Keeping my promise, part 1.

In light of all the twists we see on Iran and its nuclear deal, it seems appropriate to add to that equation. As I considered that any rector can meltdown, I wondered if fate could be assisted in this case. I came up with the idea a year ago and I got it whilst the nuclear deals were falling back and back further whilst staring at a snow globe and at that point the thoughts escalated. 

Instead of bombing a building, there is another way, to get that we need to understand a reactor. It has fuel rods, these tend to get rather warm (aka super-hot), to cool it down the rods get water cooling, it takes the heat away and as water circulates. It goes through pipes through heat exchanges and comes back and there I saw the option. 

To get to the reactor I would need specific valves, I created two, they are one, there is version 1a which is a hornet-valve, then there is valve 1b which is a piranha-valve. These valves will inject the matter. These valves are made of four parts. I added the images. There is the mouth to connect to the pipe, the injector, the goods and the clockwork. This is merely one part, so hold on for the rest. The next image of of a nuclear reactor. The image explains what it does, but when I saw it, I also saw a flaw because the makers thought all people were good, but the flaw is (as far as I can tell) in the Iranian reactor, so it can be exploited.

The goods that are injected are flakes, flakes of uranium based metals as well as polonium that will interact with the uranium in the reactor. The metals ere incased in a graphite and aloe vera mix that will work like a control rod, the goods are largely inert so there will be more time. 

When the valve injects the goods into the waters it will pass the rods, like snowflakes the materials will attach to the rods and start the reactor. There are two paths. The first is that the rod are reacting in the sheathing, which adds the one element that should not be added, pressure. The second path is that the reaction intensifies and the security measures will fail and the meltdown starts. In the first path the reaction is a lot more severe, but both should work.

A setting that allows for a non bombing solution and if this works it solves the Iranian problem for 5-15 years. In my version I use Polonium, Beryllium and Plutonium. This gets me to the two parts I cannot predict (as I am not a nuclear physicist), how many particles per rod and how many rods are needed so that the meltdown starts. It is needed so that a proper amount is injected so that the reactor goes into meltdown mode.

I hope you enjoyed this story, a new take on the movie Argo and the flaccid politicians pretending to solve the issue at hand. I decided to set a scenario in motion that does it without any bombers and that requires Iran to spend a whole truckload on security and protection, making the stage less and less affordable, it is not a boxing ring, because that thing is square, it is a point to get to because the media flaming, the politicians promising and never delivering and bullies get too much of the stage, so here is my way to deal with a bully.

Have a great day.



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