Decentralised personal insights

My brain had been pondering a few thoughts and the text bubble appeared with the text “Wake up slow boat”, I really hate it when my brain does that at 03:30 in the morning, yet I have learned that it can instantly change dreams and really nice dreams into utter nightmares, as such I tend to obey it when it screams for action. You see, the idea of decentralised insight is not really new, but Google and Amazon never used that to a full potential. And here I think I have an idea that either could use this idea to cater to thousands of YouTubers and TikTok people. I am not talking about streamers like Nalopia screaming “Stop putting dicks in my ear”, but there is a population of thousands that try to do more and there an idea came forth. You see, they all have their own slice of expertise. Some from work, some from school and Uni and some from tradie work. All experts in their small universe. So what if we could add to that, for them. 

To take a small trip to the other side of the street. There is Wiki and Wiki is not a source that can often be held up to scrutiny of a higher rank. However, it’s references tend to be a different story (see below).

Here the person can select the articles that they feel support their point of view, the ones that do not, the ones they oppose and it is THEIR choice. But what comes afterwards (whether Google or AWS, or a third party) that caters to this need and takes the reference apart, allowing the person to easily seek more on the subject from a source (Washington Post) its writer (Terence McCoy) or anything else like a point in time or even more on a FROM-TO date, that setting will support the Youtuber or TikTokker, or whatever they use. Decentralisation will grow and as the mistrust of media grows it will be a sought after optional solution. Wiki is merely one source, there are a whole truck load of media sources that have similar approaches, even magazines have such an approach and whatever tool these streamers can find, they will use. Yet as far as I can see, there isn’t anyone catering to thus level of decentralisation, where the time and effort of these streamers is theirs (and theirs alone). It could set in motion a new wave of software and services that others need and so far I cannot find anything. Interesting, another (speculated) optional niche they did not see, why not? 

There are at present 431 thousand Youtube streamers (a decrease of 65%) and we see that there are TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users out of 3.3 billion installations. Isn’t it time to offer these populations something that could entice them to continue? The nice part here is that suddenly Amazon could become a contender (due to AWS) and that setting is new to both TikTok and Youtube. Will it work? It is merely an idea but a workable one and if I can figure it out there will be more on this path of enabling that much I can pretty much guarantee.


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