We all have it, we all see it and I have had my share of opposers too. Most they are a collection of vitriolic vomiters, so I tend not to take notice. This time around it was someone called thecovidpilot who gave his view and it his point of view, so it is only fair that I respond.

The comment was:

“In March 2020 there was a lot we never knew.”
This is utter bullshit. We knew that nursing homes were going to be epicenters of covid deaths from Feb. 2020 based on the Washington nursing home outbreak. We knew that about 40% of people had immunity to covid. We knew that young people had very low risk. We had strong evidence that HCQ cocktails worked in high risk patients if given early. We knew that there was no evidence that either masks or social distancing worked–promotion of these measures was based on SWAGs. People were opposing lockdowns and school closures because of economic, child development, and health harms and giving solid arguments, which we suspected and now know were accurate. Back in March, 2020. We didn’t have proof, but we had strong evidence and there were only SWAGs on the NPI side.
So I call bullshit on your historical revisionism.
“More important, there was no vaccine, there was no protection.”
More utter bullshit. Covid vaccines never protected. The EUA was based on a fraud which we now know from Pfizer documents and there is solid evidence that vaccines cause net harms. US working age deaths are up 137,500 over 2020 in preliminary figures (this number can only increase) and most are non-covid. The increased working age mortality is due primarily to heart disease, cancer, and stroke, all of which have been pointed out as potential risk factors from vaccines.
There will be a lot of money to be made in suits for vaccine harms once fraud has been established in the courts.

My first issues is with ‘were going to be’, what data was out there? Several providers gave us (Feb-Mar 2020) “Due to limited testing and challenges in the attribution of the cause of death, confirmed deaths can be lower than the true number of deaths.” Then we get other sources who (at that time) gave us “On March 22, 2020, at the time of writing, the total number of recorded deaths from the novel coronavirus stood at just below 14,000. This is a large number and is bound to increase, exponentially for a time, but it needs to be understood in context” and when we get to the Nursing home setting we see Washington State (Statnews) give us ‘First Covid-19 outbreak in a U.S. nursing home raises concerns’, and when people hide behind “We knew that about 40% of people had immunity to covid”, a debatable setting I merely see that 195,000,000 Americans were not immune. And at present 450,000,000 have been sick and a little over 6,000,000 are now dead. So I feel confident to call bullshit on the bullshit. And for “We knew that young people had very low risk”, I say not true. They did not get as sick and they usually recovered, but there is no proven factor on the why (not in 2020). Here Nipunie Rajapakse, M.D., / Pediatric Infectious Diseases / Mayo Clinic gives us “We know that no-one is immune to it, because this is a novel, or new, virus that we haven’t been exposed to in the past. So we don’t think anyone has preexisting immunity to it.” And there are theories, but theories are basically educated guesses, it is not evidence, data is required to make it evidence. One theory was “because kids frequently get colds, there is some thought that maybe some of those antibodies are providing them with some protection to this coronavirus”, which would translate into “Kids have a more active immune system”. 

As for the second attack, it is laughable. The attack is on “More important, there was no vaccine, there was no protection”, with hospitals giving us numbers and we get “Of 43,127 COVID-19 cases, 10,895 (25.3%) were identified in fully vaccinated residents, 1431 (3.3%) were recorded among the partially vaccinated, while 30,801 cases (71.4%) were found among unvaccinated people.” (Source: Los Angeles County) which resulted in a research paper which has now been published on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. Is evidence enough. The added information which was given to us in 2021 was ‘Covid patients in ICU now almost all unvaccinated, says Oxford scientist’ and as such, I see that my work holds up, the sources prove me right and as the numbers progress I am merely proven right again. It is “there is solid evidence that vaccines cause net harms” is the BS of a lifetime. A nice example is Polio. In that setting we get “During 1951-1954, an average of 16,316 paralytic polio cases and 1879 deaths from polio were reported each year. Polio incidence declined sharply following the introduction of vaccine to less than 1000 cases in 1962 and remained below 100 cases after that year.” Then we get “the vaccine for pertussis (a.k.a. whooping cough) has saved the most lives, as the death rate fell from 30.8 per million in 1934–1943 to 0.09 per million in 2004”, it is clear that vaccines do not cause net harm. And with the covid numbers we see that they do have an impact, but I am certain that people like Pfizer will respond to your allegations, and perhaps a few people will want you to present that “there is solid evidence that vaccines cause net harms.”, I cannot find any, but I found a dozen articles stating the opposite side, as does the CDC and a few other academic sources. 

So good luck with your believes and you are allowed to have them, it forced me to double check my numbers (which is never really wrong), my thoughts and they remain firm. In a timeline we cannot base 2020 thoughts on what we know now (which was decently the same), we need to base them on what WAS known in 2020 and a first outbreak in a nursing home is not evidence towards “were going to be epicenters”, but that is merely my take on the issue.


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