When anger rises

That was the setting I faced today. Now, we all get angry at times. It isn’t always a set stage where we can see what comes, but I felt definite anger when I was confronted with ‘US soccer federation removes Islamic emblem from Iran flag to support women’s rights movement’. 

The article was given to us by SBS (at https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/us-soccer-federation-removes-islamic-emblem-from-iran-flag-to-support-womens-rights-movement/qn9s1hy3s). Now lets be clear, I tend to be anti-Iranian most of the time, in any disagreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, I personally tend to side with Saudi Arabia. I have shown that here on this blog a few times. So what the fuck does the US soccer federation think it is doing by mutilating a national flag? I am no friend of Iran, but their flag is their flag. So, how are Iranian Muslim women supported by removing the Islamic symbol of Allah? Can someone explain to me why a yank, any yank becomes that bloody stupid?

The article further gives us “the move supports protesters in Iran ahead of the two nations’ World Cup match. Iran’s state-affiliated Tasnim News Agency said the Iranian Football Federation will file a complaint against US Soccer to the FIFA Ethics Committee for “disrespecting the national flag” of the Islamic Republic. “In an unprofessional act, the Instagram page of the US football federation removed the Allah symbol from the Iranian flag,” said Iran state news agency IRNA. “The Iran Football Federation sent an email to Fifa [football’s world governing body] to demand it issue a serious warning to the US federation.”” So when we get “The intent of the posts was to show “support for the women in Iran fighting for basic human rights”, US Soccer media officer Michael Kammarman told a news conference on Sunday. Players were not consulted on the decision to alter the flag.” It comes across as stupid and shortsighted, especially as the US decided to cull woman’s rights to choose which was scrapped by the supreme court in Roe v Wade. So how about we delete the American eagle and replace if for some bloody pigeon? Sounds about right, does it not? So, when I see a collection of people all about women’s rights whilst they ignore it on home ground it comes across as massively insincere. I wonder how many Iranian women would have supported the removal of the Allah symbol from the Iranian flag. I believe not that many, if any at all. On a side note, that change also implied that Iran is now part of  North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, which is has a green white and red flag (no symbol). So which idiot thought they were thinking things through? I believe none of them, it sounds more like islamophobic acts against Iran preceding the soccer match, which will come with a few more problems for the US as I will show later this week. 

America should be ashamed of itself after this stupid stunt and this time around I will stand on the side of Iran in this matter (which is rare to say the least). 


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