The IP many desired

There is a side I contemplated in the last week. The thoughts started almost 38 years ago. I didn’t think of it to any degree at that time. In the early years (when I actually was young and innocent) I started my career in technical support I got spoiled. I didn’t know it at the time but that application was close to perfect and designed by technical support people for technical support people. I had the option to enter a phone number, the number of the person I was talking to and digit by digit the list got smaller. And 9 out of 10 times it ended with the person. Consider a system where you have to look up Rosan Perkasa Roeslani? How many typo’s does it take for people to see that when you are a number, service goes up, because you are often instantly found.

The others (Scopus, Siebel), and whatever other sales system there was (and pretended to include technical support). They were for the most a sales concept of a system to drive more sales, at most times merely lacking service and support. Yet recently I got to be on the other side, I needed a larger station of pre-sales support, perhaps it should be called pre-sales determination. They too need a decent tool and it is lacking to a a setting that is almost too much to do the job right. Of course it is MY view on the matter. You see if one tries to represent a company, one must set the larger station to THEIR representation and a little less to the need of their sales department. The object does need to be determination of sales and to propagate the company as best as possible. In this we might need to call everyone, but we should be clever about it, don’t we? 

Lets take a look at the setting of ‘the list’. In this we have two parts. The list we need to call and how we can go about it. I have a method. As we see the list, we can call Peter Rabbit, yet the people of the Animal Farm we need to call one at a time until we connect. You see, the Switchboard operator is ignored, but its role evolved from a mere connector to a high value yielding gatekeeper. So when we get one connection, we need to leave the rest alone until the next day (two days later is better). And the next company who holds the cast of Flipper has the same approach. It is the IMF team that is the most interesting one. We can call them all, they all have their own numbers. It is when we get a list where generic and direct numbers intertwine, that is when we need to become clever about how we call. You see people talk too and when we call them all in one burst we get the label of ‘sales pusher’ and that is one of the most dangerous labels to get, when we have that label we will get stopped too often and we cannot do our job. So as you see the images, these callers need some kind of overlay filter, one that overlays the call list and can set fill colours like a spreadsheet. Yet these programs are not ready for such a leap, the ‘sales people’ behind it are at present not educated enough to see this need, so any third solution will do. Consider that spreadsheet fill on any solution Scopus, Oracle, Hubspot, SAP, Siebel and clever enough when a row is added or removed to that all list and one that has a multitude of colour selections that can be personalised by any person using it, so that the person will have the personal use and strengths working FOR THEM. 

In all these years no one considered the specific needs that some people have, they are merely pushed to some solution that their sales director seem to fathom. And consider that in over 35 years none of them got clever enough to figure this out? (As far as I can tell) Boggles the mind, does it not?


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