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Weird, I am not done with one idea and another one pops to mind. I started this in the article ‘The setting of what might be’ (at which I wrote on the 27th of February 2022. I had an idea for a torpedo that incapacitates submarines. Yet for some reason the stage of the why eluded me. So in comes a simple marine biologist, a simple devoted husband who gets into the middle of a crossfire with his wife and you guessed it, the lady does not make it and she was pregnant too (for dramatic moments). So out goes the timid loveable husband and future father and in comes Mr Hyde, a man with no sense of normal. As the officials (one side of the equation) are in all kinds of denials and the need to classify so that they can continue being dicks is thrown at him, he man loses it completely and decides to get even. It is later (not stated why) and we see the peaceful village of Saint-Jérôme in Quebec Canada. We see the same man and he has grown a beard. He seems driven and weirdly enough he has stacks of pucks and as we see him working on a torpedo we see he has something planned, but not what is planned. We see more moments of him, practicing shooting (with a silencer), knives and a blackjack. An older man (his father) is training him, day after day whilst he spends several evening hours each day tinkering on his torpedo. 

We then get a moment shot in some hospital, one of the people in the shootout is there. Guarded by what seems to be federal officers. It is clear the man is not happy, he is not a guest. Then on one side of the hospital our ‘hero’ comes back into play. Now with a goatee, his hair coloured grey walking careful with a cane. He walks into the elevator and his demure changes to active. He takes the elevator to the third floor, walks through the corridors to the part he needs to be. He is one floor too high and that was planned for. He leaves a plastic bag and takes the stairs down and carefully scans for what he needs to see, then he sees what he was waiting for. A team is getting on the elevator. He keeps his distance and sees that only the agents, five of them go on board. He takes out one of the pucks presses hard in the centre and rolls the puck into the elevator just as the doors close. He walks away, there is no seemingly no sound. He then goes to the room where the man is, there are two agents, he quickly shoots them and walks in. He looks upon the man who is clearly scared aims and pulls the trigger, the man is dead and he goes back exactly the way he came in, picks up the plastic bag and goes to the other end now revealing the flowers he is carrying. He stops short to get into a bathroom and washes out the grey, he is almost his self again.

This is merely the start, you see we need to get to the story, but how to go about it? There is a need to get the action in the beginning and the crossfire is that, yet from there we need a different stage, a memento stage if I was to give it a name. It is a similar stage that the movie Anna uses and it makes sense to do so. It is not to ‘reveal’ the twist, it is because if the movie plays chronological the sizzle falls flat, a soufflé without the captured air and the air would be part of the story. So how to continue. You see, the ‘simple’ solution is to set the story to some ‘corrupt’ official, but I think it is too easy and it has been done too often. There could be connected issues with industrials (the expected way), yet the larger stage is not any of them. Sometimes shit happens, it is merely that simple. They were merely ‘in the way’ and to set that stage we can use it as an explanation, or we can see it as a twist. That part I am still working on, but I got most of this in less than 12 hours. I wonder if I can get that same range of $130,000-$600,000. We can all dream and so can I. Anyway, with all the shit in the world, I thought I remain creative for a little while. We can always write the gunk of spunk that goes to the junk after all the hostilities are gone. In that setting (just sidestepping it all), has anyone figured out why EA removed all the Russian teams from FIFA? I reckon it is to save their loot-boxes and microtransactions. I reckon that America is pushing towards a new McCarthy era and in that stage an American paying money to get a Denis Cheryshev card will get rather upset. I reckon EA is scared their cash cow needs an overhaul. It is merely speculation, but I might be on the money there. What do you think?


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