Recap plus

I thought it was time for something of a recap. More thoughts invaded me in the last 6 hours and I had to recollect a few things. The stories are spread over these articles, and I am forgetting two of them, but that is for another day. For now the story is stacked here, yet I think two parts are missing, so feel free to search the 2250 articles I have written here. 

Netflix Prime’ yesterday (at
When figments take over’ on December 31st 2021 (at
After a fact to begin a fact’ on December 16th 2021 (at
When one is no longer valid’ on August 16th 2021 (at
When death and Chicken taste alike’ on August 14th 2021 (at
Death as a resource’ on August 13th 2021 (at

The story needs a beginning, all stories need a beginning, but where is the beginning of THAT story? It is not always clear and the storyteller is not the best source. The storyteller is the person who creates flow, creates streams and creates waves. It requires someone behind everything, behind what had happened from before it started to after it finishes. That has always been the case and Eternity is not that point, eternity merely consumes, it always consumes. When the world was young, really, really young. Mot and his brothers and sisters were adults, not old adults, yet they were old enough to set the stage, to set the story and mot was clever, he always thought long term. And as the new supreme lives were added to this world Mot set a stage of fealty, but only from those like him and iMot set it to one soul per 600. In a stage that was seemingly laughable the connections were made. It was the age of sexagesimalism, the promise was set and they all kept their promise, like a toddler makes a promise to a parent and that toddler knows that breaking a promise has dire consequences. 

So as we distance the promise of death
we seek to avoid to become the food of wealth
So as we prefer not to become beheld
And through that his hunger quelled

A telling ages old and never stopped being true, but in the stage we enter, the setting of life, we start a new adventure, not an adventure of life, but one of ending it and there we become the larger players, life is not a stage, it is a weapon and it is in that stage where life becomes more, just as life can be sweet, sour or bitter, life has the ability to stage something more, almost like it was designed to be there, it was the need of balance. For balance sets the stage and counter stage alike, so as life and death are opposites, they do have something in common. They rely on the same energy to propel ones self. So here we have a new cog in the story that remains evolving for now and it gives me the option, the idea to set two additional cogs, one of deception and one of control. Control is seen and watched from a distance, because the controlling player tends to have tunnel vision through focus. And as we see and witness that focus we see the opportunity and that is where the new cogs come from. And I have brooding to do, because I figured out the mortal stage, the immortal stage and now we need to find a way to create a seesaw that allows for balance, but what if the seesaw could rotate as well? You do not see those seesaws a lot, but they are out there and that is when we consider the cogs to be in balance and not rotting, but at the mercy of another force. It cannot be eternity, eternity needs an opposing force. Yet as we are (mortals) we could never comprehend either one or the other. Well, perhaps Chuck Norris can, he counted to infinity twice or so I’m told. And as we feed the machine, as we feed it the cogs that make the machine work I better work on a writers name. Simon Square  perhaps? (Le Carre was taken)


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