When war is the perfect outcome

Yes, it happens. It happens when some consultancy firm sets out the spreadsheet, they crunch the numbers and in all this it would be the perfect solution if war is the outcome. Of course that outcome must not be own its own plate, so these ego trippers need a stage where two others take the short sighted blame for the hindrance and certain people thought it was the best of all outcomes. War comes but it will be on the plates of the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was for them too good to be true. 

So that is the stage when it illuminates completely, but how did it get started? That is where the Guardian (at https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/03/talks-with-iran-on-restoring-2015-nuclear-deal-suspended) comes in. ‘Talks with Iran on restoring 2015 nuclear deal suspended’ a month ago now sounds a lot less nice does it? So from here we go to yesterday where Politico gives us “Diplomats from the U.K., France and Germany noted last week that while they didn’t want to set “an artificial deadline for talks,” there remained “weeks, not months” to restore the accord. A spokesperson for the U.S. State Department said Iran needed to “add real urgency in Vienna.”” A small setting where the ego driven are looking at a stage where they can no longer win, so they cautiously set the stage where they can walk off stating it was all the fault of Iran. Then we get the Times of Israel giving us a mere 11 hours ago (at https://www.timesofisrael.com/idf-intel-chief-reportedly-says-restored-iran-nuke-deal-better-than-talks-failing/) “Citing two unnamed ministers who took part in the meeting this week, the Walla news site reported Tuesday that Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva said restoring the 2015 nuclear agreement would provide greater certainty about the limitations on Iran’s atomic activities than if talks between Iran and world powers fall apart.

He also reportedly said a revival of the accord would give Israel more time to prepare for various scenarios of escalating tensions with Iran, and that the Jewish state would be in a better position to gear up for such possibilities.” A mere setting where a General has a delusional state where some level of agreement with Iran is possible. 

So as you wonder where this is going, let me add my own quotes from ‘Iranium, the product’ from November 2020, where I stated “a peaceful solution? They have enough nuclear material to fuel EVERY NUCLEAR REACTOR on the planet. They have one and they are building two, so how peaceful are their intentions? Anyway, I will set the correct stage of my snow globe idea to the internet if they make the wrong move, and they will make the wrong move. And in all this, the larger stage is still ignored, so whilst we are lulled to sleep by people like Rafael Grossi, who are “determined to continue working with the international community to preserve the JCPoA”, all whilst the 1200% of materials held by Iran is not dealt with. All this in a stage where Iran is merely playing for time, and let’s be clear, when Iran ‘accidentally’ misplaces a dirty bomb and it goes off in Tell Aviv, or Riyadh. It will be my option to say Oops, when Evia Miden is shown to have an application that no one considered, it will be my time to say ‘Oops!’, Yet at that point the politicians will make certain that they are absolved from accountability, all whilst they are setting the stage of ‘But Iran is now committed!’, a stage that needs to fall on deaf ears.” So when it is time to look at certain irresponsible and (to what I personally believe to be) incompetent reasonings from Elana DeLozier and Rafael Grossi, all whilst people gave credibility to the statement by Hassan Rouhani, on Al Jazeera 22-Jan-2020 who gave us “I’m telling European countries: we are in the JCPOA. We haven’t withdrawn from the JCPOA. We don’t want to destroy the JCPOA. We are committed to the JCPOA. The reduction in our commitments is according to the JCPOA. If you violate, if you renege on an agreement, you are responsible for all consequences. We are not responsible for the consequences” we now see the clown he is, dragging us through delay after delay. Walking back on agreements and increasing efforts to get as much materials as needed. Well, as I personally see it. I was not willing to wait any longer. Iran is too dangerous, so on December 14th 2021 I gave you all ‘Keeping my promise, part 1’ (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2021/12/14/keeping-my-promise-part-1/) where I gave the world the larger stage of how to meltdown an Iranian nuclear reactor, no bombs required. Something needed to be done whilst ego-trippers remained in denial, so that the world would know that someone had enough and when that was loud enough out in the open, both the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would know that they were not alone, others stood with them even as the media would silence as much as possible. 

So whilst the media is all about trivialising things on orders of stakeholders, thee is an increasing amount of people who will no longer accept that. So whilst I understand the need for Mossad’s chief David Barnea to give us “It’s not lost and it’s worth investing time and effort in a dialogue with the Americans about the contents of the agreement,” I personally belief that it is way to late for this and I think that David Barnea understands this. Yet I personally belief that relying on a bankrupt nation (USA) to get anything done was folly from the start, but that might be just me. Iran needed to be stopped, so I made the idea of melting down their reactors public domain. There will always be an overzealous person there trying it out, and it gives state actors a nice excuse. 

When will people learn that Iran will never ever play nice? The fact that I saw this coming a mile away in November 2020, 13 months ago should be an indication that these so called clever people were playing a folly game and everyone was handing the Jack of Spades to the player not in the room whilst all where looking at the ceiling claiming ‘This is not on me’, but we all should know better, it was on them and at som point these names will be prominently staged in an American article asking why they could not succeed, and the deeper the issue now goes the larger that danger for them starts. It now becomes a game of carefully phrased denials, all pointing towards Hassan Rouhani, whilst they already know they are equally guilty, they enabled this situation and they all know it.

So now we await for some think-tank giving the world that war was the only perfect outcome, as long as the poor poor Americans are not part of this, they want to be the diplomats steering in the aftermath towards a solution, a solution they helped bring about. If you doubt that, consider what I could have known 13 months ago, things the media steered clear from for the longest of times. They are happy to use flames on all kinds of manners, but not this one, someone told them and told too many members of the media. It will be fair to doubt my words, but consider that I gave you all the down-low on goods that were in the media for close to 2 years, but no one saw this coming? How come?


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