Time to press subtotal

Yes, that is what one article brought out in me. The need for a tally, the need to check what the subtotal is about at present. The article that did this was (at https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/saudi-crown-prince-plays-oil-card-quest-us-recognition-2022-03-03/) ‘Saudi crown prince plays the oil card in quest for U.S. recognition’. We might think that this is a simple list, but it is not. There is a much larger play in motion and it is time to call out the jesters of the game, when we play bridge they are not allowed to play anyway.

  1. U.S. wants action from suppliers to tame oil prices’. My first response would be, how can you be this fucking stupid? Prices come from demand, or at least that is one side of it. Others do not need to open the valve because you need more. You have had DECADES to do something and you did nothing, now that your credit card is about to be cancelled, you can throw a tantrum, but you YOU did this to yourself. Perhaps you remember the COP26, the call to do something about fossil fuels. At present “United States deforestation has caused the destruction of virgin forests by 75% percent since 1600”, so how much forests were grown or started to grow since COP26? How much stoppage was achieved to fossil fuels? We know it takes time, but it is not up to the US to set pricing, you do not set pricing of something you are a mere consumer of. We all have these issues and yet, you let pharmaceuticals set the price, you set consumerism to price X plus Y% annual whilst it should be cheaper over time. All settings for consumerism all whilst you want cheap oil? That does not add up.
  2. OPEC heavyweight Saudi Arabia has spare oil capacity’, yes that is true, but is there a law where they HAVE to increase production? You seem to forget that fossil fuels are finite, when it is gone, it s gone forever and consumption is going through the roof since 1950. 
  3. Saudi wants more U.S. support in Yemen war’ yes that is the interesting part is it not? The west remains driven to not report on Iranian actions and that is now starting to hurt. Saudi Arabia has the oil card and that is now cause for exchange for services. The US will have to pay one way or another way. Perhaps the US needs a reminder from November 2021. ‘U.S. senators move to block $650 mln arms sale to Saudi Arabia’ which was their right, but when you sit at the fuel pump paying $3.5 per gallon more, be sure to thank the senators Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders and Mike Lee for the extra price. Also the US treasure cannot tax on revenue missed, so that $650,000,000 had more than one side. In addition, the overall slashing of $3,900,000,000 (and more) could come at a much higher price. So the National People’s Congress, as such the tenants of Renda Huitang West Road gracefully thank the United States for handing them this forthcoming revenue.

We can call it anyway we would like, but we are dependent of a substance only few have and for decades many voices have been screaming to lessen the dependability on fossil fuel. Inactions and overspending has now set the stage that we see here. And it is “ended U.S. support for offensive operations in Riyadh’s costly war against Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen” where we see the larger folly. We are given “Iran-aligned Houthis” all whilst Iran has had a much larger active role for 3-5 years. Perhaps the Abqaiq–Khurais attack of 14 September 2019, the basic stage of Houthis being unable to attack Aramco that precise needs to be revisited. In addition the failures we saw in 2 subsequent years could be seen as evidence that Houthi forces could not have completed that attack. 

There is a lot set in this stage and the US is now seeing the impact of choices made. And even as the media keeps on pushing on “implicating Prince Mohammed in the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi”, a report that I read and it refers to ‘highly likely’ which does not constitute evidence, in addition to this the acts of the Iranian puppet (Turkey) gives us more questions and in three years I have seen over a dozen media step over the one forensic fact that the report hides by not reporting on it. No one has tested the FULL tape forensically to test whether the voice was indeed Jamal Khashoggi. There was never a proper test. Not by the CIA, not by the NSA and not by the United Nations. You thought I overlooked that, but I did not and a such I have known all these years that the report was a farce, it was a work of fiction by drowning it in loosely related facts. Just like that book ‘Blood and Oil’, and now that the other side comes up, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sees no reason to offer a helping hand. Now I can understand “Biden has refused to speak to Prince Mohammed directly, saying 86-year-old King Salman is his counterpart” technically this is true, but it also shows that the Biden Administration has not made one step towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as such, why should that very same kingdom make a step towards a nation that has nothing left to spend? Because that is what Americans always stated in boardrooms all over the world “Money talks, bullshit walks”, as such the US now sees the ‘keep on walking’ signs in more and more places and after too many pushed stages they see that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is telling them the same, the people need cheap oil and none is coming. Well President Biden could always ask President Putin for a helping hand, but I do not think that this will happen. So as the United States can supply itself the 79% of oil needed. It has two options, make sure that the American economy lowers usage by one fifth, or find another solution (like pay more) for oil. The other options were tailored to be non options by (what I personally see) as short sighted and stupid ways to ‘create’ option after option and now that that list is empty the US is in a bad place, it played itself right there.

In this I really like the analyses that James Dorsey, senior fellow at National University of Singapore’s Middle East Institute gives us “Saudi Arabia … has sought not to be seen acting against Russian interests. In doing so, the kingdom could kill two birds with one stone: keep the door open to Moscow and give President Joe Biden some payback for his refusal to engage with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,” yes, that sounds about right, but it is more than that. It is my personal view that more is needed for Neom 2030 and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not want to be dependent on one additional player, US tactics made that clear. I reckon that Saudi Arabia wants a larger commitment by China to get involved. Huawei gave them a true 5G network, but it will not be enough for Neom, there are a few sides that are needed and China could offer it, lowering US investment and options even more and I reckon that Chinese congress is willing for two reasons. In the first income is good, in the second it puts UN options in the Middle East over a barrel, a new setting that the US is not ready for. By the way that is not necessarily an oil barrel, a barrel of sand (or grain) will do just as nicely. You see, some still believe in the stage of President George W. Bush’s post 9/11 maxim: “You’re either with us or against us.” It was a fair setting then, with a debt of $30,000,000,000,000 that setting is fading, more quickly as the US decided to play a few games that did not sit well with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or as some might say “You made your bed, now lie in it and try to get sleep”, a setting the US is not ready for. Yet in the overall play and with the Ukrainian tensions we see the sounds from Syria and Yemen come wondering why they NEVER got those considerations and that sets the statement “You’re either with us or against us” on a shifty foundation, so it is not strange that more and more people will call for that bluff only for them to learn that the US has very little options to move left.


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