Driven to atheism

You might think that is false, you might think that there is Christianity, but it is all fake. It is a drive to extinction, some might have gotten the inkling when the movie Spotlight was released. Some might have thought it that it was when the hatred of the Middle East and the aggression towards places like Saudi Arabia were released through the media. Those evil Arabs! But you would have been wrong. Some of the data was available since 19 October 1099, about two months after the first crusade. You might want to see the data, but the Catholic Church stopped that, it stopped everything and it is still doing so in the western world, it is still doing so wherever they have a foot hold. The larger setting is that the Catholic church plays a long game, it has for the most always done this. You see rulers change and the moment of change is the moment the church makes moves, they have done this for the longest time. Yet the media lost control of matters and the people started to hand out information. Not all media lost control, some are very much about informing the people. Not the way ‘christian churches’ would want that, but they believe that the long game remains to keep them towards a winning streak. But now the game is starting to change. To see this, we need to see three numbers for the first part.

Christians—2.2 billion followers (31.5%)
Muslims—1.8 billion (23.4%)
Non-religious people—1.1 billion (16.3%)

And these are merely the big three, more important, in the last decade of lies and BS christians are giving us are making us more and more angry. Now a new situation exists, the christians are a minority to the Muslims and Atheists. Christians are no longer a majority, not even in the western world and now we get to thee stuff that matters. Two articles, one in the ABC, the other is the Dutch NOS, interestingly enough, we do not see that article all over the place and I leave you to wonder why that is. 

The article (at gives us ‘In good faith’, it is followed by “It began with a simple request from a patient: an intra-uterine device (IUD). “I wrote up the report for her GP,” recounts that patient’s doctor, who worked at one of Australia’s public Catholic hospitals. “But then I was called over by my supervisor.” The doctor does not wish to be identified out of fear of speaking out against a major hospital. “[My supervisor] asked me to change the wording to say that we had supplied [the IUD] for acne, rather than birth control.”” We are then given “But like 20 other public hospitals around the country, it runs by a Catholic code of ethics.” A code of ethics? I think there is more credibility in the honesty of crack pushers. And if you wonder why I go there. The movie Spotlight shows us just how rotten the Catholic church has become. A code of ethics, whilst they nearly openly protect pedophelia. And there is a second side and that is where the Dutch NOS comes in. 

The article (at gives us ‘Pope John Paul II covered up abuse by priests’, as such we now see “As a bishop in Krakow, Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005, knew very early on that priests in his diocese were abusing minors. Even when paedosexual priests were sentenced to prison, he allowed them to continue working in another diocese. This is evident from Polish documents that a Dutch investigative journalist has tracked down. Vatican specialists call discovery “explosive”” This now implies that the transgressions were known at the very highest level of the Vatican and nothing was done. So why do we allow them to continue like this? Where did YOU sign up to knowingly endanger your children? How many children will you endanger to let this fly by? So when we realise the dangers that come with “Eventually, she says they convinced The Mercy to let a surgeon from another hospital tie her tubes during the operation. Two surgeons, one surgery.” In an age where there is a critical shortage of doctors and surgeons, when we see what the unacceptable code of ethics are doing endangering women who need surgery (read the article to see that) we start to see that the christian faith is sanctimonious, hypocrite and dangerous. It took over 900 years, but we are finally catching on that we were the evil party all along. And it now relies on the people to consider what to do. Yet with the implications of a pope and what I see as a sanctimonious setting of a code of ethics, the christians will start losing ground more and more. The long game has played most of its hands and now that they are a minority things will change faster and faster and with the events as they play in the US and some of the less intelligent members of the Republican Party, decrease of the christian faith is close to a given. The NOS and the ABC are showing you the things that should anger you. The Boston Globe showed us in 2001 just how angry we should all become and the Vatican better realises that there is only so much ethical BS we will take, by the code of ethics all those priests 6% of 141,382 almost 8,500 priests are to be fired and excommunicated and prosecuted by law. So what will the church do? I honestly do not care. What will YOU do, that is the question. 

I was born a catholic, but I questioned my faith in 2015, after that the travels of my soul took all kinds of twists and turns as anyone will find themselves in when it is their faith who betrayed them, the custodians of faith betrayed us all and as a lot of information is obscured by the media THEY control. What is our next step? Well, my vote is to make sure the churches start losing political and media positions. I cannot do this myself, but exposing those who keep us in the dark could force larger changes. Just a thought to consider.


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