Creativity is its own reward

I had a weird morning, I came up with two scripts for movie/TV/whatever. It is more about the story than anything else for me. The first one I named ‘Lust and Vengeance’ it is about a family, a man, a woman and their twin daughters. It will be a very not so Disney plus version of what happens when betrayal breaks a man and how he goes from loving to socio-psychopath or was that a psychotic sociopath? Either might do but they are not the same, I still have to work out a few parts, but the finale and the highpoint are pretty much there, as is the beginning. But it is beyond 18+ so I will not tell it here. It has a few unique erotic and a few unique mind twists, but that is all I can say. The second one came to me as I was thinking back to the old days (sixties), some of those movies had great appeal and that is the stage for a new twist, or at least I think it is new. A female scientist takes a team into Africa to seek a legendary elephant graveyard. It is not for profit, they have devised a way to drill 3-4 small holes in tusks and that will enable them to examine DNA as well as see the impact of pollution over generations. As they can get to 60-70 years, the graveyard will have 5-10 generations, perhaps even longer and that would enable a very interesting timeline. The legendary graveyard is supposed to have dozens upon dozens of elephant remains. They need to avoid poachers, thrill seekers and exploiters. They do not want to disturb the graves, merely take the samples from the tusks and optionally 1-2 sample from the spinal column of each elephant. I was considering it ‘Tusk’ but I feel more comfortable with ‘Evidence from the graves’ and this is not some wild fantasy story, there is actual evidence that DNA can be extracted from tusks, moreover, pollution will impact DNA, as such the tusks would reveal a great many things more. And that was all I got done in a day. I also looked into a few IP related issues, but that is not important right now. For now I need to find a way how the scientist got the information on the graveyard. I was thinking towards an old forgotten box she finds in the archives, hidden behind a few layers of boxes. The box was small and simply forgotten, it holds a journal from Mungo Park with the date 1798, a journal he wrote the two trips he made. How it got to be in the archives might become part of the story, which is as far as I got there. I had a few ideas on the elephant graveyard, but merely thoughts because I have never seen one.

So I got busy and creative in directions I never considered scripting in. It just came to me and whilst I await the actions of the Saudi Consulate I might as well remain creative. Saturday here I come.


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