets up. I cannot tell whether the cave is below the snow-line, or I am seeing this in summer, it does not feel warm. When you walk into the cave, a cave the locals for unknown reasons avoid we see two large rotors. They are half in the mountain, half sticking out like teeth hungry for the north wind. The vanes are about 120cm wide, so these rotors must be about 2.5 meters in size and they stretch for a height of about 3 meters. They must have been here a while, they rotate, as the wind pushes them both. Between the two rotors is a gap, but not natural, it is man-made. It goes into a container, the container looks quite good, but the electronics are old, like they were installed in the 50’s and it is then that I hear the hissing sounds. I look around but I see nothing. It is at the other end of the container when I see a door and I open it slightly, the hissing is quite loud now and my flashlight illuminates hundreds of snakes. I have no idea how poisonous they are, so I do not go in, but the large surprise is in the back, quite visible. It is Wimshurst machine, it is huge, 5 meters across easily. Made of wood, with points in between and as the current inhabitants seem nasty, I will not venture forth. But those discs are no longer moving. I reckon that this is what the rotors were for, to power the Wimshurst. If this works there would be an unstoppable amount of energy for an entire valley. What made it stop? It was then that the hissing stopped and the snake sounds made one noise ‘Ao Shun’ it was the sound I had hoped to hear. Ao Shun is one of the few living aspects that could lead me to Ereshkigal, Queen of the Great Earth and she was the only one who once visited the true throne of Anubis and returned from there. So she was the only one who could tell me where Anubis rested and recuperated and that was preference to meeting him anywhere in the world. Anywhere else he could avoid me and not face me, in his place he had to face me and accept me as more then all the other mortals, a weird and dangerous stage, but the only one that could lead to results. So as I contemplated this I took a step onto those steps towards the Wimshurst machine and figure out why it had stopped working.

Then I woke up (darn), a nice setting towards the mini series which I believed would be all in New Orleans. This little sidestep proves me wrong, but I have no idea where it will take me from there at present. 



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