Death as a resource

It seems flaky (and that is how I roll most often), but there is a logic to it all. This all came to mind as I was trying to complete the achievements in AC Origins, it was already in the back of my head, but the crossover NCIS episode regarding some playbook (featuring an evil Abby Sciuto) made the larger stage and started to connect the dots. The foundation of a mini series (or movie) came to mind. Consider the stage and consider history. We have always been ‘smitten’ by divinity, we have always considered that there is a larger stage, but when you think of it, the closer we get to death, the more we wonder and consider the need for mercy, understanding and we need that for out own peace of mind, but in that moment we give power of existence to these gods, so at that point Hades, Anubis, Mictlantecuhtli, Meng Po, Baron Samedi and Chepi meet in New Orleans (location of story), they hatch a plan to get there powers back to a much greater degree and with a population of billions, it becomes an option. The plan as it evolves sees Baron Samedi setup the voodoo powers to entice the people, Meng Po hands out the potion in the soup she gives as a freebee to the tourists. And as more people get enticed they forfeit their souls to the old gods. 

Now consider that New Orleans has over 18 million tourists a year, if the game is to entice thousands a month, that would be a larger stage that feeds these gods and that is merely the start. And as the old deities return, so do the old hatreds. So as the gods of death (with a buffet of 7,800,000,000 people) set out to regain power, we see the option where the other gods are in doubt of these wisdoms, yet their powers are diminished, yet Hel (Nordic), Mot (Canaanite), Yama (India) and Ereshkigal (Mesopotamia) are not on board either for other reasons. Hel does not share power, Ereshigal shares her fate with Nergal and there is a larger stage here and when we get to Mot, I am a little in the dark, but as we see the interactions with Judean words as well as other interactions, we can attest to Mot in being another source of direction and optionally inserted himself to become a discord to the attempt of the gods of death.

The stage my mind is developing is set around the core four (Hades, Anubis, Baron Samedi and Meng Po) that have a clear directive, but it seems to simple. Even as it is on the up and up, Anubis and Hades will use their power to revitalise their brethren but now under them as the central god, deposing Zeus and Ra. A setting that all still needs work and it could even push towards a much larger video game, and as my mind is even pushing for new sides all whilst typing this, it might be more than a movie (a mini series might make much more sense), and in all this I feel that the stage needs to be about balance and the distortion of balance. Consider that 20 million people a year visit Disney-world (Chepi), The Taj Mahal (Yabu) gets 4 million, Acropolis (Hades) 4 million, as well as the Pyramids (Anubis) gives him 14 million options. It is all connected through Samedi and Meng Po (the soup) and that starts a new ball game. Once infected the targets can be drained whenever needed, not killed but drained (like a bad flu), feeding these gods of death and feeding their kin to a much smaller degree. 

Now I start thinking of the balance equation and how to insert Mot as one of the oldest gods in all this. And it cannot be some over drenched fantasy story. I want it to look like something that makes people be scared of the common things they see every day, it is easy to disregard the Bident of Hades, or the flail of Anubis, yet who feels comfortable with the soup of Meng Po? A soup like any soup kitchen would serve? And just for the spices, how about some Samedi paprika powder to spice the soup?

Well, enjoy your soup today, I will have a bowl of Chili (in roughly 47.2 minutes).



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