When is a slot machine not one?

Well, as dreams go, this was not the weirdest one. Yet I do not know where I was. There was a river near where I was and we were running from a gang of abusive Irishman. On the run is the wrong word, more getting away from. The 3 men around me were laughing, howling actually. I was worried on what was going on, as I never understood what was actually the case. We arrive on a boat, optionally a ferry and we got to the ‘staff only’ place. An officer (not the captain) greeted us and welcomed us. One of the man walked over to a slot machine, the slot machine was bright gold and red. It had all the elements of a slot machine and it also had a padlock, a weird theatrical stretched padlock. The padlock outside had a bottom that could be rotated away. When that happened part of the sleeve could be slid down and now several lines with numbers become visible. The bottom of the slot machine fitted a credit card, some kind of crypto card. The slot machine also fitted USB-C sticks. The slot machine was a laundromat for crypto currency. And let’s face it, in todays world, who raises an eye on seeing a slot machine? I think my ‘associates’ had stolen a decent amount of crypto currency, which they laundered through the slot machines. I have no idea for how much, but the numbers on the padlock made them really happy. I was still wondering why the left stacked heel of my shoe kept breaking off. A weird non connected thought that bothered me. 

But behind this all, there are thousands who are trying, converting or dealing in Crypto and with the Russian blocks, the will be seeking another valve. And those not in Las Vegas will have the option to massively deal and handle in crypto currency. An outlet outside of the bank stage. An outlet that circulates currency unmonitored. A stage that some governments will dread and object to, but until the slot machines are identified, taking in consideration that these machines can alter in shape and size, alter in appearance. What happens when it looks like an ATM? Like a coin exchange machine or a food dispenser? The monitoring groups cannot keep up now, what happens when these iterations are added to the flock?

I can only add Happy Geese time



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