What’s a Barbarian?

It is a serious enough question. Is it a person who pretends to be educated and then decides to burn a book? What’s up with that? So you first buy a book, to burn it afterwards? That seems like a massive waste of money and gain. But here we are (at https://nos.nl/l/2425417) where we see ‘Unrest again in Sweden, politician who wanted to burn the Koran hit by stone’ questions come forth. It seems to me that a person is intentionally creating strife, intentionally is stirring up people towards acts of violence. Why is that allowed? So why is the Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, a man who was found guilty of racism in 2021 allowed to stir up the people. This is not the expression of freedom, of a person expressing himself by burning a book. If that was the case he wold be burning a bible, would he not? This is of course beside the point of burning books in the first place. But he took that path by INTENTIONALLY angering a muslim community. Why?

\And it seems that this is a one trick pony. Viborg (April 2019), Norrebro (2019) under police protection no less), Linkoping (2022) and now Malmo (April 2022). A one trick pony seeking attention, that is what remains of someone once heralded as the number 9 law graduate. After which we get the accusations through Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, the simple set that he engaged in fetish sex with minors ranging in age from 13 to 17. So why exactly is this man not in prison? It seems that even in Scandinavia 13 year old boys have little to no protection under the law, unlike book burners who get to do this with police protection. 

In all this, how is angering a non-violent community any kind of solution? I am a catholic, I have looked in a Quran and found it interesting, propelling good sentiments. I never read it all and I never read some of the anti-Quran books mainly because I never read the Quran. Christians have over 1000 years of transgressions based on greed, on envy, on wrath, on gullibility, on lust and on Pride. It started before the Crusades and the transgressions are still active today. I reckon that we have little hold over Muslims. It seems that they have a much larger hold on them. The Crusades came with people drenching in Greed, in Envy, in Lust and undirected wrath. The Church made very sure that Muslims (Saracens) were seen as the guilty party. Yet no one is willing to look that the 500 lords in their castles were squeezing the population beyond poverty. So in all this, what makes the Quran so evil? Catholic Pedophiles go unpunished. A Cardinal with a $412 fraud case. Well over a thousand times the amount of greed that we saw in the Crusades. Yet I believe that Rasmus Paludan is in denial of those settings, don’t you agree?

As I personally see it, on the 17th November 1095 the Catholic Church found a way to appease the nobleman and get rid of the peasants in a drive to rob Jerusalem and various places around it of riches. The movie Kingdom of Heaven only shows part of this, but it shows parts of what was wrong then and it shows how envy to some degree continues to this day.


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