Yes! I get to have fun

This happened this morning and it was based on an article that was published yesterday (at The article titled ‘Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra: Only if Google Pixel 6 Pro didn’t exist…’ in the article I get to have a go at my long time enemy Samsung. You see, I hated them forever (around 1990), so a little over 30 years, but then I mastered holding a grudge like forever, so there is a setting of happy glee feelings here. The reason does not matter (a water under the bridge issue). What does matter is that the Google Pixel 6 Pro overall beats the Galaxy S22, the S22+ and S22 Ultra all by itself. The article gives you a really nice rundown. The rundown gives us a nice setting, the S22 has a better price, but only by $100, it loses pretty much on all other fronts here. The others are more expensive and cannot deliver the 512 ppi that Google has and it does not end there. Only the S22 Ultra has 108MP, the Pixel has 50MP, but wins on all other fronts in all resolutions on all other stage against the three phones. It has a more powerful battery but takes a little longer to charge. I see only benefits for the Google Pixel 6 pro and even as we see pricing it also beats the new Huawei phones. As far as I can tell, from my point of view it makes Google the new king of the mobile mountain. And as I personally see it, Apple with its $2000+ phone can go jump in the lake, especially when Google offers a phone $500 cheaper with twice the memory. But it is not about Apple, it is about Samsung and the one proud brand is no longer king of the mountain (for me it never was). Google has surpassed it and in the upcoming stages Google might find that it can offer a much larger venue on a mobile phone and that should make them happy. How happy? Well, I reckon we will be able to see when they get to the Google Pixel 7 series. No idea when it is coming but as my phone is getting closer and closer to replacement, I need to remain alert and see whether I am forced to upgrade sooner instead of later (I prefer later).

And let’s not forget a brand rises and falls with the next model, in this Google Pixel is a rising star, but the next model? We just have to wait and see. In the meantime read the Phonearena article Martin Filipov (@martintweets) did a really nice job here and it is worth your time, especially if you were planning to get a Samsung S22 model (any model), I leave that up to you. 


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