The hell one deserves

Yes, it seems a little negative, but that is the stage we face. Before I take you to the BBC article, consider this, as a father, if your little princess (or prince) gets hurt to the degree that they take their own life, how would you feel? What would you be willing to do? This is central in the BBC article (at where we get ‘Amanda Todd: Dutchman sentenced for fatal cyber-stalking’. There we are given “A Dutchman convicted of sexually extorting a teenage Canadian girl who later took her own life has been sentenced to 13 years in prison. Aydin Coban, 44, will serve his sentence in the Netherlands, prosecutors in British Columbia said.” But that was not all, the gave was rigged from the start. The girl who was 13 at the time we are given “starting when she was 13. In some, he threatened to send explicit images of her to her friends, family and school staff if she didn’t agree to give him a webcam “show”.” My issue is not with the length, even though I believe that he should be in prison and be given mandatory psychological treatments as well as a minimum of 25 years. You see, why not place him in the Kent Institution where the winters get to minus 25, the summers (one month) to 3 degrees Celsius. Now he gets to spend his time in some Dutch social house watching TV. How is that fair? When we realise “Coban harassed the girl for nearly three years online using 22 separate fake social media accounts”, why would he be allowed the easy life? To be honest, when we see justice departments go soft on crime, I prefer the life of a contract killer, killing those who are set to the easy life, as well as their families as a deterrent for others. OK, I know it does not sound fair, but he had been cyberstalking her for years, clearly the law falls short, way too short. And I am not blaming the police, they are fighting this with their hands tied to their back, what angers me is “Coban’s defence lawyers had pushed for a two-year sentence” he cyber stalked a minor for years, it is one of the most prominent reasons why she took her life. That lawyer needs to be on medication as I personally see it. Then we are given “although Coban’s behaviour was not the “dominating factor” in the girl’s suicide, she did find that the “profound harm” he caused her aggravated mental health and substance abuse issues”, I am conflicted here. There is an expression ‘The straw that broke the camels back’ it applies here, there were more factors, yet the years of haunting had an impact, a large impact. I would personally state that it was large enough to be part of the straws that broke the camels back and Aydin Coban was 44, he had been haunting a minor. Screw his rights I say, but that I agree is not entirely fair. Yet was Amanda Todd treated fairly, was she given an honest chance? And when you consider “Coban was sentenced to 11 years in prison by a Dutch court in 2017 for blackmailing and harassing dozens of young women on the internet, some as far away as Britain, Canada and the United States” whilst we learn that he used 22 separate fake accounts for Amanda, how many accounts had he for the other girls? Why did no one notice this? I cannot blame the tech companies, but I believe that they could have done more, how much more? That is an answer I cannot give, that needs the investigation of a cyber expert and I am not one. 

It to some degree reflects on the stage I gave to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is a need for safe spaces and the big tech companies are faltering there. We see Google on LinkedIn some sales event where the salespeople are shouting that they are lions, like wannabe NFL players, but they casually left $500 million a month on the floor, so how is that working to their strength? Amazon made the same mistake, but I am not sure if their sales people and tech people got the lion NFL treatment. This matters, because as I see it, Google has not been playing to their strengths creating solutions against cyber bullying. I am not blaming Google (or Amazon), but cyber bullying is a much larger problems and if one person can endanger the lives of dozens, how large a problem is there? How can one person have 22 fake accounts? I know how, but why? I get that there are valid reasons why people have a second account, optionally a third one, but to have 22 accounts requires a larger setting a very shady setting. And in this I prefer that man freezing in BC, not in some softy social place but that is merely my point of view.

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