Intentional Procrastination

All whilst my back is killing me, I decided to write a little more (sleep is going bye bye). You see, there was an article plaguing my mind on TV’s that would enable taste by licking the display. I honestly cannot tell if that is wishful thinking, an April fools joke or real. If it is real, I wonder how long it will take for the adult entertainment industry to catch on and we see advertisements like ‘Does He/She really taste like Chicken? Find out!’ So how long until 1,546,768,114 teenagers of both genders will have a few of those movies hiding with some of their other ‘treasured’ possessions?

It then dawned on me that there is a side setting that I had forgotten initially about. Perhaps you have too. When I was young I was in the Netherlands and they had something called ‘snoep papier’ (candy paper), it was paper and you could actually eat this paper. So why not add something like an inkjet paper, but instead of colours, it will print tastes. Cherrie, Chocolate, Banana, Orange and so on. But not a normal inkjet, but one of those older plot printers, with up to 16 tastes. You can print a message that can be devoured, you can print advertisements and the people will get a taste of what you have. I am a little surprised that I have never seen something like that. Did I miss it? 

Now we seem to hold on to the pastry tastes as they tend to be the most outspoken tastes, but there is nothing stopping a player like Coca Cola to push forward their needs. Would there be a market? I reckon there is and with covid lingering on for another year at least, marketing departments will have to make do with what they can and novelty does tend to bring in the bacon.  Yet that could be merely my shortsighted view on the matter. And even as we take notice of 3D food printers, there is a larger need to print something that can be laced in an envelope, as well as the small fact that it might be (for now) a whole lot cheaper than 3D food printing. 

So whilst we take notice of any idea, we tend to tinker with these ideas to see if it fits the need WE have and that is fine. But so far I see people trying the newest ideas and they are forgetting to look behind them, that is where I found all kinds of ideas that did not fit then, but now those ideas that were rejected could actually bring about a new era. It is how I got the idea of printable displays (no joke). If is founded on an idea from around 1988 and people forgot to look there because there was new technology. Yet the old ideas can be rewrapped in all kind of ways, in some cases even in new innovative idea’s. So is it intentional procrastination, or is it the foundation of new and innovative intellectual property? I will let you decide, and consider looking behind you, there is all all kinds of stuff there that the wielders call junk because it is 15-30 years old, but it could be a lot more, reinventing the wheel is nice, yet reengineering a wheel tends to be more productive, more feasible and more profitable.

Have fun!


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