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This started 2 days ago for me. An actress posted a clip on Twitter. I read it and gave my view on this and I got blocked. Fair enough, not everyone agrees with my assessment. That is until last night I saw the news on SBS (at there I saw the clip was from from Jeremy Clarkson. The article gave me more. And also reenforced that my view was almost spot on. 

It was the clip from Dan Walker that supported my view that there were red flags all over the place. Optionally the same I saw. The reference to Game of Thrones season 5 episode 10 was clearly on top. So not only are the thoughts of Clarkson plagiaristic to say the least, the fact that he sets a medieval view in todays world. Now lets be clear, Harry and Meghan are for all intense and purposes royals and I am a royalist. I do not care for reality TV, no matter who brings it. I did not watch the episodes just like I avoid the Kardashians. I do not hate the Kardashians, I think that  reality TV is for those who forget to live and I am not one of those people. Then the idea of hatred to that ‘cellular’ level. I personally believe that unless you personally know a person this level of hate is not real, it is optionally a mental condition, but like I wrote to the actress (name not important) that this is a determination that needs to be made by professionals. But the allegedly delusional setting gives me that there are mental health issues in play. Am I right?

That is under debate, but I believe that a professional needs to assess it, until then Jeremy Clarkson has become an optional danger to the royals and he needs investigating by MI5 and Scotland Yard. The change of endangering a royal makes that essential. Yes, we saw messages that the column is now removed, which gets me to the BBC article (at where we see ‘Jeremy Clarkson says he is ‘horrified’ over Meghan column’ an hour ago, this is not sincerity, this is damage control.

I see the damage control as an essential act when over 12,000 people wrote to complain, but I reckon that is merely the UK, A-listers tweeted the column and the damage is a lot larger than we can see at present. It goes to the degree that I think that MI5 and Scotland Yard needs to investigate a little more and in a wider field. Endangering royals is what I perceive to be a serious crime and “I put my foot in it” does not hold any bacon as I see it. A column is not written in seconds, it is not on the trail of a simple typo, or an oops moment. This took time and it festered, the mention that he lies in bed at night contemplating it makes it wore and it instills the thought to others. The additional worries are seen with ““Everyone who’s my age thinks the same way,” he added. “But what makes me despair is that younger people, especially girls, think she’s pretty cool. They think she was a prisoner of Buckingham Palace, forced to talk about nothing but embroidery and kittens.”” I do not, but mostly for other reasons. The issue becomes that this should not have met with approval of the editor of the Sun, which as far as I know is edited by Victoria Newton and Keith Poole. So both could have stopped this from print and the fact that Clarkson was overwhelmed by a scene from the Game of Thrones should have impacted their block even stronger. 

It gets to be worse when you realise (I did not initially) that the referenced Rose West was a serial killer who, along with her husband Fred, murdered at least 12 young girls over 20 years. That makes it a lot worse, the fact that a Royal is hated more than a mass murderer? I have no real thoughts on the two royals as I do not know them, I have no real intent on getting to know them, I have a life and it is slightly ruled by my desire to sell my IP before I retire. It is a setting of priorities, personal priorities, it is that simple. 

Yet what also happened just now is that SBS and the BBC have not mentioned the Sun (other than casual) or the editors/chief editor of the Sun. This all passed the barge and was published. There is no pointing fingers at a columnist here, yes the brunt of the blame will be on Jeremy Clarkson, but the Sun and its editors do not get away with clean hands here. They are at least in part to blame, whether it was for visibility, digital dollars or whatever reason, they are now part of this and the media protect itself, no matter how disgusting their peers are. 

I wonder if any attention will be pushed in that direction, I doubt it, but we could all remain hopeful.


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