OK, this is new.

I got another IP idea, but it is not for me. Well, it is for me, but it is not in a direction that I am set to, so I put it here so that someone can get rich on that part of the equation. The idea came from super cold ankles and the larger stage we see now in Europe with heating prices that go through the roof. The setting started with an idea that grew and grew. 

So in the first part I was thinking of warm socks (see image), the top of the sock is loose and slightly thicker. So that we keep our ankles warm. The socks have plastic elements. In the tip a soft-bar, behind the heel two knobs, these socks connect to the sole, slide the bar in the sole and press the knobs to the heel. These elements are the stage to keep the soles stuck to the sock. We need to wash the socks every now and then. We could go for some velcro bottom of the sock that connects to the sole of the shoe, but I think it would damage the sock more and quicker as well. There is the thought to create. Sneaker that has the same materials a normal sneakers, but they are thinner and softer to be more representative of socks. Both are options, yet I believe that the energy prices will amount to so much more over the next 16-23 months that people will go for such a solution to keep their feet warm than anything else. If I am correct it will be a market with millions of consumers. I went to four shoe stores today, but no one has anything like that and they had not heard of anything like that either. 

So I have to admit that this is new, I never think in these directions and there might be a solution out there. But in one shopping mall that services well over 37,000 not one store had the item, or knowledge of the item. Oh, and there were three large (Wall-mart sided) shops as well, so I have to wonder if there is anything out there in that direction. So I am putting it here in case there is a serious Al Bundy out there with the need to create something a lot of people will need soon enough. You see in some places heating oil is up 70%-90% and that is just the US, the prices in the EU are going through the roof and other places are not out of the woods either, so I see a multi million consumer market. So was I the first to see it?

I honestly cannot tell, but I am putting it out here for people considering their own IP. So good luck and good hunting. 


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