It started with Z

Yes, it all started with ‘ZZZZZ’, it was weird in a few ways. I kept on dreaming the same dream, I kept on looking at the same stage, an empty stage. Then there were a few people, but that stage changed, it changed again and again and returned to the initial stage with the same people. It is all I can say on that. The dream faded within minutes andI can remember that it had something to do with a Zombie apocalypse, not really my favourite subject. I remember a few games in that series. All relying on advertisements and microtransactions. That is not stated in any negative way. I am not against microtransactions, especially in a free game. But the mind started to wander. I had this thought before. I made reference to this in ‘As fiction becomes real’ (at which I wrote last October 18th. It was a decent idea and it could have a future. Especially if the stream systems grow up and grow smart fast. You see, it is not an issue if we have microtransactions. But the replayability is low to non-existent. I addressed a few sides there and opted for a few possibilities that allows for a larger stage of replayability. Yet, I also remember the stage of ‘preparation’ that we see in Bethesda games by loading a person with specific S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills or elder scrolls abilities. So what happens when that is not possible? What if we set the stage to a random person? Optionally a random gender as well? Would the game suddenly be ‘unplayable’ or will the gamer rise to the occasion? It cannot be the gender. Lara Croft, Aloy, and many others preceded this game. So gender is not the issue. What if we add to the challenge? What if there was some kind of zombie shelter? Some kind of bunker and we drench that stage in realism? Lets not forget that the challenge is to survive. How far would you get? The problem is that there needs to be mode’s, simple modes (where you can select all), hard mode where you can select little and insane mode where you have no choices, what the system gives you that is what you have to work with. There are some games like that, yet the larger games that ALL rely on microtransactions do not seem to have this, it is not their forte, and that is where the streamers (Google Stadia and Amazon Luna) could play a much bigger role. Yet there is an element missing, it is the educational side. Yes, going to was Playstation style is nice (not realistic but nice) and there we need to see what we can teach. You think that survival is fin, that is until you learn that food in finite, it needs time. And that is another setting. You might feel safe with an army around you, but they too need food and when food becomes scarce you will learn the hard way that you have yet to see a version of dog eats dog that you were not ready for. 

The problem, or the challenge becomes how to make it interesting without it being a steeple chase, or some floor is lava approach towards survival. Do not expect ll the answers here. I do not have all of them, but I can see the start of too many RPG games being too much alike and the play-through of most Bethesda games are too alike, we did that ourselves. It was not the fault of Bethesda. But what happens when you do not get that choice? What happens when the game is set to San Francisco, but that is all you know. You could start in Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Tenderloin, or Glen Park. There is no chance that the same solution applies to all, there is merely the simple approach of common sense and to set a stage of survival and when we have this in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York or Chicago the game changes by a lot and that is the intent. You see, we look wrongly to these games. What if the map is separate from the game? We could use most of these maps in a dozen games. We merely need to think to a much larger stage. We need to walk away from one game and walk towards several games that have a map added to the entire stage. Consider that dozens of games are places in Los Angeles. So what happens when they all use the same map? Not some small time map, but the ACTUAL map of Los Angeles. Lets face it, for the most that place remained the same. So what happens when we add to that stage by adding cities and a game could be played in ANY of the cities? Consider Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago? Consider that we can select the city for the next Call of Duty, Splinter cell, Terminator or Predator? There is no problem, it requires different programming, different triggers and the hardware and abilities are already there. Many are staring at Ubisoft+, but that is 10 years old programming. We need to adjust our sights to the programming of 2024. This is not the fault of Ubisoft, but the fact that they are seemingly not on top of this is odd, almost weird. Consider the Division, Splinter Cell, and Watchdogs. Is it not strange that they are not ahead of the rest? So why invest in 10 years old programming? Do not get me wrong. They brought us the tales of Ezio, they brought great games, yet with the exception of Watchdogs: Legion, it ended in 2017 with AC Origin. And it is time to break the mould and come with something totally new. I set several games in my blog and made them freeware for anyone making games for Amazon Luna, Google Stadia and Sony Playstation. It is time to give the streamers the substance that will drive the people to these solutions. And it should have been done a year ago. And this was not rocket science and as I give the impulse here, and as I gave the setting in 2021, is it not weird that no one picked up on that? (Guerrilla and Avalanche have a decent excuse) We see repetition of the same, drenched in microtransactions. And do you think that streaming people will accept microtransactions? 

I will let you decide for yourself.



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