OK, that was weird

I just woke up from the weirdest dream. I was with a woman, but I cannot see her face. I was there when she gave birth, I pulled an Alien (like the one from Ridley Scott) out of her hoot-hoot. But she was wearing pants. She never took them off. Then the weird stuff started. I was holding an Alien that fitted in the palm of my hand and it looked cute, really really cute. It started to make sense, suddenly there was a small boy and his Alien brother. Like twins, like soul brothers they walked in the world. 

Almost like a new age version of Calvin and Hobbs. All done by pencil and all with their own little world experiences. I wonder if it is the creation of life dreams I witnessed and the people will love this, her comics will sell in the millions. So whomever you are lady, better find a publisher soon, you are about to become famous. I saw some of the comics, how the boy (alien too) dealt with bullies, how they dealt with things we all deal with, the small irritations and how she draws them with a small wink. Things good be worse, do not sweat the small stuff. And the pages were filled with uplifting stuff, things that make you giggle and things you giggle at thinking ‘That would be nice’, I saw the pages and I saw the queues when her new book was released. Her drawing skills were really something. I walked out of the bookshop on George street and the dream faded, I was in a place and everything was white, then I woke up, and I felt happy holding that comic book. But when I looked at my hand, it was empty and I was back in my bedroom. It was certainly weird, mostly because I always loved comic books and I do not remember ever seeing that one, I have read one or two Calvin and Hobbs, but this was not like them, and now I feel suddenly sad because those comic books are not here. Well that is the start of on of the weirdest Saturdays. So I better start up my console and get the Maple leafs to their new virtual Stanley cup, it is off course NHL23 weekend, the game is installed, so let us see if I have what it takes to get that cup.


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