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Yes, I was here sitting on the sofa, considering what to write about, when suddenly my mind had an idea. It has them all the time, but this one seems like a moneymaker for the right programmer.

You see most of us have particular interests to see on Youtube. And we can go there again and again, or set up something to do that for us. As I is havening to be really lazy, option two works well for me.

So here is the idea in a simple graph (see below)

The mobile app for phone or tablet has the app. There we select the interest, optionally a location and a timeframe. We then select spawn and an icon is created. Clicking on that icon takes us to YouTube and filters exactly what we want to see. In example one I select cats or kittens, with a timeframe of last week, the second is Skiing, with the location of Whistler, BC and a timeframe of last month. You can make your own selection and each one comes with an icon of choice (some preselection is optional). And when you get on the train, bus or whatever. You merely select the icon and away you go. I also added a QR code that allows the person to hand the selection to be used in YouTube, or use it to spread the app. It seems so simple, but there is nothing out there that does this and I think that something like this might work on TikTok as well.

Just a small idea, use it if you can and feel free to cash in on it, a small donation to yours truly will always be appreciated. Well this is my Saturday evening suddenly a little more productive than I realised. So have a nice weekend and do not forget to smile at times.


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